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US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

Steven Gaal

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News of day: Events of Novorossiya
Horniki of "a fighting truce" on 01.10.2015g.
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Operational situation on Donbass

23:02 In Donetsk at 22.42 on Abakumov it is noisy. An hour are audible metal single very impressive Baha, and once you notice, allegedly both from the North, and from the Southwest.

22.55. More than an hour there is a fight aside of AP/Opytnoye/Butovk. AGS, a machine gun and periodically something heavy works

22:18 Aside Opytnoye-Butovka works shooting, VOGI, grenade launchers.

22:17 21.58. Avdeevka, restlessly aside ventstvola or Skilled. 22.04. Somewhere around imperial firefight.

22.09. From Spartak (Yasinovatsky area) intensive firing is audible.

22.10. Right now aside AP goes fight. Machine guns, and also something heavy work.

21:47 In the area Marinka-Aleksandrovka there is not a weak fight with use of tanks and mortars. Inhabitants from Abakumov speak about far explosions. Near the settlement Sand there is not intensive shooting fight, the antiaircraft ZU-23-2 installations are also applied.

21:45 Marinka. 20.57. Firing aside of state farm is audible. 21.29. In the city strong explosions and firefight. Even in Kurakhovo explosions from Marinka are audible. Ukra provoke.

21.42. Citizens of the settlement of Novomaryinka note that to them is clearly audible explosions, sometimes the blast wave reaches, but still strongly don't beat. It is noisy aside stables.

21:10 The message from Eduard Basurin: "The Ukrainian security officers on the eve of signing of agreements on withdrawal of weapons in caliber to 100-mm 19 times broke a ceasefire regime, thereby showing unwillingness to resolve the conflict by peaceful manner"

21:05 Gorlovka. 20.25. In the direction of Novgorodsk and Northern volleys where flies not clearly are audible. Across Gorlovka like pluses isn't present. 20.50. Works large-caliber shooting in the direction of Noise, and was to steam of bakh in the same place. Probably fight aside Mayorsk.

20.55. Kurdyumovka too began to act the shooting.

12:33 Yesterday about the 8th evening the Ukrainian fighters from a tower of mine Butovskaya in the settlement Skilled subjected to attack of N of the item Spartak that in in the Yasinovatsky area. The small arms (machine guns, machine guns) worked and worked so that flew to the yards. Heavier bakhat on the suburb, but to the settlement didn't get. Also it is reported that chasteners two times made attack on suburbs of Aleksandrovka (Donetsk), however hits to the settlement weren't.

11:44 According to a militia, at 19.53 on the airport worked to/to machine guns "Rock" and рпг the opponent. It was very noisy in Krasnogorovke.

At 20.45 automatic and machine gun fire is audible. At 21.06. in the area 9etazhki firefight (machine guns), closer to Abakumova something blew up.

At 21.10 turns were changed by bakha. In 10 minutes prior to ten evenings grenade launchers started being used. Approximately at 21.20 the Ukrainian fighters opened fire from Krasnogorovki at VSN positions around Staromikhaylovki. It was applied shooting, mortars. It was also noisy in the area Sand. There short-term firefight between AFU and VSN is recorded.

In Avdeevke at 23.23 the second day from the wood firing sounded towards evening, and from the different weapon shot. In Makeyevka at 10.15 on Mining firing from large-caliber tools is audible.

10.23. From Debaltseve and Uglegorsk hollow. On Filtering in Yenakiyevo it is well audible. In Artemivsk it is audible and it isn't bad. 11.15. Debaltseve. Tanks rustle in the country, but danger to the city isn't present. At 11.38. peals from the Mironovsky intersection are audible, but further.

09:55 As reported a source in NANOMETER of LPR, the Ukrainian fighters for the last days two times opened fire at the settlement in the Luhansk People's Republic. Under attack of chasteners Kalinovki's region pleased. At 02.00 Kalinovki's region from the direction Lugansk of small arms was fired.

At 02.18 fire from the direction Lugansk on Kalinovki's region with application of small arms was opened.

Fights on Donbass: collision near Aleksanrovkaya, AFU fire at Spartak and Sand from mortars, AGS and machine guns.

The Ukrainian party, having broken a truce again, at 22:15 I opened mortar fire at positions of DPR Army near the settlement Sand.

Also, fight was started near the settlement Spartak.

"From positions near a trunk of Butovskaya mine of AFU around 21:50 opened fire from small arms of large-caliber machine guns at Spartak. As of 23:05 attack proceeds" — reported in the Center of expeditious interaction.

Besides fight with application of large-caliber machine guns and AGS happened near Marinka and Aleksandrovka.

The AFU truck were undermined on a land mine near Gorlovka, three soldiers are wounded.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian occupational troops from the 17th battalion of territorial defense were blown up on a land mine in vicinities of Gorlovka.

As it is reported, their cargo ZIL ran a back wheel into a mine therefore three soldiers got wounds. One got off light — it wasn't necessary to hospitalize him.

Two other wounded were brought to treatment to Kharkov. Diagnoses — at one dislocation of a shoulder and lacerations of the person, at the second — compression spinal fracture, a fracture of a beam bone. Possibly soon they won't return to Donbass.

Two servicemen of AFU came over to the side of a militia — the Ministry of Defence of DPR

1443648566_basurin_34.jpg"These days two soldiers of AFU came over to the side of DPR near Gorlovka" — the deputy commander the case of the Ministry of Defence of DPR Eduard Basurin declared to journalists.

As reports is GIVEN agency, Basurin noted that indications of the former military personnel of AFU testify to numerous attempts of the Ukrainian command to take the offensive.

"In July — August, 2015 command of AFU repeatedly gave criminal orders on approach, but in view of a low moral and psychological condition of ordinary fighters of the AFU which are on a front line and their unwillingness to go for slaughter, these orders were in every possible way sabotaged" — the representative of the Ministry of Defence told.

He noted that all discordant were late the staff of SBU, "then their surnames filled up lists of missing persons".

Earlier the ex-Assistant Secretary of defense of Ukraine, the major general Alexander Kolomiyets declared that during so-called "anti-terrorist operation" hundreds of soldiers and officers of AFU came over to the side of the Donetsk People's Republic.

LPR it is ready to escalation of the conflict from Ukraine — Carpenter's

Press conference fragment with participation of the head of LPR by Igor Plotnitsky.

"Today renewal of military operations, signing of the agreement on branch of troops says that, by and large, a fir-tree they will adhere to those arrangements which we already signed, it is more than shout to affect a situation at them it won't turn out" — Igor Plotnitsky declared.

Author's shooting of the war correspondent of the News Front team Alexander Kiyevsky.

The head of LPR signed the document on withdrawal of weapons of caliber less than 100 mm

The head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky signed the document on branch from the line of contact of arms of caliber less than 100 mm, reports PERSONS.

1443648613_plotnickiy_22.jpgOn Tuesday, September 29, following the results of the meeting of participants of Contact group and its working subgroup which took place in Minsk on safety the parties of negotiations paraphed the document on branch from the line of contact on 15 kilometers in each party of arms of caliber less than 100 mm and tanks. Branch will be carried out in two stages. Tanks, then artillery, then mortars will be taken away at first. The first stage has to begin in two days after complete ceasefire and come to the end in 15 days. Duration of the second stage, according to the plan, will make 24 days. Thus, the period of assignment has to make 41 days. Branch will begin in sector "North", in a zone of responsibility of National militia of LPR, then arms will be brought to lines of contact in DPR in sector "South". Monitoring of process of withdrawal of weapons will be carried out by the staff of the Joint center for control and coordination of a ceasefire regime (STsKK) who will send the corresponding reports to OSCE.

Earlier today the document on withdrawal of weapons was signed by the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko.

We will remind that participants of Contact group on settlement of a situation in Donbass on February 12 this year signed in Minsk coordinated with heads of member countries of "the Norman four" (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) the Package of measures on implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

The document provides ceasefire, branch of heavy weapons from the line of contact, the beginning of dialogue about restoration of social and economic communications of Kiev and Donbass, and also reform of the constitution of Ukraine for the purpose of decentralization and fixing of "the special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk areas".

For an intensification of activity of Contact group in its structure four working groups on performance of the corresponding aspects of the Minsk Agreement are created: on safety issues; on political affairs; on return of internally displaced persons and refugees; on social, humanitarian and economic aspects and questions of rehabilitation.

By results of a meeting of Contact group on August 26 her representative from OSCE Martin Saydik reported that "the group considers important and necessary taking into account new academic year to achieve steady ceasefire". Therefore "the parties agreed on September 1 in common to check the valid embodiment of this initiative". Further participants of Contact group repeatedly declared that in general "silence regime" in Donbass is observed.

As expected, the following meetings of participants of Contact group and its four working subgroups will take place on October 6 and 20. The meeting of heads of member countries of "the Norman four" is planned for October 2.

As of July 19, National militias of LPR unilaterally I finished branch of all arms in caliber less than 100 mm from the line of contact on distance not less than 3 km except for the region of Happiness.

DPR will trace each step of AFU, the trust to Kiev isn't present — Zakharchenko

1443648585_zaxar_0.jpgRepresentatives of the Donetsk People's Republic "will trace each step of AFU" after signing of the agreement on branch in Donbass of arms in caliber less than 100 mm. It was declared by the Head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko today.

"Any violations of arrangements will be recorded. In this case from our party immediate and proper response will follow" — quotes the head of DPR is GIVEN agency.

"Kiev repeatedly violated the promises — often actions of AFU cardinally differed from official statements of the Ukrainian politicians, and Kiev answered our peace initiatives with attacks of civil objects, toughening of economic blockade and strengthening of throughput system — that is, completely ignored the Minsk Agreement" — Alexander Zakharchenko reminded.

Motorcades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations brought humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Lugansk

1443648849_gum.jpg"To Donetsk and Lugansk there arrived all cars of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with humanitarian freights. Now in warehouses their unloading begins" — the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation told.

No incidents in way arose, all cars are serviceable. After unloading of a column will go back to the Rostov region.

More than 100 cars brought to Donetsk and Lugansk over 1,2 thousand tons of humanitarian aid today. Among freights food, including canned food, grain, pasta, tea, sugar, and also medicines.

This column became the 40th from the middle of August of last year. Earlier to Donbass about 48 thousand tons of various humanitarian freights were delivered.

Central news agency of Novorossiya

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Suffering too real in Syria, E. Ukraine, you learn to value compassion – RT’s Roman Kosarev

Published time: 25 Nov, 2015 18:27
A multi-stories resdientail building damaged in shelling of Donetsk. © Irina Gerashchenko / Sputnik
RT reporter Roman Kosarev, who was recently caught in shelling in Syria, says the atrocities he has seen at hotspots such as Syria and Eastern Ukraine have at times rendered him speechless, but this is also where unprecedented compassion can be found.

We live in scary times. War, death, destruction, tears, hunger, refugees, indifference, carelessness, the glorification of the heinous and vulgar, the disregard of basic human values, dividing the world into those who are ‘right’ and those who are ‘wrong’, and so on.

These are not just words that come to mind after reading headlines from around the globe. I know from experience what cruelty looks like and where deliberate blindness towards others and their opinions may lead a person. I have also seen how miserable masses are manipulated through fake ideals and promises of pseudo-freedom.

I was reporting on the terrible killings of civilians in eastern Ukraine for about a year and a half. Now I am doing the same in Syria, but I want to talk about Donbass, where the overwhelming majority speak Russian and where you always feel a bit surreal – you are in a different country, but everything around seems so familiar.

BREAKING: RT's Roman Kosarev 1st journo to talk to saved pilot of #Su24 shot down by Turkey https://t.co/9XFhjBcVP0pic.twitter.com/zAsPVOdyfd

— RT (@RT_com) November 25, 2015

These are real people and it is real death. Thousands of innocent people have died. Children and adults have lost their lives in the most barbaric way. These were boys playing soccer on the school field – they got blown into pieces by mortar fire. Or an elderly couple who were putting meat on the grill and got killed in an instant by a shell that hit their house. These are many people who lost their children or parents because of this undeclared war and now have to live with this nightmare for the rest of their lives.

These are all known facts, but what many people don’t know is that in the midst of this daily hell, human kindness and the unwavering will to live in peace prevail. Not every Russian family has been affected by the horrors of war. Most people know about it from daily news programs - they think of it as something that is only possible somewhere far-far away, not in their own world. But it doesn’t mean that they are indifferent towards the suffering of the people. We’ll come back to this later.

People often ask me if I was able to stay sane after covering violence practically every day. I felt horrible, it was extremely painful, but I couldn’t give in to my emotions, as I had a job to do. I let my guard down later, when I was with family and friends. It is very difficult to see children’s bodies blown into pieces and neighbors who cannot fathom the situation, as just five minutes ago they were grumbling at the kids for being too loud or simply discussing their plans.

Katia and her dad buried in closed caskets as rockets mangled the innocent beyond recognition. RIP #Gorlovkapic.twitter.com/RuFdVvgYA7

— Roman Kosarev (@Kosarev_RT) May 28, 2015

Wailing and cursing into nowhere, but also aiming quite specifically – "Why? Have you seen soldiers here? God damn you!!! My girl! My boy! Mom! Dad! Wake up!"

The shock from what I saw lasted shorter with every new shell-ridden district I visited. Tears would dry up in several minutes when I took the mic and tried to show how low humans can fall once they lose their moral values. It may well be that these scatterbrained gunners were not aware of their actual targets, but what could have been on the mind of a soldier who shot dead at point blank range an 18-year-old pregnant girl with her hands tied behind her back? What substance was he under the influence of when he buried her together with other victims near his base?

I hope these questions will be put to all the puppeteers when they are brought to justice. Hopefully, the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, whose relatives were killed by these savages, will have a chance to look at the faces of those people placed behind bars and experience at least some closure and the feeling that justice has prevailed. Unfortunately, the sufferings of the victims’ families will not end there; they will mourn their relatives and friends and recall the horrors of war even after they have rebuilt their towns and villages.

Evacuated kids with serious illnesses from #Donetsk to #Moscow today. Thanks to Emrgncy ministries & @doctor_lizapic.twitter.com/f3xLqHBPEi

— Roman Kosarev (@Kosarev_RT) February 11, 2015

Back to the triumph of good over evil; it’s the belief in humanity that has kept me sane throughout my missions. It’s you, the people of the multi-ethnic country of Russia who have helped the unfortunate — as you’ve always done before, you inspire the people who are just like you but whose lives were crippled by war. You donate your savings and time to offer at least some relief — I know this for sure because I delivered your humanitarian aid. You also helped the refugees to find jobs so that they could start a new life far away from their own home, now lying in ruins.

As we all remember from childhood, good always prevails over evil. That’s how it’s going to be in the end. But, unfortunately, we are not in a fairytale and the path to victory is sometimes littered with casualties.

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Amazing admission (the free republics have been defending themselves from criminals) :

According to all juridical norms and practices, and to the Ukrainian Constitution, speaking in meager legal terms, the Right Sector volunteer battalion is an illegal armed group

- Judge Advocate General Anatoly Matios- Ukraine’

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Read also
Source says two Donbass militia fighters were killed by sniper fire last night

MOSCOW, March 30. /TASS/. Ukrainian forces have moved artillery, heavy weaponry, ammunition and volunteer battalions to the contact line on Gorlovka and Mariupol directions, the spokesman for defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Eduard Basurin said on Wednesday.

"DPR intelligence continues registering movement and build-up of military weaponry along the contact line," Donetsk News Agency quoted Basurin as saying.

He noted that Ukrainian forces moved five self-propelled artillery systems, three Grad multiple-launch rocket systems, six infantry fighting vehicles, ammunition and five Kamaz trucks to the settlements of Zaytsevo, Novogorodskoye, Mayorsk and Mirnoye.

Basurin also said that the situation near Yasinovataya to the north of Donetsk has considerably deteriorated lately. "Ukraine has started using heavy weaponry on DPR territory more often, including artillery of 152mm caliber, and the situation in the region deteriorated," the spokesman concluded.


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Denounces Against Poroshenko Affect Creation of Alliance in Ukraine pdf_button.png printButton.png emailButton.png

Kiev, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) The publication of the so-called Panama Papers, with allegations of corruption against President Petro Poroshenko, decrease the chances of creating a new parliamentary coalition in Ukraine, said a member of the Parliament.

Svetlana Zalishchuk, deputy of the Petro Poroshenko block said that, in contrast to the government and parliament, the president seemed to be an institution that enjoyed relative credibility. The war of "all against all" is entering a new and dangerous phase. It is much less likely now to create a coalition without elections.

In response to denounces against the chocolate magnate-come-head of state, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine stated that it will not investigate the existence of offshore companies belonging to Poroshenko, because he is immune to prosecution by the supervisory body. [a corrupt junta usurps power from a government because of corruption and when evidence emerges the boss is corrupt he cannot be investigated for corruption?? wtf...]

However, the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, proclaimed on Monday that his faction in the legislature will initiate the procedure for a political accusation against Poroshenko.

The president began the restructuring of the assets of his monopoly Roshen by creating three companies abroad, denounced the journalist Anna Babinets in the investigative report The President's Double Life, broadcasted last Sunday on the Slidstvo Info TV program.

According to the available documentation, The President's Double Life showed that Petro Poroshenko is the sole owner of the assets of Prime Asset Partners Limited, founded by Poroshenko in August 2014.

Similarly, the sources stressed that the tycoon did not mention his new company abroad and the auxiliary corporations in his financial statements in 2014 or 2015, which is another violation of the law.


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MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. The command of Ukraine’s armed forces are moving their headquarters and control centers closer to the line of engagement in Donbass as part of preparations for an offensive, Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said on Tuesday.

"According to our reconnaissance, the headquarters and control centers of the 72nd and 128th brigades of the Ukrainian army are being moved from the rear of the Kiev’s force operation in Donbass closer to the line of engagement. This fact testifies that Ukraine’s military political command is getting prepared for further large-scale provocations," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying.

The DPR defense ministry said earlier that the situation in the republic has deteriorated, with a total of 442 episodes of shelling by Ukrainian troops reported in the past day.


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According to https://mediabiasfactcheck.com , open-source  BELLINGCAT is a "Least Biased" news source with "High" factual reporting.

To read its articles about the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine (Donbas), go to the home page and click on the "U.K. & Europe" box near the top of the page.


--  Tommy :sun

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On 5/17/2017 at 11:29 AM, Thomas Graves said:


According to https://mediabiasfactcheck.com , open-source  BELLINGCAT is a "Least Biased" news source with "High" factual reporting.

To read its articles about the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine (Donbas), go to the home page and click on the "U.K. & Europe" box near the top of the page.  Here, I'll make it easy for you.


--  Tommy :sun

OMG, is that war still going on?  (sarcasm)

--  Tommy  :sun

PS  Why are those 7,000 very, very nice Russian regular soldiers there, not to mention those very, very nice Wagner / Vagner boys?


Edited by Thomas Graves
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