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" We will never know the Truth "

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We do know "the truth," and there is no reason to perpetuate the myth that we do not know the truth. The truth being that there was a conspiracy in the murder of the 35th president and that Oswald did not kill Kennedy.

Of course we are not going to know every detail, and in a way minutia does not matter.

We also are not going to know why to a certainty, other than, obviously , it was in the best interests of the United States to eliminate its own sitting president - whatever the cost.

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Have to disagree with you on that last sentence Peter... otherwise Spot on.

What I have found, in my research at least, is that the "best interests" we are talking about were not necessarily UNITED STATES best interests but in the best interest to the Bankers/Lawyers representing and bank-rolling multi-national big business interests...

What I have found Peter is the direct line between LONDON and BOSTON/NY "interests" who, for example, bought BELL HELIPCOPTER via TEXTRON, First National of Boston, Sun Life of Canada, and Prudential Life after they decimated the US TEXTILE market of the North East.... All roads lead back to the Central Bank of England in turn to the Rothschild Political Banking empire, and finally thier US representation in Rockefeller/Morgan/Astor and many more.

When ANY of these companies needed the money to procure these HUGE contracts... who do you supposed financed them?

The other piece of that puzzle was the LAWYER/POLITICIAN revolving door of government. Roswell Gilpatrick (partner along with John McCloy at Cravath, Swain and Moore one of the oldes and by the most profitable Lawfirms in the WORLD) becomes Asst Sec of Defense and is instrumental with the help of General LANSDALE of the CIA in developing the Vietnam war strategy.... why do you suppose helicopters - which are virtually useless in jungle warfare and COST more than it HELPED - we FRONT and CENTER when LBJ's NSAM reversal takes hold....

One must ask WHO was a man like George William Miller working for and had alliances with....

BELL/TEXTRON is but one small example of the massive investment in the war in Vietnam these Bankers/Lawyers - with inside info - KNEW would pay huge dividends...

Unless JFK stops the Cold War, cracked down on drug producing nations and pushes for World Peace.... and we know how THAT ended...

We KNOW the TRUTH - what we will never do as a nation or a people is ACCEPT IT and understand it as human nature...

There's nothing in the streets
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Are now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!


Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

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Judging by the constant state of war we have managed to be in for the last 50 years, it was obviously more than just one man's desire to be President that got JFK killed, regrdless of what the people throwing LBJ under the bus want people to believe.

Who REALLY benefitted longterm? Military. Corporations. Banks (Including The Federal Reserve)

Who got temporary benefits? LBJ. (Not including the time saved from doing a prison term.)

Who got stuck putting their Father's Brother's Sister's and Mother's lives on the line in these wars? Us. We have paid in BLOOD for every dollar these vultures have made.

I am mad, frustrated and sad...all at the same time. What a crazy world this has turned out to be.

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"We will never know the truth" is Lone Nut code for "your theory has merits but good luck with that".

At some point, (and it may be after "we" are gone), there will be a generation that will want to know what really happened. It is up to us to continue to whittle away at the barriers and keep the debate alive.

Keep in mind that there were generations of Americans that imagined that we would always have a great struggle with the Soviet Union; that they'd never see a unified Germany or Hungary as a NATO ally. How about legal marijuana?

I believe that "we", the people, will eventually learn the truth.

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MOST Human beings will chuckle as they walk away from the 7-11 register with the extra $10 the clerk accidentily handed them...

or how they got away with this or that, or got something over on someone or another...

but it takes a special education to walk away with $100 MILLION while destroying the lives of others in the process... and it takes friends.

the TRUTH is that regardless of which human "leaders" are given unlimited power, money and resources...

MOST of them will find a way to influence their environment to squeeze more PROFIT and POWER, regardless the cost...

Humans are a devious, good-intentioned yet woefully morally corrupt species who have been conditioned to KNOW AS TRUTH that profit is king... or you're a communist.

What I believe we will never know are the DETAILS of the conspiracy... the TRUTH is as plain as the nose on our faces... at least how I see it.



"....those sons of bitches
this graveyard above the ground
one tombstone for the mess,
I say:
humanity, you never had it
from the beginning

- Bukowski

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"We will never know the truth" is Lone Nut code for "your theory has merits but good luck with that".

Lone Nut code - I never thought of it that way but that is a good way to put it!

The matter is very complicated but certain aspects of the assassination are not confusing.

These are that Kennedy was indeed hit from the front as well as the back. That the Secret Service presidential detail was not interested in protecting President Kennedy upon arriving at Love Field in Dallas Texas. And that a lot of effort went into framing someone to take the fall for the actual murder, and the framed man was quickly silenced and that his killer ( Ruby ) conveniently died after just a few years as well .

You really do not need to know a whole lot more.

Edited by Peter McGuire
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We will never know the truth as far as who fired the shot from the front that blew out the back of our President's head but we know that those in charge of the government lied, covered up, distorted, and destroyed evidence. Thats the truth. the best, most productive thing to do in my opinion is to assist in reminding the public that those in charge of the government or the government were the lie manufactures. And in this day and age, who in the world would not believe that the u. s. government lies to it's citizens?

There are those too, who not being in the government - lie in supporting the lone assassin theory, or lie to themselves, which still does the same damage. This includes the main stream press. When I saw the Nova program that completely distorted the facts, including the rear entrance location, and was sponsored by David Koch, an oilman more right wing than LBJ and the Texas Oilmen of the 60's, and a military profiteer just like those who gave us Viet Nam war , I thought to myself, just give up. Just expose the lies, at least while there is a First Amendment, and a free internet, and thats the best I am going to get after 50 years of hoping to know who shot my President.

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here are my extra three cents:

I studied both sides...Oswald alone and Oswald with help...

that led me to "what if Oswald was drinking a coke in the lunchroom as was widely reported?"

My research ( reading other peoples research) then led me to Cuba, took a right turn at Mexico and then skidded underwear first into New Orleans only to leave me scratching my head...

Could a lone shooter turn JFK into KFC from that window? sure. But not the way the Ommision said it was done.

If using Occam's razor in this case were good for anything, it would lead me to believe it was LBJ and some cadres from inside the military, (who weren't there that day...they stood down remember?) sharpshooters from the local base show up and BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!

wait.... one of them was..remember the SBD photo? Powell wasn't it? then it's off to a meeting with one of the redneck oil barons at "Dallas Shuck and Chuck Oyster Tub" on payday...

"we done good Cletus!"
"we sure done Billy Ray Bob !"

But it isn't that simple..It has far too many moving parts. Far too many possiblities that have one foot in the real world and a head up ..well you know where that head is.

Storm drains and Elvis, Jimmy Ray Files and the Illuminati Womens Auxillary...shot by the driver from a time machine...

But see, people have a hard time getting chocolate in their peanut butter...( well not Von Pain but we'll leave that for now)
"it couldn't be the mafia AND the government because...uh..the Mafia are criminals!"
"the mob couldn't control the media so it has to be...illuminati.."

Why can't it be all of them?

We know from the historical record that there has always been collusion between crime and government...the CIA IS a criminal organization..
But it's tough for the average Joe Donut to sort any of that out...because he pulls the lever at the slaughterhouse all day and he just wanna get home and watch obese american single mothers bludgeon men with sad mustaches with folding chairs while the Cheeze-a-roni boils over in the nuke-ro-wave....and it is their opinion that seems to count when it's a matter of public opinion...

but here is the trick:

thats what a limited hangout is for.

provide as much information as possible without revealing the trick and throw in some sauce for the goose to keep people from figuring it out.

There just isn't enough glue in the tangents to keep any one theory alive for long...unless you have a leap of faith, and I don't mean the kind that lone nutters have...the magic physics/magic ballistics/santa is real kinda faith...

but that is also why the trick worked. they got away with it.

it was an everyone on a need to know basis and clean up the loose ends kinda operation. like a military/black bag op...


enigma wrapped in bacon, smothered in processed cheeze...

Chow Down Billy Ray ...Chow Down

Edited by Blair Dobson
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We will never know the truth as far as who fired the shot from the front that blew out the back of our President's head...

I agree because as it stands now ANYONE who comes forward and says "I did it" or "I know who did it" will be vilified. What are the bonafides required to satisfy everyone that a certain person is telling the truth?

Deathbed Confession of CIA operative involved with Bay of Pigs and Anti-Castro Cubans? Nope - See E. Howard Hunt

CIA trained assassin? Nope - See David Morales

CIA Officer identified meeting with Oswald? Nope - See David Phillips

Mafia Don? Nope - See Marcello

Edited by Chris Newton
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The way the MSM and the media handlers are portraying this for the next generation it's going to be lone nut theory accept it or your a kook.

Everything you see on TV and social media is all about lone nut killed JFK. Any other alternative to that narrative is omitted or thought of as some crazy fringe of people.

The younger generation today, not all but most, get their news thru snippets of social media unlike in the past where you would actually read thru a whole story and do extensive research into the topic.

When most of these kids gets the one or two sentence or one paragraph news from FB links and twitter posts, the whole conspiracy of the event will unfortunately fall into the dustbin of history.

Does anyone think in 2063 there will a great interest in this story if nothing new comes out in the next 50 years?

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