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John Crites

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I name is I am a real estate broker in Ohio, I became interested in the assassination since I first read the Warren Report . I was able to see the how we American people were being denied the truth because of our media. The Warren Report came out a few months after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which became my first observance - that those in control of the Government will go to any length to get what they want.

I have discussed and argued the events with many researchers - on both sides, including Posner and Bugliosi. and I shot the 6.5, did many tests with the rifle. 399 is a myth. I wish I didn't get rid of it in 96, could sure use it for testing now.

I believe that the facts of the assassination should be simplified. Because when it is broken down to its basics, from the information out there, it is so obvious that there was more than one assassin and the bottom line is, the government lied to us. That is my opinion, and I believe I am correct from all the evidence out there.

So we have a new PBS documentary coming out, sponsored by by big oil and a defense contractor that proves the single bullet theory. I'm not going to become angry within the forum about this, but should help promote the facts. Because after all is said and done, and this documentary is dissected by the research community, there has to be dishonesty presented somewhere within to come up with such a ridiculous conclusion.

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