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Time Mag: Rare photo suggests why Oswald is guilty

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Friday, November 22, 2013 | By Gary Mack | 17 Comments


An End to Conspiracy? Rare Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Arrest Suggests Why He’s Guilty

Read more: An End to Conspiracy? Rare Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Arrest Suggests Why He’s Guilty - LightBox http://lightbox.time.com/2013/11/22/an-end-to-conspiracy-rare-photo-of-lee-harvey-oswalds-arrest-suggests-why-hes-guilty/#ixzz2lONsGRNe

Be sure to read the comments, especially that which cites Bill Kelly and quotes another police officer disputing what was allegedly said by Oswald.

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More B.S. Media are such government shills. We complain about other countries where the media is controlled. Are we any different?

One a side note :

I was watching a JFK doc like 10-15 years ago with I think Groden or Lane, and they showed the first time someone asked LHO if he killed the President. He reacted with shock and surprise. It is different than the one they keep showing where he replies he didnt shoot anyone. After that show, I've never seen that same clip. That show also showed people running up the grassy knoll. Never seen it after that show either.

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that was a laugh riot...

"Oh? Moments earlier, as cops approached him, Oswald suddenly punched Officer Nick McDonald in the face, drew a revolver from his waistband and tried to shoot him. McDonald jammed his hand on the gun and prevented it from firing as other officers pummeled Oswald to the floor, sat him in a seat and cuffed him."


"Do innocent people take guns to the movies, assault a police officer and try to shoot him? Does an innocent person start a fight with an armed policeman, then act surprised and angry when the policeman and others defend one of their own?"

I dunno..do guilty people walk into a movie theater and not pay? draw attention to themselves? Do cops normally bring along a motocade of press people to arrest a dangerous subject?

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?


Gary Mack was there that day. He knows for sure what was said and what was done. and just look at the under exposed picture of Oswald that proves his guilt...right in that really black part where you can "see" what he "says"..

The photographer and that "writer" have ended the conspiracy debate in one poorly written article..


More stunning police work Lou..

"An End to Conspiracy? Rare Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Arrest Suggests Why He’s Guilty!!!!!!!!!"

"(MacCammon took a picture of that moment, too, but the image is too dark to reveal much.)"


what is this article saying here? nothing much.

another poorly written puff piece slamming Oswald.

they don't show the "poor baby" photo of the morbidly obese "Baby Huey" looking McDonald here...


poooor babeeee. looks more like the jelly donut smeared across his face when his radio woke him up.

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'"Do innocent people take guns to the movies,'

That was the most foolish part of the story. If the writer was ever in Texas, they would know people take guns to everything everywhere everytime. I'm sure back in 63 it was considered normal.

Just coming back to say this:

Texans are the reddest of red neckersons. they use 357 magnums as baby soothers, bottle openers, bbq starters...

has it not been legal to carry and conceal with a permit there since the beginning of time?

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Where is Oswald?

What are we looking at here?? That's not McDonald

Mr. HAWKINS. They had a scuffle and I immediately ran to the location. Officer Hutson had come in the aisle behind Oswald and McDonald and Officer Walker had come in on the left-hand side and I came up in the front. I grabbed his left hand and then immediately took my handcuffs out and put them on his left hand and we brought his right arm around as soon as the gun had been removed and handcuffed his right arm with both hands behind his back.
Mr. BALL. Now, did you see Oswald strike Officer McDonald?

Mr. HAWKINS. Yes, sir; I did.
Mr. BALL. With what--with his fist?
Mr. HAWKINS. It appeared he struck him with his fist.
Mr. BALL. Which one?
Mr. HAWKINS. Right fist.

If his left hand is empty and his right hand is a fist to hit McDonald - how is he holding a gun ??


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If I concluded that I had been set up as a patsy in the assassination of the president a short time before, I might do a number of things that were not my normal behavior when caught up in the act of resisting arrest upon being suddenly surprised by the cops. I certainly would be fearful for my life and I would not know whom I could trust.

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Mr. BALL - What were their names?
Mr. McDONALD - Officer Hawkins, T. A. Hutson, and C. T. Walker.

As one reads these testimonies one is struck by how he is simultaneously hitting McDonald, has his left wrist in handcuffs, is grabbing Walker's shirt, wrestling with 6 cops and STILL the gun stays firmly in his waistband and STILL he can free a hand to pull this gun out...

Below these testimonies is SOME of the COE for that revolver... Hill gets the Carroll part correct yet he says he gave the weapon to Baker... except Baker makes no mention of this event ocurring http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/14/1458-005.gif is part of his narrative takin gus from 2:30 to 4:30pm with no mention of receiving the revolver or shells... while there is a CSS form with DAVENPORT, BARNES AND DHORITY involved...

Where did the revolver Hill gave to Baker go ??

Mr. WALKER. McDonald's right hand as he was searching, and he felt of his pocket, and Oswald then hit him, it appeared, with his left hand first, and then with his right hand. They was scuffling there, and Officer Hutson and I ran toward the back of Oswald and Hutson threw his arm around his neck, and I grabbed his left arm, and we threw him back over the seat. At this time I didn't see any gun that was involved. I don't know whether we pulled Oswald away from McDonald for a split second or what, but he was thrown back against the seat, and then the next thing I saw, Oswald's hand was down on the gun in his belt there, and McDonald had came forward again and was holding his, Oswald's hand.
Mr. BELIN. When you saw Oswald's hand by his belt, which hand did you see by his belt?
Mr. WALKER. I saw his right hand. I had his left hand, you see.
Mr. BELIN. When you saw Oswald's hand by his belt, which hand did you see then?
Mr. WALKER. He had ahold of the handle of it.
Mr. BELIN. Handle of what?
Mr. WALKER. The revolver.
Mr. BELIN. Was there a revolver there?
Mr. WALKER. Yes; there was.

Mr. BELIN. All right.
Mr. WALKER. And it stayed there for a second or two. He didn't get it out. McDonald had come forward and was holding his hand. Ray Hawkins was behind me to my left at that time, and whether or not he came at the same time we did or not, but he was there, and there was a detective. Oswald had ahold of my shirt and he practically pulled off my nameplate by ripping it with his hand. and I was bent over, and I was in an awkward position, and I could see severall hands on the gun. The gun finally got out of his belt, and it was about waist high and pointed out at about a 45 degree angle. I turned around and I was holding Oswald trying to get his arm up behind him in a hammeriock, and I heard it click. I turned around and the gun was still pointing at approximately a 45 angle. Be pointed slightly toward the screen, what I call. Now Hawkins was in the general direction of the gun.

Mr. HUTSON. I reached over from the back of the seat with my right arm and put it around this person's throat.
Mr. BELIN. All right.
Mr. HUTSON. And pulled him back up on the back of the seat that he was originally sitting in.
At this time Officer C. T. Walker came up in the same row of seats that the struggle was taking place in and grabbed this person's left hand and held it.
Mr. BELIN. Okay.
Mr. HUTSON. McDonald was at this time simultaneously trying to hold this person's right hand. Somehow this person moved his right hand to his waist, and I saw a revolver come out, and McDonald was holding on to it with his right hand, and this gun was waving up toward the back of the seat like this.
Mr. BELIN. Now you had your left hand, or was it McDonald's left hand, on the suspect's right hand?
Mr. HUTSON. McDonald was using both of his hands to hold onto this person's right hand.

Mr. HAWKINS. I remember seeing him standing beside Oswald, and when I arrived where they were, both of them were down in the seat--Oswald and McDonald had both fallen down into the seat, and very shortly after I got there, a gun was pulled, came out of Oswald's belt and was pulled across to their right, or toward the south aisle of the theatre.
Officer McDonald grabbed the pistol, and the best I can remember, Sergeant Hill, who had gotten there, said, "I've got the gun," and he took the gun and we handcuffed Oswald.
Mr. BALL. Did you hear any snap of the hammer?
Mr. HAWKINS. I heard something that I thought was a snap. I didn't know whether it was a snap of a pistol--I later learned that they were sure it was.
I didn't know whether it was a snap of the gun or whether it was in the seats someone making the noise.
Mr. BALL. There was some noise you heard?
Mr. HAWKINS. Yes, sir; there was.
Mr. BALL. You couldn't identify it?
Mr. HAWKINS. No, sir; I don't think so---I don't think I could say for sure.
Mr. BALL. Did you see anybody strike Oswald with his fist?
Mr. HAWKINS. No, sir; I didn't see anyone strike him. They had, as I said, they had gotten back into the seat and Officer Hutson had grabbed Oswald from behind and Officer Walker had him by the left arm and the gun went across and McDonald had grabbed him by the right hand and Sergeant Hill grabbed the gun and at this time I handcuffed his left hand. There were several officers shortly after that arrived at the scene.

Mr. BALL. After you took the pistol, what did you do with it?
Mr. CARROLL. The pistol?
Mr. BALL. Yes.
Mr. CARROLL. After I took the pistol, I stuck it in my belt immediately. Then, after we got into the car and pulled out from the theater over there, I gave it to Jerry Hill, Sgt. Jerry Hill.



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But LHO tried to shoot the police inside the theatre... that is not normal behaviour.

According to those that were there - that seems very unlikely.... He may have reached for it... and he may not have... depends on if you believe the DPD...

From what I've seen, the DPD is not exactly the most reliable source of the TRUTH....

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"Mr. CARROLL. After I took the pistol, I stuck it in my belt immediately. Then, after we got into the car and pulled out from the theater over there, I gave it to Jerry Hill, Sgt. Jerry Hill."

1) ruining any prints

2) destroying any chain of evidence

3) leaving it open to be a plant


thrown out of court.

nice work DPD. Have another donut

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Someone please explain how the automatic 38 shells found at the Tippett scene were fired by Oswald's revolver? More magic bullets,eh?

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