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US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

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10:00 GMT:

Moscow is concerned with reports of eastern Ukrainian cities abandoned by self-defense forces still being shelled by Ukrainian troops.

We are getting the most troubling information, saying that the Ukrainian troops continue mass shelling of the territories, like Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, which were abandoned by the self-defense forces,” said Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov. “That means that this whole punitive operation from start to end is an attempt to exert pressure on a significant part of the Ukrainian population which is dissatisfied, does not want to reconcile with the plans the authorities in Kiev are imposing on them.”

Dolgov has called for an immediate termination of the military operation by Kiev.

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MOSCOW, July 07. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s public organizations should be more actively involved in informing the world community about the situation in Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry human rights commissioner said.

“Our colleagues from international human rights organizations are starting to react to the events in Ukraine. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (Navi Pillay) called on the Kiev authorities to stop crimes against civilians,” the Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Supremacy of Law Konstantin Dolgov said at the Public Chamber on Monday.

“The work yields results. It will be more effective if public organizations, including the Public Chamber, take a more active part in this process,” he said.

“There are many international platforms: the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and the Council of Europe. These organizations have a structure that is related with the non-governmental sector,” Dolgov said.

“Over the years, we’ve heard our Western colleagues insist on involving non-governmental organizations more actively. Now the time has come,” he said.

“The West’s reaction is another matter. Not everyone wants to hear the truth. Not everyone wants to talk with eyewitnesses,” Dolgov said.

“The non-governmental sector is a very important channel for informing the world community about the situation in Ukraine,” he said.

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MOSCOW, July 07. /ITAR-TASS/. A Russian record of Ukrainian war crimes is being updated to draw "a red line" that cannot be crossed by the authorities in Kiev, the state's human rights ombudsman said on Monday.

Latest entries in the Foreign Ministry's "White Book" dossier would enable the international community to investigate "grave humanitarian crimes, war crimes and killings of civilians", Konstantin Dolgov told a convention of the Civic Chamber.

New content was charting violations which "Ukraine authorities are not able or not willing to deal seriously with", he said.

“A red line that definitely cannot be crossed by the authorities in Kiev is being formed step-by-step with Russia’s help,” he said. Latest updates from early April to mid-June would include "probably the most shocking humanitarian crimes”, Dolgov added.

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Monday, July 7

12:35 GMT:

Despite multiple calls from Moscow, Ukraine’s western partners, international organizations and the public, Kiev is pursuing its mass military campaign in the east of the country, resulting in casualties and the destruction of infrastructure.

Kiev is turning a deaf ear to calls to save people’s lives,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Ukraine government forces “are destroying their own cities using tactics that even occupation forces hardly ever apply in hostile territory.

On July 6, “the National Guard chasteners” were carrying out a mop-up operation in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Local police employees have been arrested and taken to an unknown location. Everyone who is suspected of cooperation with the Donetsk People’s Republic militia are facing repressions; even those who’ve ever given an interview to Russian journalists are being arrested,” the statement reads.

Moscow hopes that the EU will adequately react to the situation and condemn “Kiev government’s criminal policy.”


Resident of a building destroyed by an artillery bombardment of Slavyansk by Ukrainian servicemen and her neighbor who was killed when she was sitting on a bench in near the doorway. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)

12:34 GMT:

Three bridges over roads leading into the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk have been destroyed by explosions, blocking key access routes to the city.

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Monday, July 7

17:23 GMT:

European Union ambassadors agreed in principle on Monday to put more people on the bloc's Russia sanctions list over the crisis in Ukraine, an EU diplomat said.

The names of the people who will be targeted with asset freezes and travel bans will be worked out at another meeting of EU ambassadors on Wednesday, the diplomat said. (Reuters)

15:31 GMT:

Kiev’s military has again shelled the city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, using Grad multiple rocket launchers, causing casualties and damaging several buildings, Itar-Tass reports, citing the self-defense headquarters of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

At least 30 rockets were fired at Lugansk, the source said, adding that one of them hit a vehicle, killing several people who were inside it.

Within an hour after the bombing started, the self-defense forces responded with mortar shelling, following which the military stopped their offensive, Lugansk People’s Republic representatives said.

14:14 GMT:

The Ukrainian military are attempting to encircle the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk to block access for the self-defense forces to get supplies, Andrey Lysenko, the speaker for the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, told journalists. He added that residents of the two East Ukrainian cities won’t be blocked.

For local residents, that means that they are free to leave these towns, pass through checkpoints and be provided with aid,” Lysenko said, Itar-Tass reported.

14:10 GMT:

There can be no excuses or pretexts for postponing the ceasefire in Ukraine, as civilians are suffering as a result of the confrontation, the number of refugees is increasing and the civilian infrastructure is being destroyed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a news conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We really want this goal [the ceasefire] to be obvious to all states that influence the sides [of the Ukrainian conflict] in one way or another – primarily to the EU. We believe that leading European states do realize their responsibility for what is happening, and we really want the US to understand that responsibility as well,” Lavrov said.

13:23 GMT:

Belgrade supports all the initiatives on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis put forward by President Vladimir Putin, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandr Vucic said during a meeting in Moscow with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev.

12:35 GMT:

Despite multiple calls from Moscow, Ukraine’s western partners, international organizations and the public, Kiev is pursuing its mass military campaign in the east of the country, resulting in casualties and the destruction of infrastructure.

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Lugansk People’s Republic seized the town of Popasnaya on the border with the Donetsk region, Novorossiya news agency said

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from Novorossia website :

2-58, Donetsk region blown bridge, media reports
22-33, According to some reports, 07.07.2014 at 16:40, drove Ukrainian BTR punitive Berdychi through the village towards the village of Peter. There you can go through the fields to Avdeyevka coke-chemical plant industry giant.
22-02, Junta in luck, it bombed same Slovyansk bread in bulk dirty military trucks (on camera, of course, advertising campaign junta)
21-48, Captive soldier Ukrainian army: "If it had not surrendered, I would of cannon fodder"
21-27 According to the Internet source via Komsomolsk on Donetsk is a large column of military vehicles junta tanks, Urals, BMP, KamAZ.
21-04, According to some, through n. § Glinka towards Donetsk A column of military equipment junta: 3 "GAZ-66" fuel truck "Ural", 2 "KamAZ", "Taiga" with the inscription "natsgvardiya."
Through n. § "The Meadows" in the direction of Donetsk is a large convoy of Nazi art.
20-58, on the square in Slavyansk shot mothers militias who fought against ukrofashistov.
20-44, on open information Luhansk republic came several large volunteer units of the Slavic
20-38, A hundred soldiers patrol Donetsk swore DNR. Only regimental commander, a native of Chernigov, where he had left his family refused, a spokesman of the Special Committee's Republic militia Donetsk Alexander Matushin.
20-27, resident Artemovska Posted by:
"Natsgvardiya took control of Donetsk. They took part of our military. Military supply depots took all the weapons.
All day yesterday bombed the city center, the building tax inspectorate. Why did I do not know. In the city go repression punishers started going from door to door, arrange interviews. People fear experience, try once again to not go out.
But still we have not yet as badly as Slovyansk. There is a total cleanup, for example, the square is indicative shot mothers militias who fought against the fascists. "

20-19, Lugansk militia captured tank and attack.
20-11, According to the data:

Through n. § Republic before n. § Volodarskoe, proceeded column junta of military equipment, "GRAD-s" - 8 pieces, machine-10 ammunition units and jeeps "soon", a total of more than 30 units.

20-05, Communication from the militia:
"Soldiers of the People's Republic Army Lugansk took Popasnaya.
According to publicly available information on the night of Sunday to Monday in the town drove a few hundred fighters Army South-East. Popasnaya located on the border with the Donetsk region, 30 kilometers from Artemovska and 20 kilometers from Stakhanov, which now reportedly equipped with open source backup headquarters Valeria Bolotov. Dear residents of the city, a huge request help militias food! Money, equipment, clothes, etc. are not needed. Just need products to support physical strength of our defenders! Please help to all who wish to apply to the militia checkpoints. "

20-01, Fascists killed civilians in Kramatorsk
19-58, today in Donetsk and Lugansk regions because of the hostilities remain de-energized 64 settlements
19-48, LC Posted by militia:
"Today punishers again fired Lugansk their multiple rocket launchers" Grad ", causing several buildings were damaged, there are victims. This was reported in the militia LC." Around 15.00 in Kiev opened fire salvo in Lugansk. The videos made witnesses in the suburbs, visible salvo consisting of at least 30 rockets flying due to side elevation of Lugansk. Proposed purpose Dill was building Aviation School, which is currently one of the units of the local militia, "- said the militiaman. According militia, one of the shells fired from the "Castle" hit the car, killing several people were in the car. was also reported that at the same time the shelling of the military and the militia was made up from the airport of Lugansk, which is still under the control of the so-called National Guard. Within an hour after the firing militia returned fire with mortars, and then the shelling stopped Lugansk.
19-32, in the district of Krasnodon bus with refugees was attacked by gunmen. Accurate information about the victims, the People's Republic of Lugansk authorities do not possess.
19-26 Managing the affairs of government DNR Boris Litvinov said that the junta announced a new tactic, set the task to block Donetsk, starve its inhabitants hunger, cold, void of water.
19-23, Donetsk is reformatting the armed forces - the union under a single command. Being in Slavyansk Gunmen could not always play the role of commander in chief only.
19-14, In Starobilsk thriving looting natsgadov
19-11, Injustice, originating in the Donbas, does not leave indifferent even people from other countries. Young people come and join the militia to stand up for the innocent people from the Nazis.
18-57, Donetsk and Lugansk preparing for a siege, Slovyansk are stripping and arrests
junta declares that Slovyansk that control punishers allegedly being established peaceful life. At the same time in many military vehicles, and the people themselves tell about mass sweeps and arrests.
18-50, Fascists create battalion Belarusian mercenaries.
Gang called "The Chase" is created in the Volyn region of Ukraine to prepare the citizens of Belarus who want to join the Nazi gatherings "Idar", "Azov" and "Donbass".

18-36, UPD 4: Day was relatively calm, quiet Karlovka in Donetsk in the DMZ shooting.
UPD 5: 17:25 (GMT) From the Vasilievka towards Uspenka Amvrosievka goes through a large column which included fuel trucks, armored vehicles, supply vehicles and heavy construction equipment.

18-24 From Internet - source:
Just confirmed from Dnepropetrovsk. Benya Kolomoysky furious. One of the best equipped and most punitive battalion "Azov", which Benya vbuhali wild money, found himself at the Tomb of the Saur-Bandera perpetual tsugunder size 2 to 1 for each "Svidomo."
Ukropatrioty height climbed against Saur-Grave. Did not even think to learn a little history of the question - what the fighting was most severe at the Tomb of the Saur-70 years ago.
In recent days, the battalion "Azov", consisting of 320 people, 238 people lost personnel killed and wounded. A lot of heavy wounded. Now Mechnikov and 16 hospital crammed dying "Svidomo."
Punitive battalion "Azov" came under fire howitzer shot Novorossia army. It is this battalion participated in the mass murder of the male population in the village Saurovka.

Source (selection)
Central News Agency Novorossia

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Interview with Ukrainian rebel leader, Igor Strelkov, after rebel breakout of Slavyansk in Eastern Ukraine

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Donetsk People’s Republic leaders reinforce defenses
By Greg Butterfield on July 7, 2014

On the night of July 4-5, the militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) withdrew from the embattled cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The volunteer self-defense forces made an orderly retreat to the south, where they took up positions in and around the regional capital city of Donetsk.

The decision to withdraw came after weeks of unrelenting military assault by forces loyal to the regime of neoliberal politicians, oligarchs and fascists, based in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and backed by the United States,

“To put it bluntly, we are dealing here with unconcealed genocide,” said DNR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov, during a videotaped statement from Slavyansk on July 4. “To break the resistance of the militia, the enemy is using all available types of weaponry against the civilian population.”

The nearby city of Nikolayevka has been completely surrounded and bombarded with heavy weaponry. On June 3 the Nikolayevka Thermal Power Plant was destroyed. Banned weapons, including poison gas and white phosphorus, were reported used in the village of Semyonovka.

Brutal airstrikes, mortar fire and chemical attacks targeting homes, schools and hospitals continued even during a “ceasefire” declared by Ukraine’s pro-West President Peter Poroshenko in late June, which coincided with the signing of an economic agreement with the European Union. The “ceasefire” ended July 4.

The Kiev regime’s military attacks have also continued in the capital of the neighboring Lugansk People’s Republic (LC). The regional cancer treatment center was bombed on July 4. Airstrikes and shelling of residential areas of the capital were reported July 6.

Last May 11, people in the DNR and LC voted overwhelmingly for independence from Kiev in a democratic referendum.

“Over the course of the ‘ceasefire,’ the Ukrainian army performed full mobilization and concentration of forces,” said Strelkov, explaining that the continued defense of Slavyansk was unsustainable.

Officially, more than 250 people have been killed in Kiev’s so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” — mostly civilians, including many children. No one knows the real number of casualties since many areas are completely inaccessible.

Nearly 19,000 people — mostly parents with young children — have fled toward neighboring Russia from the Donbass region, which encompasses Donetsk and Lugansk. The International Committee of the Red Cross reported July 3 that the actual number of refugees in Russia is probably much higher.

Some 112 Donbass cities, towns and villages, with a total population of over 3.8 million, have come under attack, according to analysis published by the website Voices of Sevastopol.

Only 30,000 of Slavyansk’s population of 130,000 people remained when the people’s militia withdrew, Strelkov reported. Water, electricity and food supplies have been cut off for weeks.

Liberation or ‘filtration’?

While the people’s government in Donetsk termed the withdrawal from Slavyansk a strategic retreat, Ukraine’s billionaire president claimed it was a “symbolic victory in the fight with terrorists for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Similarly, Interim Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk — a U.S. favorite who recently termed Donbass residents “subhuman” — crowed about the “liberation of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk from terrorists.” Pro-junta media showed photos of Ukrainian soldiers hugging children and giving flowers to grandmothers.

On the ground, the “victory” was less impressive.

According to independent U.S. journalist Patrick Lancaster, Ukrainian forces entered Kramatorsk’s main square with “two tanks, two APCs [armoured personnel carriers] and 15-20 foot soldiers, some of them snipers and some carrying rocket-propelled grenades.” After raising the Ukrainian flag on the roof of the former resistance headquarters, “they jumped back on their tanks and left.” (RT.com, July 5)

Within a few hours of Kramatorsk’s “liberation,” heavy shelling of the city by Ukrainian forces resumed.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, headed by the ultra-rightist Arseny Avakov, meanwhile announced that “an internal investigation of each member of the local police force will be launched” in Slavyansk on suspicion that they cooperated with DNR authorities.

Local police were detained while cops loyal to Kiev were brought in from western Ukraine.

Oleg Tsarev, speaker of parliament for the Union of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic, told Russia’s Channel 24, “Overnight, they arrested all policemen and took them out of the city.” He added, “They are arresting all young men from 25 to 35, not even trying to find out whether these men took up arms or not. Searches are underway. They are trying to find those who helped take care of the wounded.”

Kiev’s Ministry of Internal Affairs echoed former acting Minister of Defense Michael Koval’s plan for “filtration camps” for southeastern Ukraine, announcing it would “filter” refugees seeking to leave the region. (Glagol.in.ua, July 4)

Donetsk’s answer: ‘To Kiev’

On July 6, Koval — now appointed deputy secretary of the National Security Council — told Inter TV that “the main strategic plan of the Ukrainian army” was that “In the two regional centers of Lugansk and Donetsk a total block will be applied and appropriate measures carried out that will force the separatists to lay down their arms.”

More than 4,000 Donetsk residents took to the streets the same day to deliver their answer to Koval, the junta and their U.S.-EU backers. They demanded an end to Ukraine’s war crimes and declared their determination to defend the DNR.

At a mass protest in Lenin Square, People’s Governor Pavel Gubarev announced, “We will begin a real partisan war” around Donetsk.

The demonstrators were accompanied by members of the self-defense militias. Some rode in captured tanks and APCs emblazoned with the slogan “To Kiev” — meaning they do not intend to leave other Ukrainians at the mercy of the junta.

Meanwhile, in the heavily bombarded capital of Lugansk, protesters held up home-made target signs — similar to those that became the symbol of people protesting the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

In an interview with LifeNews on July 7, Denis Pushilin, chair of the DNR Supreme Soviet, called the redeployment of the militia “a turning point in the confrontation with Kiev.” He continued, “If the militia had remained in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the cities would have been completely destroyed. Now there is more wiggle room.”

In an interview with LifeNews after his arrival in Donetsk, militia commander Strelkov said: “I plan to create, by my order as the minister of defense, a Central Military Council, which will include all the key field commanders, and where we will coordinate all questions related to the defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic. … In other words, we will be preparing Donetsk for active defense, to ensure that it is not taken over by the enemy.”

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On July 5, in the battle of Izvarino Russian people and militia fighter Donbas Alexander Scriabin made a real feat.
According to eyewitnesses, the squad took Krasnodontsev battle against superior forces punitive Kiev junta. At a critical moment in the battle, when his companions were injured, Alexander Scriabin ran with a bunch of grenades at the enemy tank.
About the exploits told informportal Novorossia publishing a letter comrades hero.
Here is the text in full, without edits and cuts.

"Friends, yesterday was the battle of Izvarino, it was attended by friends Krasnodontsev One was wounded in the leg, but his friend Alexander Scriabin died a hero, throwing himself with a bunch of grenades under the tank.'s Talked about this as his friend What VY here you can add!
This Alexander Scriabin! My friend and brother! Since childhood, familiar. Learned in one class. Served in some years. Married almost the same time, children with classmates. Served - it is in the BB, I'm Navy. Married. Lived, friends, raised children (steel Kum) and now ... the war. In my eyes Sasha jumped under ukrovsky tank and left a hero for us! I do not know that I would speak to his wife and her two daughters ... I do not know ... I could never think that Sasha is capable of it. He - the hero! REAL HERO! He would have been 55. Worked on Talovskaya gornomontazhnikom.
Was the battle of Izvarino. Sasha ran under the tank with the words "I've seen you!". None of us expected this. You know, I'm ashamed that I'm an old bastard live and Sasha anymore. Will not live - avenged. And now he's gone. I'm sorry, it's hard. This kind of death - the supreme feat! Now we go to the attack under the words "Arise, great country!" Bandera stsut panic and boundless ".


As noted, the 55-year-old Alexander Scriabin worked on gornomontazhnikom Talovskaya mine in Molodogvardiis'ka. He is survived by his wife and two daughters ...
Eternal memory to you, hero! The kingdom of heaven!

Alexander Nikishin
Central News Agency Novorossia

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MOSCOW, July 08. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case over kidnapping and torturing of a Russian citizen in Ukraine, spokesman of Russian Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

YEKATERINBURG, July 08. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukrainian far-right movement Right Sector supporter Mikhail Maslak from the town of Troitsk, Russia’s Ural Chelyabinsk region, who attacked a policeman with a bayonet-knife and a machete was detained and will be arrested soon, the Troitsk investigation department told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

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Ukraine: Democracy of the minority
By Victor Shapinov on July 3, 2014

Victor Shapinov of the Marxist organization Union Borotba (Struggle) analyzes the forces at work behind President Petro Poroshenko’s announcement officially ending the Kiev junta’s ceasefire with the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics of the Donbass region. The article originally appeared on the website ActualComment.ru and was translated by Workers World contributing editor Greg Butterfield.

By Victor Shapinov, Union Borotba (Struggle)

June 30 — Yesterday’s bloodthirsty rally on the Maidan, where thousands of people demanded the resumption of hostilities in the Donbass, shows the sad realities of the political system established after the victory of Euromaidan. In this system, a radical nationalist minority can effectively impose its political will on the majority.

It is obvious that by voting for Petro Poroshenko, voters in central and western Ukraine cast their ballots for him as a moderate leader of the Maidan, hoping for a political settlement and peace. In contrast, support for nationalist politicians who advocate extreme methods — Oleg Lyashko, Oleg Tyagnybok, Dmitry Yarosh — was not great.

Trying, apparently, to be moderate — and certainly he does not want to go down in history as Peter the Bloody — Poroshenko is held hostage by an extremist minority, well-organized and well-funded. He cannot conduct actual negotiations, as even a fake truce immediately causes an uproar from the nationalist crowd and open accusations of betrayal.

All this makes the political system of the new Kiev regime extremely unstable. Small in relation to the multimillion population of Kiev, the crowd outside the Russian Embassy can impose its desire for a pogrom on ministers and deputies. Small in relation to the population that voted for Poroshenko, Maidan can put pressure on the president and push him to continue the insane war in the Donbass.

Those who say of the Maidan, “This is democracy,” completely misunderstand the political reality. It’s not a democracy, and not only because the regime suppressed its political opponents in the southeast with police and military methods. It’s not a democracy because it deprives its own moderate supporters of a voice, making them hostages to the madness of the fascists.

To paraphrase a famous quote, democracy is only for them – not the power of the people, and not even the notorious “democratic procedures.” Democracy for the Maidan is “unrestricted by any laws. It does not anguish over rules. The power of the Democrats rests directly on violence.”

In fact, this political system is much more authoritarian compared to the rather bland [former Ukraine President Viktor] Yanukovych regime, and even more so than those regimes that the West regards as dictatorial.

The danger of such a hypertrophied right-wing minority having influence over Kiev lies also in the fact that this minority is very easy to manipulate. And not only by [appointed Dnipopetrovsk Gov. Igor] Kolomoiskiy or certain circles of Western imperialism, but, if you consider it, also by Russia. Don’t they provide excellent reasons for intervention by the Russian Federation when they destroy diplomatic missions and the property of diplomats? Don’t they create an image the Kiev government would prefer to avoid before international public opinion?

But there is no way to get away from them. Without this nationalist minority, the Maidan movement would have failed to overthrow Yanukovych. The Kiev junta is not strong enough to arrange its own “Night of the Long Knives,” modeled on the one that Hitler gave his more radical “storm troopers.” Yes, Poroshenko simply has no armed force capable of resisting armed right-wing pressure.

The neo-Nazis are armed, and getting combat experience. And who does Poroshenko have? Demoralized police? A decaying army, which must be driven to the slaughter? The SBU [political police], which in its best years was engaged mainly in the racketeering business?

Probably some “moderate” politicians from Maidan believe that the most hard-bitten nationalists will fall in the fields of Donbass. But in fact, we see that many of them are not in a hurry to go to the front, preferring to monitor the political situation “in the rear.” And this is modern warfare — it’s still not World War II with its millions of victims. Most of the Nazis remain alive and will return, gaining combat experience, accustomed to death and violence.

Overall, the prospects for the development of the political situation give little cause for optimism. The radical Nazi minority has felt its power and will use it, because in Kiev there is no force capable of resisting the Nazi troops. Those forces are in the Donbass, in the southeast. But for the inhabitants of these regions, the line between moderate “Maidan activists” and Nazi goons is erased. They will overthrow the post-Maidan government in general, making no distinction between Poroshenko and Yarosh. And the inhabitants of the southeast are right, because Poroshenko’s administration would not exist without the fascists. Their differences are all formal. They strengthen and reinforce each other.

Also see:

  1. Anti-war protests in Ukraine expose bogus ‘ceasefire’ plan
  2. Stop U.S.-sponsored fascist terror in Ukraine!
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11:55 GMT:

Several dozen armed people have seized the ground floor of a large hospital in Donetsk Region, the local administration said on its website. It was not immediately clear who those people were and what they wanted.

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08.07.14. Сообщение от Федор Березина, первого заместителя Игоря Ивановича.

«У нас в планах перевести ополчение ДНР на контрактную основу. Эти планы реализуются уже в самое ближайшее время. Наше ополчение очень скоро станет настоящей регулярной армией, в которой военнослужащие будут получать достойное денежное довольствие. Это, кстати, позволит резко увеличить количество добровольцев, которых у нас и так немало. Ведь многие жители Донецка и окрестностей сейчас сочувствуют ДНР, но не хотят идти в ополчение только по одной причине: они боятся, что их семьи останутся без средств к существованию. Если считать в российских рублях, то это будет около 20 тысяч рублей. Если в американских деньгах — то около 700 долларов. Возможно, для Москвы это небольшие деньги, но для нас — вполне нормальные.»

08. 07.14. 19:39. Сообщение от Стрелкова Игоря Ивановича (пресс-конференция).

«Я прошу жителей Донецка с пониманием отнестись к тому, что сюда прибыли люди, которые месяцами находились в состоянии стресса и смертельной угрозы. Не все из бойцов были подготовлены к тому, чтобы попасть после окопов в мирный город. Были случаи, когда некоторые бойцы возомнив, что они герои, начинали хамить и вести себя неподобающе. Я еще раз прошу прощения за такие действия моих бойцов. Мы боремся с разгильдяйством самыми жесткими методами. Также мы будем следить за правопорядком и жестко карать тяжкие уголовные преступления и бандитизм. Лица, совершающие такие преступления, будут немедленно предаваться полевым судам вне зависимости от их отношения к ополчению».

08. 07.14. 19:35. Сообщение от Стрелкова Игоря Ивановича. (пресс-конференция).

«По ситуации в Снежном. Там находится сводное подразделение, в первую очередь, хотелось бы отметить, что там держится батальон «Восток» с достаточно компетентным командиром, который грамотно расположил бойцов, чтобы они с минимальными потерями могли удерживать эту ключевую точку. Полагаю, что мы сможем удерживать Снежное и его окрестности, туда направлены серьезные подкрепления, и не позволим противнику произвести прорыв на данном направлении».

08. 07.14. 19:33. Сообщение от Стрелкова Игоря Ивановича. (пресс-конференция).

«Каждый мужчина должен сделать для себя выбор. Если человек считает себя мужчиной, то он должен защищать свою Родину. Далеко не все способны воевать по своим морально-боевым качествам, но за 3 месяца для шахтерского края, где много людей, привыкших к опасной работе, добровольцев очень мало. Многие были бы готовы вступить в ополчение при наличии социальных гарантий. И такие гарантии будут. В ближайшее время мы начнем с того, что будем выплачивать ополченцам жалование в размере около 8 тысяч гривен.»

08. 07.14. 19:30. Сообщение от Стрелкова Игоря Ивановича.(пресс-конференция).

«Территория города Донецка огромна, территория ДНР тоже велика. Надежно ее защищать в условиях абсолютного господства в технике противника очень трудно. Примерно 8-10 тысяч человек было бы достаточно для того, чтобы остановить украинскую армию во всей Новороссии и перейти в наступление. Ополченцев не хватает, с тылом у нас тоже неважно, но мы будем сражаться теми силами, которые у нас есть.»

08.07.2014. Сводка от ополчения за последние часы.

В течение дня было спокойно, район авиаудара в Донецке до сих пор оцеплен. Есть информация о раненых, но количество не уточняется. Под полный контроль ДНР перешло третье МРЭО на Левобережной, процесс перехода в подчинение ДНР всех структур бывшей Донецкой области бывшей Украины продолжается.
В Славянске продолжаются исчезновения мужского населения в возрасте от 18 до 50 лет. Мужчин увозят в неизвестном направлении, их телефоны не отвечают.

08.07.14. Сообщение от Валерия Болотова.

«Армия ЛНР заставила украинские войска отступить от Луганска.На некоторых участках линия фронта отодвинулась в нашу пользу. Мы до сих пор контролируем район Изварино и этот участок границы».
Оборона нашей республики окрепла. У нас появилась возможность остановить врага. На вооружении ЛНР появилась бронетехника и артиллерийские системы, имеются системы «Град», гаубицы, системы ПВО и минометы. Сейчас идет подготовка к продолжению мирных переговоров. Однако ЛНР больше не будет вести переговоры на условиях Киева, когда объявленное перемирие использовалось для концентрации живой силы и техники. Новороссия больше не согласится на подобный сценарий. Если и будут переговоры, то только на наших условиях.»

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