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Spartacus on Carl Elmer Jenkins

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To elaborate a bit further on this, I will be taking a CD of the Wheaton interview with me to Dallas and will make it available for limited attendee viewing during my

focus group sessions. My work on my next book, "Shadow Warfare" took me deeply into Contra era activities and reinforced my belief that Wheaton is

an extremely important and credible source as to the remarks that he heard while in the company of Quintero and Jenkins. It is a documented fact

that Quintero was actively working in Contra supply activities along with other Cuban exiles including Luis Posada.

"In an interview with William Law and Mark Sobel in 2005, Gene Wheaton claimed that Carl Jenkins and Rafael Quintero were both involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

John Simkin attempted to contact Rafael Quintero via his close friend Don Bohning. Quintero refused to be interviewed but he did say that Gene Wheaton was telling the truth as "he knew it". His explanation of Wheaton's story was that he and Carl Jenkins had been lying to him when they said they were involved in the assassination. However, Quintero was once quoted as saying: “If I were ever granted immunity, and compelled to testify about past actions, about Dallas and the Bay of Pigs, it would be the biggest scandal ever to rock the United States.”

My own impression of the Wheaton interview does not lead me to think that he was claiming that Jenkins and Quintero were directly involved in the assassination conspiracy, rather that they had

trained and been associated with individuals during their earlier anti-Castro efforts who were either involved or had direct knowledge of who was in Dallas. And I certainly believe that Quintero was

telling the truth in the last remark quoted...

-- Larry

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