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JFK SBT theory using latest forensics tech

Blair Dobson

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more hogwash...


" So what did they learn in their research? Luke Haag said it's "easily" demonstrable that one bullet can go through two people "if you understand how this particular unusual bullet behaves and what does after it leaves Kennedy's body."

The 6.5 millimeter Carcano bullet made by Olin Winchester is "extremely stable," Luke Haag said. "People didn't understand then and don't understand now. It will go through a lot of material, and then when it comes out it starts tumbling ... and that's how it hit Connally."

Luke Haag explained, "It's like a badly thrown football. It normally flies true and straight. When this bullet emerged from Kennedy -- or any ballistic medium ... it's now yawing and tumbling. The entry wound in Connally is very important because it's the consequence of a yawed bullet, so it had to be a destabilized bullet from somewhere."

Asked if he believes it was just one bullet, Michael Haag said, "As far as the neck wounds to the president and the wounds to John Connally, absolutely."

more AW'ing from bozos with lidar scanners...

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LOL! And when the flipping and dipping CE399 holds a true trajectory from ?Oswald? in the window, it will illustrate that this single bullet would track right thru JFK's chest on a downward 17 degree angle from the TSBD. Oh I forgot, Arlen Specter is already in a photo describing this "single bullet fact"! In his faux trajectory, Specter ALREADY is illustrating the "phoney bullet" passing far below the entrance wound in the throat!


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