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Don Jeffries

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Does anyone know what happened to JFK Lancer's forum? I still check it out sporadically, but when I try to find it, it seems to have moved to some kind of wordpress page, and when you click on "forum," the page never loads.

Does anyone have any information about this? Thanks.

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Don, the Lancer interactive forum area has had some significant technical difficulties and it appears that it will have to be rebuilt. The main Lancer web site is fully operational

but there are some issues with the forum that Debra simply doesn't have time to delve into with the Dallas conference being imminent. If you have

been to the Lancer site you know there are lots of things going on there with a new design, new interviews, new resource links etc. But that's where the

effort and energy are going right now - well that and what looks to be an extremely well attended event in Dallas.

-- Larry

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