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Nathan Darby affidavit on Mac Wallace fingerprint

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Joan Mellen’s talk at the Wecht Conference that I posted here in the forum on November 30, 2013, was superb. I only wish she had been given more time to relate what her diligent research has turned up. A high point among many in her talk was the reference to CIA’s relationship with George and Herman Brown of Brown & Root, that evolved in Haliburton and then into KBR today. George and Herman Brown were early and longtime backers of LBJ.

Joan wisely made the point that the current controversy over the validity of the dictabelt recording of shots fired during JFK’s assassination should not be allowed to turn into a general attack upon work product of the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

It is equally true that the current controversy over the validity of Nathan Darby’s finding of the Mac Wallace fingerprint should not be allowed to turn into a general attack upon the work product of those who believe that LBJ played a role in the assassination of JFK.

With the 50th anniversary behind us, it becomes increasingly evident that the assassination of JFK will forever be a cold case, never to be solved. Many theories abound. Continuing credible research into the assassination, however, such as that done by Joan and others, will help Americans and citizens of the world come to understand how on November 23, 1963, the United States ceased to be a republic and became a banana empire.

Yesterday, in response to an inquiry from Larry Hancock, I sent him the following reply:


I can't speak for Barr but I have no recollection of ever being contacted by Joan for information of any type. I have shared my materials with whomever has asked, the latest being Roger Stone in the researching for his book. Also about a month ago I responded to an inquiry from Phil Nelson about Estes' testimony before the Robertson County grand jury in 1984. Estes was represented in that inquiry by another attorney, not by me. The best way to contact me is through the Education Forum as you have done here or through my email.

I have not seen Peoples' archival materials that Barr has although when I worked with Peoples in regard to the Estes matter in 1984 he showed me a file cabinet in his office that was full of documents and photographs that he had collected over years on anything relating to Estes. I remember him showing me the photograph of the murder scene of Henry Marshall as the body was found.

I was not involved in any way with the Wallace fingerprint issue. I heard after the initial press conference on it that I was supposed to have been present but nobody ever contacted me about it so that came as a surprise.

Texas in the 1950s and 1960s was a strange place, totally under the control of LBJ and his cronies. Persons outside of Texas would have a hard time understanding what was going on down here. I was Director of Elections for the State under Governor Clements and traveled to most of the 254 counties. In one county I visited 500 citizens (all Hispanic) turned out in the square before the county court house on election night to hear the results of the county's election. Where else would that have happened? Clint Peoples, J. Evetts Haley and Barr McClellan are heroes in fighting evil spawned by LBJ, that ultimately resulted in JFK's death.


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Thanks for posting this Doug, I have been in touch with Joan and I'm sure we will see the details of her research forthcoming. I certainly think the fingerprint issue needs to

either be cleared up or cleared away. Its remained in limbo for what seems ages now.

I've thoroughly expressed my own thoughts on Johnson in SWHT so anything further from me would be redundant. I suppose the only thing I might say is that I clearly

consider Johnson's involvement with Wallace in regard to the Kinser murder and Wallace's sentence and the West Texas murders to be independent of any conclusions

as regards to the fingerprint issue and events in Dallas. My own articles on Wallace and Johnson that remain in the Ed Forum archives and are still available the last time I looked.

I asked Joan to address the fingerprint issue in her Lancer conference talk because I know she is a diligent and methodical researcher and I felt both the subject of Wallace

and the fingerprint "question" should be updated - she was kind enough to oblige and I look forward to seeing more of it, especially as I was able only to catch part of

her Dallas presentation due to my own role at the conference.

-- Larry

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