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Marina did not speak English - Oswald no Russian... or ?

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CE994 is a translation of a 1967 account written in Russian by Marina...

MARINA did not speak english

OSWALD - it is said by those who knew him - did not speak ANY RUSSIAN the first year he was there

OSWALD does not present himself as AMERICAN in any way to this young girl... (and OSWALD was VERY interested in the girls of Russia... having already asked one to marry him, and having "conquered" a number of others... yet somehow was never heard speaking Russian)

What language do we have OSWALD speaking in to the Russia-only speaking Marina so that she thinks he's a Russian native with a specific accent?

And it is not until "later in the evening" that she learns OSWALD is AMERICAN...

It would appear that the ONLY person OSWALD spoke Russian to, was Marina.... or that the only person Marina spoke English to, was OSWALD... or was it Webster?

http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh18/html/WH_Vol18_0305b.htm p.5

Sasha was with his friends from the Institute . One of

his friends introduced me to Lee, calling him Alik (all his

friends, and the people with whom he worked, called him

Alik, in that way rebaptising him with a Russian name, since

the name Lee sounds too unusual in Russian) . But he did not

say that Lee was an American, and when Lee invited me to

dance, and we started to talk, I decided that he was from

one of the Baltic countries, since he talked with an accent .

But later that same evening I found out that Lee was an

American .

This is a note from OSWALD to ROBERT not long after he defects - 11-26-59 CE295 http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh16/html/WH_Vol16_0423a.htm

Where he states he would KILL anyone putting on a US uniform in defense of the US system...

and that he would NEVER RETURN TO THE USA...

Whereas in Marina's account we find:

Later, when the dance was .over, we all went in a

group to the house of the Yuriy whose mother had been in

the United States . She turned out to be a very sympathetic

woman who took a very objective approach to everything . I

remember that she quarreled a little with Alik, since Alik

defended America

Lee spoke very favorably about his country and

very interestingly

I only go in this direction as it seems to support there being two very different stories being told by OSWALD... one to those outside of Russia and those inside....

It seems very strange that this man who supposedly teaches himself Russia via memoprization was fluent enough to fool Marina into thinking he was from a Baltic country and NOT an AMERICAN...

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In Oswald's Diary, it speaks of the day Oswald meets Marina... March 17, 1961

"We walk I talk a little about myself and she talks alot about herself.... her name is Marina N Prosakoba"

For an 18 year old woman who only speaks Russian, and a 21 year old man who supposedly does not speak Russian all that well if at all during that first year...

I wonder which language these two are conversing in ???

And since we know OSWALD scored pretty well in his RUSSIAN USMC exam (given for what reason ??) I also wonder what the deal is with Peter Gregory:


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