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US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

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The member of the committee of the State Duma on defense Franz Klinzewitsch considers that in murder of the commander of crew "Ghost" of the Luhansk People's Republic Alexey Mozgovy the hand of the western intelligence services, first of all the American is felt.

Murder of the commander of crew "Ghost" of the Luhansk People's Republic Alexey Mozgovy is committed "is specially noisy" to seed fear and uncertainty, in it the hand of the western intelligence services is felt, the member of the committee of the State Duma on defense Franz Klinzewitsch considers.

The representative of crew "Ghost" reported that Brain was lost as a result of attack of diversionary group of the Ukrainian security officers.

"For the expert obviously that in murder of the commander of crew "Ghost" of the Luhansk People's Republic Alexey Mozgovy the hand of the western intelligence services, first of all the American is felt. Same style, same methods. Not only one of key figures in defense of LPR is eliminated. It is made is specially noisy, very indicative to seed fear and uncertainty" — Klintsevich told journalists.

In his opinion, "the western friends" popularly explained to the Ukrainian security officers that "their chances are equal in direct military collision with rebels to zero therefore it is decided to rely on terror".

Kiev is ready to direct 85 diversionary groups with participation of foreigners for destabilization of a situation in Donbass, including under the guise of the Russian military personnel, the deputy chief of headquarters of a militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin declared on Sunday.

"According to our secret-service investigation, in the territory of LPR and DNR, under control to occupational troops, 85 diversionary groups of various number, including 19 fully completed by foreign citizens and the acting military personnel of forces of special operations from Europe, the USA, and also Georgia and Baltic which are well knowing Russian" are created — Basurin at a briefing told.

According to him, it is made "for implementation of plans" on "destruction of transport, economic and social infrastructure of DNR and LPR", and also "liquidation of command structure of our combat units".

Leaders of DNR and LPR are threatened by serious danger - the veteran of intelligence services

The veteran of group of a special purpose of KGB of the USSR "Pennant" Valery Kiselyov in interview to Zvezda TV channel expressed opinion that the next attempts of attempt at political and military leaders of DNR and LPR will be undertaken soon. He recommends to them to increase vigilance, – the ambush on Alexey Mozgovy was organized by professionals of the highest class.

"Undoubtedly, it was well planned special operation. First, the result necessary for murderers was reached. Secondly, they didn't leave traces after holding an action. They weren't caught, not be defined in what direction they left as left. It is an indicator of high level of preparation. With confidence I can tell that not some gruppirovochka which solved the backward problems" worked, - Valery Kiselyov told.

According to the veteran of "Pennant", Alexey Mozgovy almost had no chances to leave live of an ambush:

"It could go with a huge number of protection. But it would be useless, considering the level of training of murderers. It is rather difficult to resist to this risk. Brain I wasn't the government official who protects the whole state. Brain only his soldiers, his talent, ideas and courage protected. It was opposed by the state strengthened by knowledge, forces and opportunities of the countries of North Atlantic alliance.

NATO very strongly tries to erase LPR and DNR from the map of Earth today. Also it is necessary to understand that such actions will be constantly carried out. Leaders and the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics will always be under the threat. Therefore it is necessary to be vigilant".

Central news agency of Novorossiya


Konstantin Syomin

Captivity — an obligatory component of any war. Same, as death. The same as the death, it is pushed out by consciousness for brackets, turns into a default figure. Fear of death and fear of captivity — the main demoralizator to which the most courageous and courageous hearts are subject. Therefore on each war the most important problem of promotion — as much as possible to promote rooting and development of such fear in army orders of the opponent and at it in the back.

… When Tamerlan constructed mountains from skulls, he solved absolutely applied propaganda problem: the demoralized enemy is connected by fear, suppressed, so isn't dangerous. The mountain of skulls symbolizes elements (is useless to fight against it), inevitability of defeat, absurdity of any resistance. With just the same purpose the Roman consuls nailed to crosses of adherents of Spartak, and inquisitors burned down on fires of heretics. Burned down not secretly, publicly. After all execution, torture, slow death are necessary not in itself. They are necessary as the strongest means of propaganda, a razubezhdeniye fear — at the level of an animal instinct.

If Hitler had YouTube and social networks, all "Egyptian" executions of "The Islamic state" would seem baby talk. Imagine a strim-broadcasting from Auschwitz. Doctor Mengele's master class. Dialogues about war with Andrey Vlasov. A burning out of stars and removal of skin on the air. What confessions, what interrogations, what addresses to "brothers Red Army men" would be written down then are prepared for mass distribution!

Mass distribution. Here key moment. Distribution of information. Propaganda impact of contemplation of torture, pain, horror, death. After all execution — it first of all a narration. And since the time of any Sophocles with Euripedes the person is accustomed to put himself to the place of the main character. What means to see how breaks, doesn't maintain the most resistant character? It means to try on itself to a loop, a guillotine, an electric chair. Therefore, to die/be given together with the main hero / heroes (if broke him, what will be with me?). Here it, the strongest weapon.

Once again. The strongest weapon. With an ulterior motive in the North Caucasus Wahhabites adjusted the whole network on distribution of videotapes with records of punishments over prisoners. I think, all correspondents working in the region came across such "Hollywood". I too used a fragment of similar material in one of movies and was compelled to watch it in detail. Only years later I learn that the technology has absolutely not a wahabite origin. It is the alphabet of war of nerves equally known to all armies but upgraded and expanded first of all with armed forces of the USA.

In the Pentagon to a letter, to a comma investigated experience of war of nerves and counterguerrilla actions of nazis in the occupied Soviet territories. Cold analysis. Any ideology and especially compassions. War — the industry. Industry. She demands scientific approach. I thumbed through some American textbooks. Follows from them that authors in general considered strategy of fascists quite rational, but a) insufficiently rigid and B) insufficiently attentive to a question of attraction on the party of local population. The formula carrots&sticks which is so loved by our "partners". With the emphasis on sticks, of course.

In other words, the doctrine of therapy was recognized as horror effective and effective. During a set of local wars of which consisted big Cold, Americans will develop this technique and will lift up to the unknown heights. Main thesis: to win against the guerrilla movement — it is possible, to break spirit of the people — perhaps. Only more cruelty is necessary. It is more than fear. But the most important — is as much as possible as much as possible detailed, as much as possible evident INFORMATION on cruelty and fear. So was in Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Angola, Yugoslavia. So occurs in Syria now. We see familiar handwriting and in Ukraine.

The international terrorism also grew from this doctrine, generally speaking, known to us today. After all terrorism — anything if it is isolated from system of distribution of information on terror. Taken the school/plane / the cruise liner — attempt to influence nervous system of the state. For this purpose it is necessary to deliver information on an awful event in each its cage. As much as possible to increase shock effect.

The task every day becomes simpler. In comparison with society of the last century today's society — an organism with the become thinner skin and the superdeveloped nervous system. Such organism can die of a splinter. From several virus videos. Though, seemingly, modern horrors, modern executions and mockeries at prisoners a little than differ from the arsenal of receptions used by Tamerlan, Othman Pasha or Hitler. The person is quite simply arranged. To kill/torture/humiliate the person — not such a complex challenge. And here to force to the knees society, to force it to be given without fight — agree, absolutely other technologies are required here.

It is obvious that will show us not one more shocking video. It is obvious that new ways of impact on mass consciousness will be selected all. What it can oppose? Shutdowns of the Internet? Ban (partial or full) social networks? Content filtration on video hosting platforms? Countercruelty by the principle of "counter fire" when Wahhabites and Banderovites (or their inaccessible curators) suddenly see themselves in similar clip circumstances?

It seems to me, there is only one universal remedy. Technology it is possible to beat only ideology. Outlook. The logic standing on both feet, strengthened and knowledge belief in justice of common cause.

Problem of technology — to personalize, individualize fear. Fear for itself (but not for a family or the country) — a prelude to a panic. A panic — death of collective. Favourite American expression: everyone dies alone. This "everyone dies alone" and is — quintessence of any bloody roller. Pay attention as excellent the captivity/return subject from captivity was used against the USSR in "thaw" and during an era of "archipelagoes GULAGs". As both of these pieces coincide on time with a revenge of petty-bourgeois, individualistic values. Everyone for itself.

The ideology forms collective, and collective — it "one for all, and all for one". The technology speaks: the person — only an animal, it is possible both to break him, and to destroy. The ideology answers: it is possible to destroy, even it is possible to break (though Hemingway and would argue), but largely it will change nothing. The idea is more, than the person. Idea it is impossible to execute.


Central news agency of Novorossiya


The western countries were realized that crisis round Ukraine went too far. They would like to improve the relations with Russia, but the aggressive rhetoric of Kiev causes in them serious concern. The West was tired of Ukraine which actions it becomes more difficult for it to justify, – such opinion in interview of RT was expressed by the famous British journalist Neil Clark.

"The leading countries of Europe least of all want large-scale war, and it will become more probable if Ukraine becomes the member of NATO. Especially with the present authorities of Ukraine and their extremely aggressive rhetoric. In Europe there are real fears. They created this monster Frankenstein and are concerned by where it will bring" — the journalist noted.

The countries which promoted revolution in Ukraine, recede from the position now and start working more pragmatically, Neil Clark considers. About it, in his opinion, also change of tone from the USA testifies. Such situation disturbs Kiev which rhetoric became more aggressive.

"The understanding came that everything came so far as far as it is possible — the journalist believes. — More realistic people in Europe obviously wish cancellation of sanctions against Russia because they cause damage to the main European economies, such as Germany and France".


The leader of DRG of chasteners Alexander Gladky placed on the page on Facebook corresponding сообщениео that for blasting cars of "Ghost" two MOH 50 remotely-controlled explosives were used.

The detailed description of an event together with the statement that it they killed Alexey Mozgovy, extended through a social network so-called "guerrilla NBP members" from diversionary group "Teni".

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Acceptance of BP of Ukraine of the Resolution "About the Approval of the Statement for Derogation of Ukraine from the Obligations Determined by the Convention on Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the European Social Charter (Reconsidered)" is direct, extremely cynical violation of all existing norms and principles of international law which Ukraine undertook to observe in due time.

Being guided by private reasons and political expediency, official Kiev dares to exclude randomly "inconvenient" international documents from the list obligatory to execution, counting probably on that, as this time everything will escape punishment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the international community and profile international legal instances to give a legal assessment to these actions immediately. We would also like to remind the Ukrainian heads that encroachments and any manipulations with international law are the first step to self-isolation, acquisition of the status of "derelict" and conduct the state to decline.

Anton Karamazov
Central news agency of Novorossiya


The Finnish political scientist and the human rights activist Johan Beckman reported about it. The relevant decision was made by administrative court of Helsinki.

Imatova's husband consisting in DNR militia sent a family to Finland to Tatyana's parents 10 months ago. However the Finnish authorities insist now on that Imatova with the son left the country, despite her statements for threats from "Right Sector".

The Finnish court, according to Beckman, decided to refer to that the Ukrainian government allegedly supports refugees, and "in the territory of Donetsk region there is no armed conflict" (the conclusion of court, p. 4).

Beckman considers that such decision "was written by the insane of people".

"Doesn't stir the Finnish authorities that Ukraine officially refused to observe international treaties and conventions on human rights concerning residents of Donbass — Beckman noted. — As soon as possible the authorities of Finland intend to deport Tatyana and her son to Kiev where they are waited by security officers".

According to him, "opportunities to settle a situation and to rescue a family from chasteners" are studied now by representation of DNR in Helsinki.

"The Finnish court doesn't recognize any facts of that does "Right Sector" or the Ukrainian authorities. In everything, according to court, Yanukovych and rebels are guilty" — Beckman emphasized.


Vladimir Batkovich
Central news agency of Novorossiya

Hot line of the Ministry of State security of DNR 22.05.2015 — 0 comment. If you became the witness of an act of terrorism, diversion or provocation, report to the hot line of the Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People's Republic: 095-750-14-02 from 9.00 to 21.00, 093-908-60-28 from 9.00 to 21.00, 095-176-30-27 from 18.00 to 9.00, 093-463-07-29 from 18.00 till 9.00.

Источник: http://www.online-translator.com/url/translation/?autolink=yes&direction=re&template=General&sourceURL=http%3a%2f%2fdnr-online.ru%2f | Пресс-центр ДНР © http://dnr-online.ru

On May 27 there will take place check of the warning system of the population Announcements / News / Officially — 19.05.2015 — In the Republic will include sirens – but in the peace purposes. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of DNR reports that in coordination with the Head of DNR on May 27, 2015, from 14.00 till 14.30, in the territory of the Republic repeated carrying out technical check of system of the centralized notification of the population with inclusion of electrosirens and selection of a broadcasting network for the purpose of check of elimination of the revealed shortcomings is planned.

Источник: http://www.online-translator.com/url/translation.aspx?autolink=yes&inframe=1&direction=re&template=General&sourceURL=http://dnr-online.ru/news/27-maya-projdet-proverka-sistemy-opoveshheniya-naseleniya/ | Пресс-центр ДНР © http://dnr-online.ru

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Source in Kiev, the anti-fascist close to the General Staff which adequacy of information was confirmed more than once (for example, our material of July 7, 2014 — "The General Staff of Ukraine: we on the eve of accident" and the material "Details of Defeat of the Southern Group of Troops of Anti-terrorist Operation" which followed it on July 14), reports that Alexey Mozgovy's "elimination" included in the plan of the military-political actions which are carried out by SBU which have to provide success of operation under the conditional name "Hammer".

The plan of the operation "Hammer" consists in that at the time of creation of "new military-political reality", to strike some powerful dissecting blows and within at most one and a half-two weeks "to resolve an issue with an organized resistance of terrorists on Donbass".

Creation of "new military-political reality" is meant as implementation of the plan of military-political actions as a result of which the political and military leadership of Russia will have to switch the attention to a new point of intensity, and won't be able to react to renewal of full-scale military operations in time. At the same time the conflict in the republics between the cropped parts MO DNR and national militia of LPR, on the one hand, and "wild" rebels and Cossacks — with another has to be provoked. According to the Kiev strategists murder Brain and a number of the subsequent actions have to become the catalyst of civil war in "so-called to LPR".

The source reports also that movement of heavy equipment to "East front" doesn't disappear any more, just as doesn't disappear any more that the most part of official American advisers who have to be engaged first of all in training of the Ukrainian soldiers, moved forward on a front line. First of all targeting and radio-electronic fight enters their tasks. In the General Staff all officers in a directive order were acquainted with materials on the operation "Lightning" during which Croatia restored control over the Serbian Kraina's territory in 1995 and on the basis of which the plan of the operation "Hammer" was made.

The source considered earlier that switching of attention of Russia will happen on any events in the Crimea, but now is inclined to think that Transnistria is chosen as a new point of intensity — as the Russian government is delivered in very difficult situation by the actual blockade of the Russian peacekeepers to Transnistria which Kiev began de facto few months ago, and declared de jure the other day.

The message from Kiev confirms that we and so know — Kiev strenuously prepares for final military adventure, having spat on the Minsk Agreement. To "the last throw to the east" the junta is compelled by a situation of the happened default, full political instability and pressure of certain circles of the American establishment which need involvement of Russia in "hot war".

23.05.2015g. the material about a terrible case of mockeries at prisoners of war getting under category of "war crime" was published on the website, about that the fighter of "Right Sector" bragged of a photo of the captured rebel with the cut-off forefingers. Today it was succeeded to find out additional circumstances of an event.

Here, one of commanders and participants of fight told:

"Fight was around N of the item. Sand, on our positions in the territory of plant on utilization of ammunition. This fight took place in Friday, approximately from 16.00 till 16.40. From our party two heavy, they now are in the hospital".

According to him, the Ukrainian party at first struck trench positions Dnrovtsev with artillery (but not the block a post and not укрепрайон as the representative of "Right Sector" * wrote earlier), and then came from the flank with assistance of means of radio-electronic fight (all handheld transceivers were muffled), showered with grenades (F-1), took away the prisoner and left under cover of snipers.

The commander emphasized that it was purely fulfilled and well planned operation.

The taken prisoner fighter who is represented on the neo-Nazi Tsygankov's photo with the cut-off fingers, call Vitaly Korobkov. Right now in Donetsk the resolution on its exchange will be accepted and negotiations with the Ukrainian party will begin soon".

Deputies of National Council of DNR adopted the Law of the Donetsk People's Republic "About environmental protection". This document was signed by the Head of the Republic of May 18 of the current year. The law was developed with active participation of specialists of Head department of ecology and natural resources of the Donetsk People's Republic. According to the accepted document, according to the Constitution of the Donetsk People's Republic, each citizen has the right for favorable environment, each of us is obliged to keep the nature and environment, to make thrifty use of natural riches which are a basis of a sustainable development, life and activity of the citizens living in the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic. The present Law defines the legal bases of a state policy in the sphere of environmental protection providing the balanced decision socially – economic tasks, preservation of favorable environment, biological diversity and natural resources, etc.

Источник: http://www.online-translator.com/url/translation.aspx?autolink=yes&inframe=1&direction=re&template=General&sourceURL=http://dnr-online.ru/news/v-dnr-nachal-dejstvovat-zakon-ob-oxrane-okruzhayushhej-prirodnoj-sredy/ | Пресс-центр ДНР © http://dnr-online.ru

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Novorossiya from Kharkov to Odessa, including Dnepropetrovsk and Transnistria, and also Malorossiya from Poltava to Chernigov (allegedly, but it isn't obligatory including Kiev) will be free parts of Ukraine.

For the last 70 years, in a peace time, any of enemies of Ukraine wasn't allowed to the east of Lviv, and after any military conflict as at the time of the Russian Federation, and the Soviet Union, all enemies were rejected to the West from Lviv. In 10 years after disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1990 also disintegration of Russia followed, but also then any enemy wasn't allowed to the east of Lviv as Ukraine was, at least officially, the neutral country. But it occurred!

Now, in the time spent in power of the strongest Russian leader since 1950, the enemy again is to the East from Lviv, moreover — to the East from Dnieper and on the coast of the Black Sea. The nazi junta in Kiev operated from the USA put Russia at risk and occupied Russian lands. The enemy again at gate! For Russia it is deadly geostrategic threat, and it — the major reason for actions, is more important, than any historical or linguistic links to Ukraine or gas transit.

And this reason isn't less important, than protection of people in the southeast: if the Russian leaders aren't able to protect these people, they won't be able to protect and the people living in the territory of Russia. Therefore it is vital to push aside the enemy at least to the West from Dnieper and away from the coast of the Black Sea. The enemy — is nazis of the Kiev junta and their owners of the USA who openly declare that they — enemies of Russia and all "Russian", and therefore Russia has to cease to call one — "government", and others — "partners".

Russia will never be accepted by the West as the equal partner, then why to climb from a skin for this purpose? It not Russia has to ask the West about the normal relations, and on the contrary! Russia has to continue to form the new, free multipolar world from other 75% of the world — those who isn't slaves to Washington.

The West doesn't cause trust, they in 1990 promised not to expand (USA) borders of NATO to the east, and arrived just the opposite. The Kiev nazi junta arrives also hypocritically: they signed the first and second Minsk contracts and at once broke them at all points. There is no sense to force Kiev to sign the subsequent similar contracts and right there to allow them to violate agreements without any consequences. Instead them it is necessary to force to fulfill the assumed obligations. Otherwise in this situation Kiev looks clever, and Russia — weak.

The Kiev authorities will never allow fair elections as they know that will lose. They extend fascists from the western Ukraine in the occupied Novorossiya's parts and appoint them to responsible positions in administration to continue to oppress the majority of local population and to show, as there is "nationalism". But most of the population of Novorossiya is incited prorossiysk and against the Kiev junta, they wait for the help from Novorossiya's army.

Novorossiya and Malorossiya's release has to proceed until nazis held one more false "referendum" and tried to join NATO, despite the population protests. Then it will be much more difficult to exempt still healthy parts of the former Ukraine, such as Novorossiya from Kharkov to Odessa and Malorossiya from Poltava to Chernigov.

Besides, the main reason for which Putin didn't recognize Novorossiya from Kharkov to Odessa and all lands to the East from Dnieper and Transnistria as the new country or as part of Russia yet, in my opinion — that he wants to control other territories of the former Ukraine, that is Galicia and territories to the West from Dnieper. But this tactics is incorrect, after all the Kiev nazi junta also wishes to control Novorossiya. Most of the population of Galicia and the most western territories of the former Ukraine wants to join the West as well as most of the population of Novorossiya wants to be part of Russia or the free country. And the people living between these territories will do that will tell them.

The only decision — to divide the country so that any of parts didn't suppress another, and both parts could find such partners whom will want. Naturally, division won't be a lung, but, at least, the border is clear: 8 areas of Novorossiya, and then to the north along Dnieper. It will mean as well division of Kiev (if any of parts voluntary disagrees to give "the part"). There is a set of examples of similar decisions, both peace, and not peace: Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Sudan. Any of decisions of "uniform Ukraine" would mean suppression of 15-20 million people — or Russian/Russian-speaking, or галичан / the western Ukrainians, and it is wrong. Other decisions aren't present — this "country" has to be divided.

Nicholas, Sweden,
Central news agency of Novorossiya

Edited by John Dolva
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According to OSCE, on the night of Friday attacks in Shirokino were resumed. Use of heavy artillery is recorded.

"Since the last briefing observers of SMM visited places of branch of heavy machinery of both parties of the conflict again and recorded lack of a number of positions" — OSCE Representatives reported.

The situation continues to be heated. Fights near Shirokino gain intensity, the territory of LPR continues to be exposed to attacks.
In Shirokino the heaviest situation as if the truce also didn't begin. In the neighborhood of the settlement the hardened fights with application of artillery and small arms proceed. People perish.

Clashes around the Donetsk airport proceed. In 8 hours observers of OSCE recorded 73 cases of violation of a ceasefire regime. According to their information, personally to examine a situation in Shirokino and Avdeevke it isn't possible, as not safely to be in these areas now.

The head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko hopes that participants of Contact group in Minsk will be able to give an adequate assessment to attacks in Gorlovka during the following meeting on June 2. In his opinion, at assessment of the situation it is necessary to consider the facts of death of civilians.

"When shoot at military, it is always possible to accuse someone or to tell supposedly it not we. But this time peace citizens were lost. Security officers shot at peace quarters" — Zakharchenko emphasized.

In response to the journalist's question, what prospects of those who fired at Gorlovka, Zakharchenko declared: "Don't ask better. Let live and are afraid".
In response to the journalist's question, what prospects of those who fired at Gorlovka, Zakharchenko declared: "Don't ask better. Let live and are afraid".

AFU for days of 30 times fired at the territory of DNR

Armed forces of Ukraine in the last days of 30 times fired at settlements of the republic. About it it is GIVEN reported in the Ministry of Defence of DNR.

"For last days the militia recorded 30 attacks of settlements of DNR from the Ukrainian security officers" — the interlocutor reported.
It is about 16 mortar, four tank attacks, and also five attacks from armored cars. Besides, five times fire was opened from grenade launchers and small arms.

Under fire of security officers there were Donetsk (airport territory), Gorlovka and Debaltseve. Also violations of the mode of a truce were noted in settlements Spartak, Zhabichevo, Grigorovka, White Kamenka, Novomaryevka, Kalinovka, Taurian, Sakhanka, Shirokino and Lozovoye.

LPR under attack

According to a militia, the Luhansk People's Republic underwent once again attacks from Armed forces of Ukraine which made more than 40 shots across the territory of LPR. Tanks, BBM, mortars, grenade launchers, PTRK, PRUR, howitzers and self-propelled artillery installations were used.

In the hardened fights fighters of LPR didn't allow to cross a front line to two diversionary and prospecting groups of the opponent. It is noted that is much noticed UAVs.
Central news agency of Novorossiya

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During a briefing on May 30 the deputy commander the DNR MO case Eduard Basurin reported that the situation in the Donetsk People's Republic continues to remain intense. "The most intensive attacks, near Donetsk, the Ukrainian security officers now conduct from settlements Skilled and the Ant hill. Attacks of the settlements located near Debaltseve were resumed. Fire at Kalinovka and Lozovom was repeatedly opened. For the expired days, 37 fire blows to our earth are recorded, from them 18 – at night" – Eduard Basurin reported. Also he reminded that the main objective of such strategy developed by the western advisers is formation of the constant atmosphere of fear at civilians of the Republic, at methodical destruction of social and economic infrastructure. That, at formal observance of the Minsk arrangements to make impossible restoration at us peaceful life. Fire of the Ukrainian artillery stops any recovery or economic work in the regions of the Donetsk People's Republic adjoining the line of contact. "Our investigation continues to fix building of artillery and armored machinery of the opponent in close proximity to the line of differentiation. In 24 km to the west of Donetsk, in Kurakhovo, 3 Ukrainian towed howitzers of D-30 are revealed, 6 howitzers of D-30 conduct attacks of our settlements from Novogrodovka, in 32 km to the northwest of Donetsk. All data on these violations are transferred to representatives of Special monitoring mission of OSCE for check and taking measures" – the deputy commander the DNR MO case added.

Источник: http://www.online-translator.com/url/translation.aspx?autolink=yes&inframe=1&direction=re&template=General&sourceURL=http://dnr-online.ru/news/svodka-mo-dnr-ot-30-maya/ | Пресс-центр ДНР © http://dnr-online.ru

"Kiberbernut" learned that in the next few days to Kiev there will arrive experts from the USA for the organization and carrying out provocations against Donbass.

"Today we received information that in the next few days to Kiev from Stuttgart there will arrive the head of department of the center of coordination of special operations of the joint command of VS of the USA in the European zone with group of the American military personnel — experts in the field of war of nerves" — it is told on the site of community.

As hackers report, coordination of activity of the American saboteurs and Ukrainian propagandists is assigned to the deputy minister of information policy Tatyana Popova

With nightfall separate groups of the Ukrainian security officers, among them, by the way, and volunteers from group of Dzhokhar Dudaev, come to Marinki's suburb — there is a line of contact and the distance of fight makes only 100 meters.

AFU are used by the heavy weapon forbidden by the Minsk Agreement on the line of contact.

Rebels apply light weapons against AFU: machine guns, machine guns, RPG, and the Ukrainian party the heavy weapon, including regularly uses mortars of the 120th caliber. It should be noted that, according to the Minsk Agreement, the heavy machinery has to be withdrawn from a front line.

At night the Ukrainian army attacked defensive positions of a militia in the west of Donetsk near Marinka again. Exactly there passes the line of contact of forces of AFU and DNR army. According to commanders of a militia, security officers can regard this direction as quite perspective for full-scale approach.

This results from the fact that active fights — such as around the Donetsk airport and on the northern suburb of Donetsk — near Marinka wasn't. If at boundaries opponents well studied each other positions, on the western line of contact there are many opportunities for different maneuvers.

Positions of a militia are presented on this sector of the front by fighters of division of "Pyatnashk". It is an interbrigada, in it representatives more than 15 nationalities — volunteers from other countries, including from Russia are at war.

Near a front line there is a long chain of residential quarters and densely populated objects, there AFU have an opportunity for attack and certain military operations. The main collisions happen, as a rule, at night, though shots are quite often audible in the afternoon.

Fighters told that fights near Marinka are position, it is a peculiar game in chess. The Ukrainian army tries to probe and calculate where there are most strengthened areas of defense of a militia, in turn fighters of DNR army on flashes track down heavy weapon of AFU.

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Results of the Minsk negotiations of contact group on the conflict on Donbass 02.06.15



Workers World spoke with Alexey Markov (military callsign “Good”), political commissar of the Volunteer Communist Detachment (RCD) of the Ghost Brigade in the Lugansk People’s Republic. The RCD’s military commander is Pyotr Biryukov (callsign “Arkadich”). The Ghost Brigade is an anti-fascist militia defending people in the Donbass region from the war unleashed by the U.S.-backed junta in Ukraine, which has claimed thousands of lives in the past year.

This interview was conducted before the assassination of Ghost Brigade leader Alexei Mozgovoi on May 23.

Workers World: Please tell us about your earlier life.

Alexey Markov: I was born and raised in the city of Omsk, Western Siberia. At age 15, I moved to Novosibirsk, to a physico-mathematical boarding school. From 1990 to 1995, I studied at the Novosibirsk State University, Department of Physics, specializing in elementary particles. Until recently, I worked as a programmer and system administrator, managing an IT department. In general, the most common life.

WW: As a young person, what was it like to live through the collapse of the Soviet Union?

AM: Very painful. I was a staunch communist from childhood and clearly saw that my homeland was being destroyed for the sake of the personal enrichment of a handful of unscrupulous politicians and officials.

For several years, I thought that the whole country had gone mad — people rushed so happily to break everything that previous generations had built. When I said that it was done to the detriment of themselves, they just laughed. But soon it was no laughing matter. …

I still believe that the destruction of the USSR was a great loss for humanity and a major setback in its development.

WW: When did you come to the Donbass? How did you join the anti-fascist struggle there?

AM: From the beginning, I followed the developments in southeast Ukraine closely. It was obvious that the nationalist junta, which carried out the coup d’état in Kiev, would bet on Russophobia and anti-communism.

On May 10, 2014, I started collecting humanitarian and military supplies for the militias of Novorossiya. In September, I personally visited many cities in the southeast and talked with well-known commanders, after which Arkadich and I finally decided to set up a communist group.

On Nov. 4, our group of 18 people left Moscow. Since then, our numbers have grown to about 120.

WW: What are your responsibilities as political commissar of the detachment?

AM: As commissar for the detachment, I am responsible to work with the staff, conduct interviews with volunteers and perform the functions of deputy commander. I’m also responsible for public relations and relations with other communist organizations.

WW: Who are the communist volunteers? Are there international volunteers from outside Donbass, Ukraine and Russia?

AM: From the very beginning, our group included all sorts of people, even monarchists. In November and December, four volunteers from Spain fought with the detachment. Two other Spaniards — a doctor and a translator — worked with us from March to May. In April and May, we also had two Italian volunteers in the unit, and another Italian still works in the information department of the brigade.

WW: Tell us about the role of the communist volunteers in the liberation of the Debaltsevo region during the last Ukrainian military offensive.

AM: The soldiers of the communist volunteer detachment formed the vanguard of the combined brigade unit in the assault on Debaltsevo, and our commander Arkadich was appointed commander of all brigade forces in Debaltsevo. In fact, even units of other teams began to voluntarily submit to Arkadich, seeing him as the most experienced and competent commander.

WW: What are the challenges facing the Ghost Brigade and the communists in Lugansk today?

AM: The main problem is the lack of an influential communist political organization and disunity. Another big problem is that the local authorities in Lugansk want to prevent the growth of communist influence in the country. While communist fighters and troops of the Ghost Brigade fight at the front, the officials in Lugansk share portfolios and decide how the whole republic should live.

WW: You recently participated in the International Solidarity Forum “Anti-fascism, Internationalism, Solidarity” in Alchevsk. The international guests also participated in the local celebration of the 70th Victory Day. How would you describe the impact of this international solidarity for your team and workers in the region?

AM: I’m sure that the International Solidarity Forum was a great event for local residents. They saw firsthand that they are not alone in their fight against fascism. And the visitors from Europe and Latin America had a chance to see what is happening in Novorossiya. I think that such events should be held more often, because it’s only through joint efforts of all the people that we can stop resurgent fascism in Ukraine.

WW: Government officials in Washington are spending billions of dollars to provide weapons and financial support to Kiev. At the same time, austerity measures aimed at ordinary people here in the United States have increased. There is growing child poverty, low wages, and police abuse of Black and Brown people. What would you like workers in the U.S. to know about your struggle and the aspirations of the people in Donbass? What do we have in common?

AM: All workers under capitalism have a common enemy: the economic system that makes them the mechanism to extract profits. No normal person wants to kill another just because he speaks a different language. But war is very beneficial for capitalism, as a means of enrichment and as a means to retain their power.

I am sure that ordinary working people the U.S. have much in common with the workers in Novorossiya, and our attempt to build a new, more just society can be an example and inspiration for them. What’s coming is not a war between Russians and Ukrainians, but the war of ordinary people against the oligarchic junta.

WW: How can communists and anti-fascists in the West help your struggle?

AM: First of all, though the dissemination of factual information about events in Novorossiya, and political pressure on their governments. Without the support of Western Europe and the United States, the Kiev junta would not last long.

Secondly, the militia fighters need help with military equipment and medical supplies. War is very expensive, and people cannot resist for long, leaving behind family and work, without outside assistance.

And of course, with the moral support of all honest people around the world, you can send soldiers into battle who know they are fighting for a just cause.

More information on the Volunteer Communist Detachment can be found on the website redstaroverdonbass.blogspot.com.

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Egged on by the US, the fascists in kiev have step[ped up the killing of people in the free republics:


The situation in Eastern Ukraine has significantly deteriorated in recent days, with Kiev forces intensifying the shelling of Donbass residential areas.

On Wednesday the Ukrainian General Staff admitted using heavy artillery prohibited by the Minsk agreements. The command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic reported of 14 killed and 86 injured soldiers during clashes with Ukrainian forces on the same day.

Petro Poroshenko's aide said earlier on Thursday that at least five Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 39 injured "during the last 24 hours"."

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Large-scale encounter attack in Marinka marked itself new turn in the history of the conflict in Donbass. It showed strong and weaknesses as Kiev, and DNR and showed, than there will be this war already soon – the meat grinder. Parts of AFU any more not that before, and among Novorossiya's command the dizziness is available.

Twelve-hour fight at Marinka – a terrible event. Anything similar wasn't since Minsk-2. And it was not position use of artillery at a great distance which OSCE and so recognizes as violation of a truce. It was the direct military collision exceeding everything by number of people and equipment that occurs now in the Middle East. Yes, in any of the conflicts in the Middle East.


We will begin with that usual infantry clashes don't last more than half an hour. But the huge group of the Ukrainian troops (the 28th airmobile crew, добрбат "Kiev" and artillery parts of strengthening, and also tanks, approximately – to 20 pieces) took the direct offensive to VSN positions. About any truce it is impossible to speak already is there was a massive offensive operation with a specific goal, but not prospecting attack forces of front divisions and DRG, as before.

Totally from the Ukrainian party (direct and frontal) participated in approach to 1500 people and 50 units of armored machinery. In a night from June 2 to June 3 they seriously pressed positions of VSN which as it is sad, really tried to observe the Minsk Agreement and had no on a front position of artillery of cover at all. Only by the morning when the situation became critical, the decision to tighten reserves especially as from the Ukrainian party RZSO and heavy barreled artillery already worked was made.

Early in the morning from the northeast of a housing estate the infantry of RSN – part so-called "tag" began to enter Marinka. Counterattacks didn't wait for the Ukrainian troops, they were ground under independent approach, the artillery was transferred deep into, blocking transportation of reinforcements. As a result the Ukrainian parts were demoralized and partially ran, especially quickly scrammed добрбат "Kiev". By the dawn nearly all Marinka appeared under control of VSN that wasn't more than a year – after retreat of Strelkov from all positions to the west of Donetsk.

It is necessary to understand that though the speech and goes about the naked steppe, actually it is the suburb of Donetsk. The Petrovsky district of the city – the appendix acting from million plus city "body" on the southwest. A long time (in fact, there is more than a year of war of maneuvre) it remained under control of VSN, but constantly was exposed to blows. Until recently the Ukrainian command didn't consider the area Marinka – Karlivka as the base for approach, continuing to consider frontal storm of Donetsk impossible. Therefore and now the main forces of AFU are drawn up much to the north and to the south. Approach to Marinka became valid surprise and demanded transfer there of reserves of VSN which and it is so a little. Another thing is that so far they possess sufficient mobility to be a basis of strategy of mobile defense. In other words, the considerable part of the most efficient parts of VSN after "brigadization" settles down in the depth of the front which, despite the extent almost in one thousand kilometers, is created so that reserves can be thrown quickly there where they are most necessary. Even it is still possible to control the most remote Mariupol site at the expense of reserves.

But by the morning on June 3 the situation sharply changed. Having passed all residential development of Marinki through, parts of VSN were included into the downtown where made the same mistake that the Ukrainian military and dobrbata in Shirokino regularly make – began to fix the victory. A flag raising over municipal administration and mass selfies after transition to defense – not a sign of military art.

One more moment which is important for stipulating – honesty for the sake of: on that party the same Russian guys are at war. And when "Kiev" demoralized добрбат ran up, there was the 28th airmobile crew gathered on an appeal. Fanatic volunteers are ready to be at war to the first shot, they are good in scales of "orange revolution", but not in the war. Even "Kiev" learned to infantry fight добрбат in which the ammunition of each soldier costs to 20 thousand euro, rushed наутек. And gathered on Mykola and Vanya's appeal will stand up to the end because they are the same born soldiers, as well as guys from a militia, it is simple at them other mental jam.

Thus, to the middle of day approach of VSN encountered defense in the center of Marinka (specifically – at the former hospital) and choked because of the main illness which all command of VSN has, – euphoria. Improbable even on modern times progress of a militia for the last year led to underestimation of the opponent, to perception of the Ukrainian troops as untrained crowd. It initially wasn't true, and now – especially. The problem of Kiev consisted in other – in total absence of command structure with experience. Almost none of the Ukrainian officers never participated in real military operations, they got used to trade and steal only. Terrible losses of the last were years a direct consequence of inability to operate and misunderstandings that such real war. But now in AFU the new generation of the people understanding that such war already grew. In the war time in general passes very quickly, it is pressed, and the yesterday's boy easily becomes the great commander. Exactly same happened in Donetsk to Lugansk where the simple guys who gained the authority became officers. Only if in DNR and LPR then there were no VS rudiments even, in Kiev this process goes within formally existing army which has a command, there is a Ministry of Defence in which old, Soviet officers, the gunpowder which wasn't smelling, however, continue to dominate. They won't be able to be in accord with new professionals. If to add to this porridge also command of voluntary battalions, at the exit total confusion turns out.

At hospital of part of VSN stopped, and then slowly, but by order of began to depart back. To sunset Donetsk parts controlled only part of a housing estate in the southeast of the settlement, that is, in fact, the same positions which they had prior to the beginning of the meat grinder. Ukraine to 4–5 o'clock in the afternoon put forward reserves from Kurakhovo, but they were spread with distant artillery is a naked space in which movement of big columns of equipment can't be hidden. Approach of the Ukrainian troops and counterattack of VSN ended with a draw though positions of Kiev were much worse, and the speech could go about break of the front on the direction, unexpected for Ukrainians, that was fraught with the hardest consequences. If to the middle of day of VSN took Marinka entirely, having broken the 28th airmobile crew, further before them the naked steppe to the Dnieper would lie.

Terrible result

Why all this was necessary for Kiev? The terrible meat grinder in Marinka could lead only to an exit to the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, storm which – suicide. It is impossible to go directly through a housing estate, all already learned it, fights of two-month prescription for Sand showed it. Sand – the tiny village built along a highway typical for this region. Storm in a forehead assumes pass through each house round which during a truce entrenchments are dug and mines are put. Charges of command of VSN that it didn't take Sand – nonsense because it is impossible to take without huge losses storm the village located and strengthened thus.

About any world to speak not to have any more. If to set aside circumstances into which passed the Minsk negotiations, we receive a ready launching site for new big war. The Ukrainian army anyway, but created two large centers of approach. The situation around Volnovakhi where in the naked steppe the most efficient Ukrainian forces are concentrated is represented to the most dangerous. Their task – approach through Elenovka and Dokuchayevsk to the north and the northeast on purpose again to cut off Donetsk from supply. Dokuchayevsk and Elenovka already half a year live in a situation of total attacks. The terrorizing bombings reveal also the direction of approach. And in it there is nothing new – in the same way a year ago the Ukrainian parts attacked Ilovaysk and Amvrosiyevka. It ended badly, but experience teaches nothing – the senior officers in the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine weren't replaced. They still sincerely consider that the concentric descending approaches of two tank groups have to lead to the opponent's environment. They were taught so in academies in Soviet period. They trust in it.

The second group is in the old manner formed around Avdeevki – the largest outpost in the north of the DNR front after falling of Debaltseve. Unlike other front territories, it is densely occupied, it not the steppe, and continuation of city agglomeration. So already it developed what exactly around Avdeevki will gather the largest Ukrainian group. The direction of blow is shown in this case by attacks of Gorlovka is a continuation of the old and already seemingly buried idea about approach from Avdeevk's region – Debaltseve to Gorlovka and Yasinovatuyu to cut off Donetsk from the North.

The speech not about dreams of the General Staff, and about the strategy which is quite realized in practice. On the Lugansk direction the calm is caused by lack of physical capacity to make something similar. If the success or attempt to show success as it was just in Marinka, it not to Lugansk is necessary. Fights for the settlement Happiness – already norm. But it is necessary to understand that the Ukrainian and Lugansk positions around Happiness are shared by the river, and frontal storm is impossible there. Firefights go only from heights – from the barrows located on both sides of the river.

Problem situation and on the bakhmutsky route at number posts. There was exactly the same, as in Marinka: approach of VSN choked because of excessive prolixity of the front and ambition of commanders. Now the bakhmutsky route – a headache of the Ukrainian troops as theoretically break is possible there, and with catastrophic circumstances. Another thing is that Lugansk is strongly subject to the internal conflicts which prevent to concentrate at the front.

Situation near Mariupol, despite "mediynost", not so significantly. Shirokino – the most popadayemy in reports the place name, but upon it is interesting to nobody. The Ukrainian parts often use the front or being in a midground settlements either for public relations, or for earnings. Poroshenko's order about payment for any occupied settlement also led to epic fight for nobody necessary to Shirokino – a coastal housing estate before which from the East the kurganny ridge rises. The battalion "Azov", having heard about bonus, I began to visit, vyvexxxx regularly there the Ukrainian flag, to do mass selfies – and to tick from there in cash desk. In a month locals asked DNR somehow it to stop, and the epic fight for Shirokino which doesn't have any military value began. Approximately events round the airport were also developed earlier. These positions turned in moral and ethical, without being military. People perish for anything.

Terrible result today: about the world there is no speech also. Kiev made everything to reformat the available forces and to create two large efficient groups for initiation of new frontal approach on the meeting trajectories. In reply to DNR and LPR oppose the doctrine of mobile defense, concentrating the most efficient parts in a distance from the front and hoping for their fast regrouping. Fights for Marinka showed at the same time both correctness of such decision, and its some weaknesses. In particular, the grown fighting capacity of the Ukrainian parts and impossibility to move reserves quickly enough isn't considered. As a result to Marinka VSN suffered heavy losses which aren't justified by the course of operation. Losses can be understood when they lead to result, but not when fault to everything is underestimation of the opponent.

Today's "draw" is terrible in essence. Both parties are ready to carrying out large-scale offensive operations, and increase of boyestolkoveniye means only that sooner or later they indeed will begin. Process of events will lead to it as fight in Marinka nearly led to total accident. The exchange of artillery attacks gradually leads to increase of the general atmosphere of war. The death of civilians only urges on military. And an exit from this deadlock it isn't visible yet.



Chervonets Andryukha

Following the results of yesterday's events the following, well developing and correlating between its various parts picture appears

With high probability - AFU prepared for a militia in Marinka a mini-copper + provocation with capture of equipment and staff.

On points.
If to reject a peel, stages are looked through:

1. Typical attack from AFU in Marinka.

2. Attempt (imitation) of attack towards Petrovsky.

12:20 (HP) the Petrovsky area are under the constant fire pressure of the Ukrainian nazis who are actively applying RSZO on residential quarters.

3. Otvetka of ours with fast occurrence (very easy) to Marinka on shoulders of the receding AFU.

In the ranks of the opponent the panic is noticed, trying to stabilize in a hurry the falling-down front line, owing to unsuccessful night attack to the advanced positions of army of Novorossiya, the opponent began the emergency transfer of equipment and staff to clash places, the system of interrelation of rear and vanguard divisions is broken.

4. Got stuck in Marinka (AFU receded on an ocarina of Marinka, but not further!) also got under very well adjusted fire (AFU were going to fire at the positions).

Briefly about Marinka: "Long ago I didn't see such meat grinder, it is so much victims and a truce. I don't understand something, we have 1 300th fighter. Contused much, operation began too smoothly, and the slaughter began then. "Pyatnashka" broke through to hospital and held the fort without BQ and water then we broke through to "Pyatnashka". Ukra all adjusted so that I 3 times said goodbye to life. And generally, I shocked, but all of us will correct and we will beat out having stolen from Marinka."

Commander of DRG "Ryazan"

5. The strongest reinforcement with the dagger direction is instantly trite to cut Marinka from the city. Yes, the part of a reinforcement competent actions was is shabby, but... Probably is in AFU considered and the number of a reinforcement was calculated taking into account losses.

Rebels and locals report that Marinka and Krasnogorovka practically send under control of DNR, however the Ukrainian security officers prepare a serious revenge.
Towards Marinka passed the Ukrainian tanks (about 60 pieces) by Kurakhovo.

Rebel Sych:
In DNR, judging by messages of acquaintances, Maryanka is already smoothed out and equip positions, I won't comment, but I will tell that don't rejoice better ahead of time.

6. Competent and harmonious withdrawal of VSN on initial positions.

OTDG Cheburashka ‏ @SiriusBlack1983 19 min19 minutes back
Donetsk. ALL it is KIND!!! Are LIVE!!! 2 persons lungs 300e.... Got to the HELL today... In Marinka UKRY.

1-6. Well korellirut with statements of Bassurin who in distortions and lie, in Lysenko's difference, wasn't noticed.

"Any and the more so we don't conduct large-scale approach. Parts under control to Kiev leave Marinka", - the deputy minister of defense of DNR Eduard Basurin declared.

Didn't allow to involve itself in a trap (to catch themselves on euphoria from long-awaited approach).
Thereby having shown army discipline and controllability. The trap collapsed, but was empty.

It seems that it was provocation to expose DNR violators of agreements and to show their "aggression" in the form of approach.

There is a question what to do with the suitable reinforcement.
If within 3-4 days don't take away, yes is a part of the plan.

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An American volunteer arrives at the scene of Horlivka shelling, appeals to Americans

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map_0618.png?resize=300%2C291 cropped-wwlogo_5march20141.jpg Washington backs bombing on Russian border

June 8 — Ukraine’s far-right government, backed by Washington, launched a new military offensive against the independent Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics on the night of June 2 through June 3.

The Donbass people’s militia responded quickly, first sending Kiev’s forces scurrying in panic and then digging in for the hard battle for control of Marinka, a city southwest of Donetsk’s capital, against a Ukrainian military increasingly funded by the U.S. and armed with NATO weaponry.

“In the course of [the June 3] fighting and shelling of Marinka and suburban areas of Donetsk, 15 to 20 civilians were killed and dozens injured,” military analyst Colonel Cassad reported on his blog. “Overall, this is the bloodiest day of the war since the end of the battle of Debaltsevo, when the Ukrainian Army suffered huge losses trying to escape.”

Donetsk Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin reported that 20 militia were killed and 100 wounded. Meanwhile, some 400 Ukrainian troops were killed, said Donetsk head Alexander Zakharchenko. Sixty pieces of Ukrainian military equipment were destroyed, including four artillery batteries. (Dan-News.info, June 5)

Though initially centered near Marinka, fighting has now spread across the entire “contact line” between Ukraine and the Donbass republics — the buffer zone established by the Minsk 2 ceasefire agreement of February.

The latest attack by the Kiev junta of oligarchs, neoliberal politicians and fascists comes after a month of steadily growing ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian military, mostly through indiscriminate shelling of civilian targets — including the destruction of the home of 11-year-old Katya Tuv in Gorlovka on May 26. Katya and her father were killed; her young brother was injured; her mother Anna was gravely wounded, losing her arm.

Warnings ignored

It was from the vicinity of Marinka that Ukrainian occupation forces launched many deadly artillery attacks targeting Gorlovka, Donetsk city, and other residential areas.

For weeks, the anti-fascist militias in Donetsk and Lugansk had warned of the quickening buildup of Kiev’s military forces in the region, including heavy weaponry expressly forbidden by the ceasefire agreement.

And for weeks, political leaders of Donbass shouted to the world that new provocations would likely coincide with a major meeting of the European Union powers, timed to help Washington gets it way with pursuing the war and extending sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The embattled people of Donbass, the primarily Russian-speaking mining region formerly part of southeastern Ukraine, took to the streets in late May to protest Kiev’s continuing war crimes. They recognized that the Tuv murders were the beginning of a new phase of the war that began in April 2014 and has officially claimed 6,400 lives — but far more by most estimates.

The corporate media ignored all the warnings, while U.S. State Department officials denied Kiev’s continuous violations of the ceasefire.

On cue, Ukraine President Peter Poroshenko addressed the Rada (parliament) June 5, claiming that there were more than 9,000 Russian troops in 14 tactical groups on Ukrainian territory.

“I wonder how he counted them?” was the caustic response of Donetsk leader Zakharchenko. “The Ukrainian president’s talent is unique. It is very difficult to hide 9,000 troops of the Russian Armed Forces, not only from the [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe], but also from us. …

“If there were 9,000 [Russian forces] here, I wouldn’t be explaining what happened in Krasnogorovka or Marinka. We would talk about [fighting in] Kiev or Kharkov.” (Dan-News.info, June 5)

G7 wine and dine, Donbass people die

The occasion for Poroshenko’s bombastic speech was the Rada’s adoption of a law allowing “admission of the armed forces of other states on the territory of Ukraine” for “international peacekeeping and security.”

The junta has repeatedly called for U.N. or NATO “peacekeepers” to help put down the popular resistance in Donbass.

Previously, the presence of an international military force required adoption of a special law initiated by the president stipulating the length of the stay. Under the new law, no additional legal authorization is required and the length of stay is indefinite.

The law also states that “potential carriers of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction are permitted … for short-term accommodation.” (RT.com, June 5)

Lugansk chief negotiator Vladislav Danego pointed out that the law is also meant to justify the presence of foreign troops that are “already operating in Ukraine. There are some 20,000, primarily from Hungary and Poland,” he told Interfax news agency, in addition to mercenaries from the U.S. and other countries.

U.S. President Barack Obama declared at the meeting of the Group of 7 imperialist countries the need to “stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine” — ignoring the fact that his administration and Congress engineered the right-wing coup that deposed the legally elected government of Ukraine in February 2014 as a step toward expanding NATO military power to Russia’s western border. (Sputnik News, June 7)

Here’s a sample of what was happening in Donbass while Obama and other heads of the G7 — the U.S., Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Japan — met at a luxury hotel in Bavaria, Germany, June 6-7, to discuss how to punish Russia.

The people of Telmanovo mourned at the funeral of 4-year-old Vanya Nesteru, killed by Ukrainian shelling on June 5. (Ren.tv) Kiev tanks attacked the village of Oktyabrsky, shelling a nine-story apartment building, where a resident had his leg blown off. (LifeNews, June 7)

Gennady Moska, Kiev’s appointed “governor” of Lugansk, gave the order to turn off the water supply to the Lugansk People’s Republic, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without water. (Anna-News.info, June 6)

“Heavy fights are in progress all over the frontline from Mariupol to Lugansk,” reported New Russia Press June 7, citing Shyrokyne, Sahanka, Gorlovka, Marinka, Spartak, Pesky, Donetsk city, Donetsk Airport, Bahmutka and Shchastya.

Preparing for war, not peace

Fighting continued June 8 around Donetsk, Gorlovka and Mariupol, while tanks and artillery shelled Shirokino, according to Timer.od.ua.

Also June 8, Donetsk Deputy Defense Minister Basurin said Ukraine “keeps bringing up heavy artillery to the contact line,” including multiple rocket launcher systems. “Fortifications have already been built on the highway between Konstantinovka and Dzerzhynsk, which block civilian traffic.” (Novorossia Today)

In addition, Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko signed a law authorizing martial law “in case of armed aggression or threat of attack, threat for Ukraine’s independence or territorial integrity” — all buzzwords that have been previously used to justify the war against Donbass. Provisions of the law include “forced settlement of citizens of a foreign country that threatens to attack or conduct aggression against Ukraine,” a threat that has frequently been levied against residents of Donbass. (TASS, June 8)

Perhaps most ominous, though, was Poroshenko’s signing a law June 8 cancelling all military agreements with Russia in relationship to Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, Ukraine’s southern neighbor, where 1,200 Russian peacekeeping troops are stationed.

Along with the appointment of former Georgian President and U.S. stooge Mikhail Saakashvili as governor of the Odessa region and a reported buildup of Ukrainian military forces there, the voiding of military agreements signals plans afoot to provoke Moscow on a second front to further Washington’s plans for NATO expansion, destruction of independent Donbass and regime change in Russia.

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Useful information:

MIA LNR conducts recruitment in Commandant platoon
Timetables commuter trains on the territory of the DNI and the LNR
The site requires journalists and copywriters
LNR. Addresses social canteens:
The LNR conducted a set for service in units of the people's militia
Timetables commuter trains for the DNI and LNR on 26.01.2015
In Lugansk you can make money transfer
GKP "Centrožilkom" accepts payments for services on the contents of the houses and adjacent territories
Collection! Cell phones and services ministries LNR
Urgent! Doctors asking for help!
Information for owners of civilian weapons!
Info about Christmas activities of cultural institutions of Lugansk
Parents in difficult circumstances, offer help
Emergency phones krasnodon
From 20 November for the inhabitants of Lugansk will be issuing social card
Declares a set of girls aged 5 to 7 years for practicing rhythmic gymnastics
To suspend accepting applications for compensation
With 11/10/17 November 17 municipal buses took to the routes of the city Lugansk
Reception of documents by administrators and public administrators from citizens and economic actors
Oschadbank's customer information
MIA LNR conducts recruitment in Commandant platoon
Timetables commuter trains on the territory of the DNI and the LNR



A summary of the military events in the new Russia from military browser Boris Rožina

A summary of the military events in the new Russia from military browser Boris Rožina

Сводка военных событий в Новороссии от военного обозревателя Бориса Рожина

During the day the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk people's Republics has not changed. Still, in the dark, Ukrainian law-enforcers were subjected to shelling Gorlovka, under fire from Ukrainian shells is a town of Oktyabrskiy in Donetsk. The LNR, the situation is less tense, large-scale bombardment is not here, however, local skirmishes occur constantly throughout the line of contact.

The President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko met June 11 visit to Mariupol. Press-service of the head of State does not disclose details of the visit. DNI in the Defense Ministry, in turn, believe the arrival of the President in the frontline district a convenient pretext for provocation on the part of AFU, aimed at discrediting the DNI and the disruption of the Minsk militia.

Military developments in DND

In the night from 9 to 10 June, Samara and Kiev regions of Donetsk were under fire from Ukrainian shells. Were recorded direct hit rockets on Kremlin Avenue (4 tall houses, in all significant destruction), on Rue Czechoslovakia (2 private houses, one completely destroyed). On the street of Victor Isakov from falling projectile destroyed warehouse. Again it was a hit in the market, "Akhil. On the street of Petrozavodsk recorded getting into the House, on the economic-in warehouses. Two people were injured. In the morning June 10 continued shelling of the village of Oktyabrsky and Kiev district, one of the shells hit the kindergarten No. 189, there were no victims. Also under fire were old Donetsk airport terminal and SHOPPING CENTRE "Metro". As at 10 June 13:13 Ukrainian law-enforcers from the Sand fired on railway-station of Donetsk, 3-Eastern region and Donetsk airport. Approximately 17:30 resumed shelling in the vicinity of the airport and the SHOPPING CENTRE "Metro". The fact of the shelling was registered representative of the collaborating centre on monitoring and coordination for cease-fire in Donbass. The bombardment lasted until late in the evening. About 17:45 in the Kyiv area shots were heard a north-westerly direction from small arms. In all likelihood, the militia tried to run Ukrainian UAV. About shelling resumed 19:00 village Oktyabrsky. One shell landed on the territory of the 21 hospital. Victims and survivors managed to escape. At this same hour ran combat rifle in the sands.

At the 23:55 ran an intense battle with the support of artillery at the junction of Staromihajlovki and Krasnogorovki in the West.

In the night from 9 to 10 June continued shelling of Horlivka. After midnight June 10 as a result of the actions of the army of the DNI to deter and suppress fire MAT had been partly amazed Ukrainian positions, along with ammunition in the area of Dyleevka station in Dzerzhinsk. During the day, Madrid remained relatively calm. Utilities were engaged in the repair of damaged houses. However, in the late evening, around 22:30, Ukrainian security forces renewed shelling. Under intense fire from Ukrainian shells (Sau and tanks) were North-Western and Western parts of Horlivka, including village Ozerânovka. The firing is done with the of Dzyarzhynsk, Ukrainian security officials fired the city limits. The fire erupted as a result of the shelling, there was no electricity in some areas most affected 88-th quarter, there are dead and wounded: dvoë children were injured, three women were killed.

Intelligence DNI in Artemovsk were noted arrival of two SAU 2s5 "Giatsint" between settlements krasnogorovka Coveted First had revealed the whereabouts of the two.

After midnight June 10 the Ukrainian side said that at the direction of the battle between occurred Volnovakha DRG VSN and Ukrainian law-enforcers with small arms. Details were reported. Command SU DNI this information not has commented.

10 June, approximately 18:00 in Mariupol in neighborhoods East and left bank throughout the decor was heard hours. Ukrainian policemen firing on Širokino. At 22:40 in Mariupol intensified decor. Ukrainian security forces from their positions in the neighborhoods East and Leningrad and in the village of Pioneer p odolžali shelling on Širokino of SAU. At 22:48 fire verse.

According to the Ministry of defence, June 10 DNI Ukrainian military 38 times opened fire on the territory of the Republic. When the bombing of anti-aircraft artillery were used-1 times, four tank guns, one ANTI-TANK ROCKET LAUNCHERS. Also recorded one shelling using Grad "(one packet), 29 mortar attacks and two-using BMP. Under fire from Ukrainian shells were in Donetsk (Kievskiy district, the town of Oktyabrskiy, Oktyabrskaya mine and terminal area) and Gorlovka and towns Širokino, Spartacus, Shirokaya Balka, red Partisans, Hilarious, Gol′movskij and Red October.

Military developments in LNR

At 3:10 between May day and Popasnaya (the area controlled by the Government) ended on Sunday battle with small arms, mortars, MLRS. Other details were reported.

In 16:00 10 June by Ukrainian law-enforcers was carried out shelling from AGS bridge to Luhansk. No injuries were reported.

Stanitsa Lugansk

Exploration of LNR recorded moving Grad "on the outskirts of Lugansk, where it can be fired at the city center.


About 11:00 from Zaporozhye flew two pairs of fighters in the direction of Donetsk. Later, one pair was spotted in the vicinity of Varvarovki (Zaporizhia region), the second was observed over the Kramatorskom. Presumably, planes escorted a convoy heading from APUs Kramatorsk towards Konstantinovki.

Human intelligence DNI was established that Zhytomyr Moscow factory started to implement a special order for installing equipment to laser-guided cars 70-80-ies of release: Vaz, Moskvich, Volga "for carrying out acts of sabotage on the territory of Donetsk people's Republic .. The specified modernization of car would manage them remotely.

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Washington Post Plays Ukraine’s Lapdog

By Robert Parry




There once was a time when the U.S. news media investigated U.S. imperial adventures overseas, such as Washington-sponsored coups. Journalists also asked tough questions to officials implicated in corruption even if those queries were inconvenient to the desired propaganda themes. But those days are long gone, as the Washington Post demonstrated again this week.

On Wednesday, the Post’s editorial board had a chance to press Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk about the U.S. government’s role in the Feb. 22, 2014 coup that elevated him to his current post – after he was handpicked by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who declared “Yats is the guy” in a pre-coup intercepted phone call.

Wouldn’t it have been interesting to ask Yatsenyuk about his pre-coup contacts with Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt and what their role was in fomenting the “regime change” that ousted elected President Viktor Yanukovych and hurtled Ukraine into a civil war? Sure, Yatsenyuk might have ducked the questions, but isn’t that the role that journalists are supposed to play, at least ask? [see Consortiumnews.com’s “What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis.”]

Or why not question Yatsenyuk about the presence of neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists who spearheaded the violent coup and then were deployed as the shock troops in Ukraine’s “anti-terrorism operation” that has slaughtered thousands of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine? Wouldn’t that question have spiced up the interview? [see Consortiumnews.com’s “Wretched US Journalism on Ukraine.”]

And, since Ukraine’s Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko was at the editorial board meeting as well, wouldn’t it have made sense to ask her about the propriety of her enriching herself while managing a $150 million U.S.-taxpayer-financed investment fund for Ukraine over the past decade? What kind of message does her prior work send to the people of Ukraine as they’re asked to tighten their belts even more, with cuts to pensions, reduction of worker protections, and elimination of heating subsidies?

How would Jaresko justify her various schemes to increase her compensation beyond the $150,000 limit set by the U.S. Agency for International Development and her decision to take court action to gag her ex-husband when he tried to blow the whistle on some improprieties? Wouldn’t such an exchange enlighten the Post’s readers about the complexities of the crisis? [see Consortiumnews.com’s “Ukraine Finance Minister’s American ‘Values.’”]

Yet, based on what the Post decided to report to its readers, the editorial board simply performed the stenographic task of taking down whatever Yatsenyuk and Jaresko wanted to say. There was no indication of any probing question or even the slightest skepticism toward their assertions.

On Thursday, the Post combined a news article on the visit with an editorial that repeated pretty much as flat fact what Yatsenyuk and Jaresko had said. So, after Yatsenyuk alleged that Russia had 10,000 troops on the ground inside Ukraine, the Post’s editorial writers simply asserted the same number as a fact in its lead editorial, which stated: “Russia … has deployed an estimated 10,000 troops to eastern Ukraine and, with its local proxies, attacks Ukrainian forces on a near-daily basis.”

Though both assertions are in dispute – with many of the cease-fire violations resulting from Ukrainian government assaults around the rebel-controlled Donetsk Airport – the Post had no interest in showing any skepticism, arguably one of the consequences from the failure to impose any accountability for the Post’s similarly biased writing prior to the Iraq War.

In 2002-03, editorial-page editor Fred Hiatt repeatedly declared as flat fact that Saddam Hussein possessed stockpiles of WMDs, thus supposedly justifying the U.S.-led invasion. After the invasion failed to locate these WMD stockpiles, Hiatt was asked about his editorials and responded:

“If you look at the editorials we write running up [to the war], we state as flat fact that he [saddam Hussein] has weapons of mass destruction,” Hiatt said. “If that’s not true, it would have been better not to say it.” [CJR, March/April 2004]

Yes, journalists generally aren’t supposed to say something is a fact when it isn’t – and when a news executive oversees such a catastrophic error, which contributed to the deaths of nearly 4,500 U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, you might expect him to be fired.

Yet, Hiatt remains the Post’s editorial-page editor today, continuing to push neoconservative propaganda themes, now including equally one-sided accounts of dangerous crises in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere. [see Consortiumnews.com’s “Why WPost’s Hiatt Should Be Fired.”]

On Ukraine – although the risks of neocon “tough-guy-ism” against nuclear-armed Russia could mean extermination of life on the planet – the Post refuses to present any kind of balanced reporting. Nor apparently will the Post even direct newsworthy questions to Ukrainian officials.

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16 June there will be a meeting of the contact group and three subgroups, 23 June-meeting of the Sub-Group on economics. The journalists said the Vice-Chairman of the people's Council of DNI Dennis Pušilin. "With regard to the increase in the number of attacks and deaths of civilians, then it's us. Each day sent letters to the SCKK and the OSCE. Naturally, this issue will rise at a meeting in Minsk, "said Denis Pušilin. According to him, if there is no political solution to the conflict, it can begin full boestolknovenie. "We must do our utmost to consolidate the truce," he continued. Denis Pušilin also stressed that the recent statements of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko "impregnated with aggression and military themes.

During the briefing, the Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps on June 13 MO DNI Eduard Basurin said that the situation in the people's Republic of Donetsk continues to remain complicated and tense. "The intensity of shelling over the past day the Ukrainian side was 99 violations of the ceasefire. Only on the territory of Donetsk national Republic was released 25 tank shells and mines 74 82 and 120 mm calibre. Attacks have been subjected to human settlements, gorlivka, Lozovoe Zaytsevo, County Airport, Spartak, Žabičevo, Kiev and Petrovsky districts of the city of Donetsk. Casualties among army personnel DNI does not. Civilian casualties during the ceasefire violations by the APU suffered 4 person among them, in the city of Donetsk in the shelling in kuybyshev region suffered 2 person in the locality of Gorlovka hurt 1 man, 1 Sahanke civilian was injured as a result of the mortar fire MAT, "said Eduard Basurin. The Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps, MOD, DND advised that DND continues to capture SUN exploration facts move military equipment and personnel of the APU. So, in the village of konstantinovka and Kurahovka set location 9 BM21 MLRS "Grad". In the area of the locality Red revealed three firing positions.

Communist Party (Pyotr Simonenko), Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (Natalya Vitrenko), the Working Party (Svyatoslav Bondarchuk), Lenin Komsomol of Ukraine, Union of Soviet officers signed an agreement to merge.

The constituent Assembly to establish all-Ukrainian public association of left and center-left parties and social organizations of "left-wing opposition was held on 12 June in Kiev.

The memorandum, signed by the parties, is that a "United left opposition" that will fight for the principles of democracy and social justice against the social and national genocide of Ukrainians against fascism and for the restoration of relations with Russia.

"Left opposition" led by Peter Simonenko, Natalya Vitrenko, Olympic champion Rudolf Rudolf Povarnitsyn, philosopher George hooks.


All-Ukrainian movement of left and center-left political parties and public organizations "LEFT opposition"

The course of domestic and foreign policy, which is held in Ukraine, especially after the February (2014) coup d ' état, leads our country to a loss of national sovereignty, secession and fratricidal civil war, economic collapse, social and ethnic genocide are threatened with disintegration of Ukraine and using its external forces as the provocateur of a third world war.

Signing the association agreement with the European Union and obediently doing draconian demands of the International Monetary Fund, Ukraine has lost economic and political independence. It is actually under external control. Its internal and external policies define the United States of America, international financial oligarchy. Implementing reform in the so-called peripheral neoliberal capitalism model is bankrupt, abandoning the integration with the countries of the Customs Union, Ukraine has condemned itself to deindustrialization, capture the oligarchic clans of public property, created by several generations of Soviet people, the loss of millions of jobs, poverty and extinction of populations. Now Ukraine's gross domestic product does not even reach 60% from 1990 levels in the year.

Domestic industry collapses, destroyed its leading export-oriented industry. Financial system brought to the default. Over-consumption of manpower is one of the highest in the world, and remuneration is at the level of the poorest African countries. Health services and education have become virtually inaccessible to the majority of the population.

The course of building mononacional′nogo States, planting the national chauvinist ideology resulted in total violation of the Ukrainian Constitution, the norms and principles of international law, widespread discrimination against the population by linguistic, national, territorial, religious grounds. The Ukrainian State has failed to protect the legal rights, the life and security of its citizens.

Adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with gross violations of the constitutional procedure and introduced laws on condemnation of Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda for their symbolism, "" on the legal status and the memory of fighters for Ukraine's independence in the 20TH century, the perpetuation of the victory over Nazism in the second world war, 1939-1945 "," on access to the archives of repressive organs of the Communist totalitarian regime, 1917-1991 years "is not only a reflection of the totalitarian essence of the ruling regime in Ukraine but cynical falsification of history and review of the decisions of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal.

It is a challenge to the entire international community. Introduction in violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, censorship, manipulation of public consciousness, intimidation and persecution, persecution of the canonical Orthodox Church, a constitutional ban on political parties, repression and physical violence with ideological and political opponents, of course, extremely dangerous violations of universally accepted in the civilizedm the world standards and norms of democracy, the people of Ukraine to freedom of expression. in these circumstances, we, representatives of opposition political parties and public organizations, declare to merge our efforts within the movement "LEFT opposition" to save UKRAINE and protection of the rights of our compatriots in peace, prosperity and security in their country, freedom of speech and opinion, fair trial, REALLY democratic elections, BUILDING a socially just , democratic, legal State.

We will seek an immediate halt to the bloodshed first of all in the East of the country, a peaceful settlement of the conflict based on the steady implementation of the Minsk agreements and decentralization of power.

We are convinced that to ensure lasting peace in Ukraine, bring it from a deep, comprehensive crisis, return in terms of advanced States of the continent is impossible without restoring the neighborly, equal and mutually beneficial relations with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

It is with them, unlike the United States and EU countries, we share a common history, culture, spirituality, civilizational values. History has proven that the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine were kept only in conditions of unity of our countries and fraternal peoples.

We understand that stop social genocide, stop the destruction of the domestic economy is impossible without abandoning neo-liberal course psevdoreform, held under the dictates of the West.

We are in favour of the implementation of the new industrialization of Ukraine at modern technological innovation through reliance on domestic intellectual, human, natural and technical resources. Our alternative to neoliberalism is a socio-economic model, based on the principles of social justice and democracy.

We uphold the COURSE of domestic and foreign policy in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of State sovereignty of Ukraine to guarantee its non-aligned (neutral) status; Interethnic relations based on the principles of international law and the provisions of the Declaration on the rights of nationalities of Ukraine; The STATUS of the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE as the second official. We oppose the humiliation and betrayal of Tzar and the labour of the feat of our fathers and grandfathers who won the Nazi invaders in World War II and its victorious labour to resurrect our homeland from the ruins and took it during the Soviet era to the heights of economic, scientific and spiritual progress. We are categorically against planting in our country of neo-Nazism, rehabilitation and glorification of Nazi collaborators of the occupiers.

Encourage political parties, social organizations, ALL of whom FATE of the FATHERLAND who share our ASSESSMENT of the CURRENT POLITICAL and socio-economic situation and the goals and objectives of this manifesto is to join the patriotic movement "LEFT opposition".

Adopted at the founding meeting

The "left opposition"

12.06.2015, Kiev

Anton Karamazov

The central information agency of Novorossiya


1434212339_9ax_mehjyke.jpg DNI, morning

12:30-Marinka, destruction summary:

-gym 1st school, 3rd floor, rocking.

-UL. 22-zavodskaya St. in the roof.

-UL. the factory 14-glazing.

-UL. factory 33-many craters near the House.

Sadiq on zavodsk th-there is a wall in the music room.

-UL. Chapayev is?

— rajsoûzovskij lane-hit near the former kindergarten (one hundred) Yu

-UL. Ordzhonikidze is getting into the House is?

-UL. Ordzhonikidze 154 — hit the roof.

-UL. Shchorsa 44-46.

11:30-a message from the militia.

"Donetsk. Aleksandrovka and Trudovskie were under fire from the positions of the APU by Mariinka, Acute, TSW. The fire raged out of tanks, SELF-PROPELLED GUNS, RZSO by Mariinka. In the Kuibyshev region recorded a direct hit on the streets of Zoological (kindergarten) and Luzin (1 House). In p. Sands eliminated the leader 2-nd punitive battalion 93 Brigade mat. According to reports, wounded a woman and a man. In Širokino positional battles continue, APU tries to squeeze out the VSN army with the locality, but not crowned with success. Apply ukronacistami mortars and others periodically supports the enemy artillery by Mariupol. Pervomaysk was again shelled by APU, an elderly woman died, another resident of the city wounded. Presumably, the firing of mortar was conducted. Two private houses were destroyed and damaged a gas pipeline in the heart of the city, killed a grandmother, another woman was injured. Rescuers have not yet all been surveyed, but continue to investigate. Made a preliminary local repair the damaged pipeline, but basic repairs will be done tomorrow. "

10:48 — over the past day, 13 June, attacks were subjected to Kiev and Samara regions.

In the Kuibyshev region recorded a direct hit on the streets of Zoological (kindergarten) and Luzin (1 House). Reportedly wounded man.

In the Kiev area is once again under fire proved district plant "Tochmash". Damage committed at Kiev Avenue (2 House is glazed, gas pipe), the streets of Parliamentary (House 1) and Buslayeva (1 House). Reportedly injured a woman.

10:15-Širokino. Positional fighting continues, APU tries to squeeze out the VSN army with the locality, but not crowned with success. Apply ukronacistami mortars and others periodically supports the enemy artillery by Mariupol.

08:20 — Donetsk, West of Kirov on mortar. Landing can be heard in the direction of textiles.

07:20 — (two days ago). Donetsk. Aleksandrovka and Trudovskie were under fire from the positions of APU from tanks, SELF-PROPELLED GUNS, MLRS by Mariinka, Acute, TSW. (now subside).

LNR, morning

08:30-Pervomaisk. A night on the town passed relatively quietly. 21:00 junta fighters attacked the town After massive attack on the city. Affected an area of Pavlovsk. Unfortunately, there are victims. One woman was killed and the other taken to the BTF with missile wound of the head. Data on damaged houses are not yet available. Were hit on the street. Gagarin.

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Сегодня, 14 июня ему исполнилось бы 87 лет.

Настоящие Герои не уходят.

Они живут в наших сердцах.

Их дух, бережно передаваемый народной памятью из поколения в поколение, всегда с нами.

С Днем Рождения, наш дорогой Че!

Hasta Siempre Comandante Che Guevara ( Прощай навсегда Команданте Че Гевара)

Антон Карамазов
Центральное информационное агентство Новороссии

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