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Joan Mellen speech at Lancer in Dallas on November 23, 2013

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Speech delivered by Joan Mellen at the annual meeting of “November In Dallas,” for the JFK Lancer group, November 23, 2013


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why do you keep flooding the front page?

could this have not gone into your previous mellen post?

Caddy, there is this thing called twitter..you get an account, you post links.

you can even put pictures of cats up there.


You may have a point here. If other members believe that I should have posted Joan's speech at Lancer under my prior posting about her earlier speech at the Wecht Conference, even though they were on different topics, please let me know. I certainly do not want to clutter up the "front page" and need to be made aware if this amounts to a nuisance and waste of members' time.

I have also posted Joan's speech on my Facebook page.


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