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Roger Stone Audio/ Interview Coast to Coast AM 11/17

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I really enjoyed this interview. Not so much for his research on LBJ, which I think most people on this forum know pretty well, but Stone's viewpoint of the Kennedy's. He doesn't buy into the mythology of the Kennedy's but more of someone across the aisle. Politics is dirty and the Kennedy's were not excluded from dirty politics, even though the mythology never mentions this. Very interesting perspective he shares about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bobby's Kennedy's political tricks, and even stuff about his old boss Nixon.

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Roger Stone often vacations at the Jersey Shore, and was interviewed in the November edition of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Journal, which also includes my article on JFK in Atlantic City - What Might Have Been - had he lived and been renominated at the 1964 Democratic National Convention held at the Atlantic City Convention Hall - and short profiles of four Atlantic City personalities - John Martino, Charles Ford, Skinny D'Amato and Carroll Rosenbloom, who got entwined in the assassination drama.

There is also an excellent article by former Congressman and son of Sen. Edward Kennedy - Patrick Kennedy - who writes about his uncle Jack, and their mutual commitment to mental health.

While I can't post the link to the Boardwalk Journal right now, you can google the Boardwalk Journal and read all three articles on line.


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