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WCD443 Says Roscoe White was Oswald's Friend in Japan

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Thanks David.

What happened to the whole Roscoe White theory? Was it exposed as hoax or was there something to it? Seemed like the son was genuine.

did it need to get "exposed" as such?

One would think if he was involved, there would have been something other than an "whatever" reaction...

The Roscoe White as Gunman Theory basically got killed on the showroom floor by the internet.

Dallas was full of dirty cops in those days but I highly doubt he was the knoll gunman and I doubt he left a diary.

Cash grab attempt where there is nothing of value.

"Yeah he was the knoll gunman but they took away his diary and uh....." said his son, trying to make a buck.

It was a farce.

I gave some credit to Jack Whites idea that it may be him in the faked Oswald photos largely because of that weird lump in his wrist.

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Hoax or not... the most intriguing thing to me is that the 133-C image, which was not discovered until just prior to the HSCA, is the SAME POSE as the ghost images that were superimposed onto at least two different backgrounds...

Since the image was not known, how is it that they were able to do a ghost pattern that exactly matched THAT image yet did not match the two known images in evidence unless they were made all at the same time ??

here is the Roscoe beach image on the BYP...


And here is a DPD photocopy of the ghosted BYP as well as a side by side with the original. Neither of these use the backgrounds of the BYPs 133-A or B (no foliage on the steps)

WHERE did they get the pattern for the cutout? and what's the deal with the dropshadow on the DPD photocopy of yet another version the image




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I strongly agree that R.White might possibly be the stunt double for Oswald here...

I find the posthumous claims made by his son that he was a shooter to be total fiction. Like James Files.

It is interesting that Whites posture has that strange lean to it..

In converting those backyard photos into 3D, I hadn't thought to add White to the model because i couldn't find a full head to toe picture of decent resolution. I will look again.

thanks for your post.

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I can see how Roscoe White can be "matched" to the Oswald backyard figure after the fact. But was White really slim enough in 1962-1963 to fit that black polo shirt in the way the unknown figure wears it - bagging around the belly and pecs, even on a smallish man? The hips on Backyard Man seem slimmer than White's also, at least the White in the beach photo.

I'm not sure about White's "lean" in the beach photo, either. That looks like some Muscle Beach-type pose copied from period bodybuilder mags, intended to impress girls (or somebody...) with a provocative cocked hip.

I'm not putting anyone's work down, just asking. I wouldn't be surprised if the pictures aren't composited out of more than one body, just to make the poser unrecognizable. Or if the legs in their famously impossible stances appear as they do in order to fit a botched pair of cut-outs, and don't represent the real poses of Backyard Man.* Wish we had Jack White to consult on that, God Bless.

*Just a late thought, looking at the original WC exhibit photos: When we consider the awkward leg poses and off-center body stances, are we meant to think that the "Oswald" figure is leaning against that stairpost behind him? Is it possible that the posing figure was photographed leaning his right hip against a car in one shot, and his butt against the same car in the other? What a can of worms these photos are.

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And just a quick note saying that I do not endorse RW as the BYP stand-in...

I am aware of others who could have been involved with the BYP... yet it is hard to dismiss RW and Stovall having the 3rd pose... which matches the ghost cut-out and FBI/DPD re-enactments...

... even though the photo (and therefore THAT pose) does not turn up for years and years....

Why aren't the ghost and reenactments of one of the two photos Rose/Stovall found and submitted as evidence?

Didn't 133-C only come into awareness just before the HSCA?

btw - the only microscopic analysis was of the line across the chin... I am not aware of analysis on other areas of the photo to detect addtional "pastes".

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David, whoever created those photos was either just smart enough, or just dumb enough, to leave behind him one of the most impenetrable riddles anyone will ever encounter. And like all great riddles...it just nags and nags. I wish everyone great good luck in explaining those photos. Where the chin mystery ends, several other inexplicabilities begin. I do see the resemblances to the Roscoe White chin, however.

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Well David... it leads to Stovall bringing the photos to the Paine's on Saturday... along with the negatives and planting them OR the Irving policeman who found them and gave them to Rose/Stovall...as written in one of their reports... I remember reading it, just need to find it again...

the testimony does not match the DPD report... for Rose & Stovall... prime DPD suspects with Hill, Sawyer... among others

The chain of creation to discovery for those photos would make of legends...

we are aware that Robert Oswald was often mistaken for his brother... and it was Robert who produced the camera?


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