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i gotcha Chris.

I'm not trying to argue at all, I'm just trying to see if

1-there was anything in the way of a shot like that like Jackies head

2-if it could have been from the front of GJC.

I've always thought that the wrist shot was to get his twelve gallon IQ slicer out of the way and the chest shot either a miss intended for JFK or another shot to get him out of the way...purely speculative mind you...

but we don't have any evidence from the car and we don't have reliable ballistic evidence from GJC himself..

if they were through shots, there would be slugs or dents inside the limo.

we don't have that evidence either...

could the GJC shot, if it came from the front have boucnced up for example..

These are maybe questions for Pat Speer...

I strongly think the wrist and the chest shot to GJC are separate shots. bicbw

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Which brings me to this next obfuscation.

What is wrong with Shaneyfelt's description and the elevation data from CE 884.


Shaneyfelt describes a 10 inch vertical movement (using the chalk mark) from frame 161-166.

CE884 shows an elevation change of .05ft for those same frames or .05 x 12 inches = .6inch.

The discrepancy being a difference in multiplier of 10/.6 = 16.667

If you take the multiplier and multiply it by the lateral distance (Station# difference) from frames 161-166 or .9ft, you will arrive at 15ft.



This also leaves you with a limo traveling at 2.24 mph from frames 161-166 and a frame difference of 16.667- 5frames=12 frames.

Which, when compared to the original survey notes, (frame 168 data becomes 161) and (166 data becomes 171) the survey switch accounts for 12 frames, as 161 and 166 were never surveyed in.

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