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US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

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Ukraine communists comment on elections in Donetsk and Lugansk

By Greg Butterfield on November 7, 2014

On Nov. 2, against the backdrop of the U.S. and NATO’s provocative “Iron Sword” war games in nearby Lithuania, residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DNR and LC) went to the polls for the first elections since declaring independence from Ukraine.

Donetsk Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko won 75 percent of the vote, while in Lugansk, Prime Minister Igor Plotnitsky won with 63 percent. Both incumbents’ parties won strong majorities in the Supreme Soviet. Washington, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe all joined Ukraine’s far-right regime in denouncing the vote as “illegitimate.”

Workers World is publishing a statement issued by the revolutionary Marxist organization Union Borotba (Struggle), analyzing this important development. WW contributing editor Greg Butterfield translated the statement.

On the elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics

Despite continued shelling in areas of Donbass by Kiev’s armies, there was mass participation by residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the Nov. 2 elections. All TV channels broadcast footage of the long lines at polling stations in the DNR and LC.

The activity of Donbass residents at the polls shows that, despite all the hardships of the civil war, they have remained faithful to the choice made in the May 11 referendum [for independence from Ukraine].

Despite the war and internal turmoil, despite the fact that transformations in the interests of the people have not really begun, the people’s republics remain much more attractive to the people of Donbass than the state of Ukraine, which is under the full control of the new neoliberal bureaucrats and far-right politicians.

Voter turnout in the DNR and LC contrasts vividly with the de facto boycott of the Oct. 26 elections to the Verkhovna Rada [parliament] of Ukraine by residents of the southeast regions remaining under the rule of the nationalist regime in Kiev. The power of the nationalists in Odessa and Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson and Nikolayev is based on fear and terror. The power of the militias and civilian institutions of the DNR and LC, by contrast, has the support of the population.

However, despite the high voter turnout, the elections in the DNR and LC revealed serious shortcomings in the political system of people’s republics. These deficiencies are caused first of all by the continuation of the war, despite the formal truce.

Some of the militia commanders objected to holding the electoral campaign under these conditions, since significant areas of the republics are under Kiev’s control, and the militia fighters — the most active part of the population — would not be able to fully take part in the elections.

As a result, the campaign did not become a public debate on the development of the people’s republics. Several political parties and individual leaders of the militia were not included on the ballot. Especially troubling was the exclusion of the Communist Party of the DNR from the race.

The elections show that the original democratic, anti-fascist and anti-oligarchic direction of the uprising in Donbass is under threat. There are major forces, and not only within the DNR and LC, that do not want the people’s republics to become an example of revolutionary anti-capitalist development and grassroots democracy. In the republics there are forces that are trying to replace the anti-oligarchic and anti-fascist tendencies of the popular uprising with archaic ideas, thus directing the energy of the masses onto a track that is safe for the old elites.

The winners of the elections will have to justify the trust which the citizens of the DNR and LC gave them in the Nov. 2 election. This means, first of all, to waste no time implementing the promised nationalizations and building of a people’s economy. Not in words but in deeds, the oligarchs and their henchmen must be removed from the decision-making process. On this depends the fate of the people’s republics, which the people showed their support for on May 11 and again on Nov. 2.

The Nov. 2 election showed that the people of Donbass believe that “another world is possible,” so all is not lost.

Solidarity statements on Odessa massacre
By Greg Butterfield on November 7, 2014

Workers World is publishing excerpts from solidarity statements received by the International Action Center on the six-month anniversary of the massacre in Odessa, Ukraine, on May 2, 2014. The complete statements are available at No2Nato.org.

From Alexei Albu, massacre survivor, Odessa Regional Council deputy and member of Union Borotba (Struggle), now living in exile

I greet you with thanks from all honest people of Odessa, especially those with relatives and friends who were killed by the neo-Nazis on May 2.

Up to now, the government has not punished a single killer. Parliamentary deputies who wanted to understand the situation did not get any response from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Interior Ministry. This is a violation of the laws of Ukraine. The powers-that-be are sabotaging the investigation process.

In the House of Trade Unions, people were not just burned by fire. People were shot, cut and finished off with sticks. I still do not know what kind of gas was used inside the House of Trade Unions, who used it or how.

Odessa citizens have not accepted the new regime of the oligarchs and the nationalists. All spring we wanted to peacefully resolve this issue and demanded a referendum on the empowerment of local communities, for federalization. But the authorities responded to us with bullets, arrests and fire.

I was lucky — I survived. But many of my friends were killed.

We will never forgive the murder of our brothers and sisters. Odessa will never be fascist.

We see that the new government has the support of less than 30 percent of Odessa residents. The rest boycotted the elections or voted against the regime, showing that they do not support the policies of the ruling elite.

From Team Solidarity-The Voice of United School Bus Union Workers, Boston

Team Solidarity sends greetings and solidarity to the workers and anti-fascist activists of Odessa, all of Ukraine, and the People’s Republics of Novorossiya on the six-month anniversary of the May 2 massacre at the Odessa House of Trade Unions. That day union-hating, neo-Nazi gangs, bused into the city by the U.S.-backed government in Kiev, attacked anti-fascist activists in the streets of Odessa.

We condemn Washington’s bipartisan support for the Kiev dictatorship. The U.S. has given billions of dollars in economic and military aid to Ukraine, while cutting food assistance and other vital social programs here. We demand to know what role U.S. advisers played in the Odessa tragedy, as they have done in previous brutal anti-labor attacks from Indonesia in 1965 to Chile in 1973 to Grenada in 1983.

We also demand that the leadership of the AFL-CIO end their funding for supporters of the coup regime and join the correct side of the international “picket line.” “Which side are you on?” — the refrain of one of the most famous and time-tested union songs — says it all! Our solidarity, our voices, our bodies and our resources must be given to our sisters and brothers engaged in the struggle to defend the principles our labor movement has fought and died to secure. We, the rank and file, demand true solidarity in action with the workers and oppressed!

It is a historical fact that fascists always target labor unions and workers’ political organizations. They try to crush the right to organize. That’s because what they fear, more than anything, is the power of united labor action. Together, workers have the power to push back fascism — the naked dictatorship of big business and society’s most reactionary elements. The struggle against fascism and the struggle of labor are one. We have a glorious history of fightback. The survival of the international union movement demands that we live this legacy today — in Odessa, in West Bengal, and right here in the U.S. in Ferguson, Mo.

Recently our union has come under attack from the infamous Veolia Corporation. Veolia bosses have grown wealthy through privatization and union busting around the world, and even collaborate with the apartheid regime in Israel. Last year, five militant leaders were targeted by Veolia, Boston city officials and the corporate media, and four of them were fired. One of them — union founder and Grievance Committee Chair Steve Kirschbaum — is still fighting frame-up criminal charges in court.

Big businesses like Veolia, Walmart and McDonald’s have a big stake in repressing workers’ rights, not only in places like Boston, but also in Odessa. They want the power to do to the workers’ movement here what was done to our sisters and brothers in Odessa on May 2.

From Ferguson, Mo., where the African-American population has risen up against police terror, to the strikes of fast food workers worldwide, to Odessa, our struggle is one.

“An injury to one is an injury to all!”

Class forces in the Ukrainian civil war
By Greg Butterfield on November 7, 2014

AntiMaidan protest in Kharkov led by Borotba on March 22, 2014.

Photo: Borotba

Simferopol, Crimea — Workers World has conducted an extensive interview with Victor Shapinov, a coordinator and leading theoretician of the Marxist organization Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine. Shapinov currently lives in exile with other Borotba activists in Crimea, under threat of arrest from the U.S.-backed coup regime in Kiev. Links to previous installments in the series can be found at the end of this article. The final installment will appear next week.

Workers World: A major demand of the Maidan movement was adoption of an association agreement with the European Union. What forces in Ukraine were pushing for integration with the EU? What impact will compulsory austerity measures enforced by the EU and International Monetary Fund have on the struggle there?

[Maidan is the pro-imperialist movement which took its name from the central square of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, where it held protests in late 2013 and early 2014. The backbones of this movement, which received extensive funding and political support from the U.S. government, were neo-Nazi gangs and political parties. Maidan culminated in the overthrow of the elected government of President Victor Yanukovych in February. It brought to power an alliance of wealthy oligarchs, neoliberal politicians and fascists that have carried out a brutal war against the working-class, primarily Russian-speaking population of the Donbass region and anti-fascists throughout Ukraine. — WW]

Victor Shapinov: Some people thought that so-called European integration would bring Western living standards to Ukraine. But to see reality, we need to look at the situation in Greece. The EU doesn’t bring high living standards, but a regime of austerity to cut social spending by the state.

Borotba was one of the first political forces that stood against Euro-integration. We published a major analysis of the consequences of integration with the EU economic system and the association treaty. For countries like Ukraine, it means surrendering control of their markets to EU imperialism.

Take agriculture, for example. Ukraine has big, effective agricultural production. But agricultural goods from Europe are cheaper, because they get very big state subsidies from the EU — between 40 and 50 percent in some cases. The Ukrainian state simply cannot give such money to farmers, and they will go bankrupt.

It’s the same for industry. Ukraine will be flooded with cheap imports from the EU. At the same time, it will lose the market of Russia and other countries of the Customs Union.

Countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal, which are today living under austerity regimes, are the periphery of the central European Union countries. Ukraine will be the periphery of the periphery, like the developing countries of the Third World.

It is bad for Ukraine’s economy, but good for some branches of industry and the big oligarchs. Because of the capitalist crisis, they want the support of the West and guarantees for the safety of their capital. They were very active in the promotion of Euro-integration.

When the Maidan movement started, all the TV channels were in favor of it. They said that [then President Victor] Yanukovych is very bad and Maidan is very good. Almost all TV channels in Ukraine are privately owned by oligarchic groups. All of them promoted Maidan and made big propaganda in favor of it.

After the Maidan coup won, they agitated for the free trade agreement, and it was signed by Ukraine and the Europeans. But the treaty will start only in 2016. Even for Europe it is not so easy.

But if we talk about the neoliberal reforms in exchange for IMF loans, those are already beginning to take hold. The main figure in this process is Prime Minister Arseniy Yatesenyuk, who is very pro-Western. He proudly declared the largest program of privatization of state-owned property in the history of Ukraine.

We see that it is a new kind of politics for Ukraine: market fundamentalism on one hand, nationalism and fascism on the other. Now they walk side by side.

At the beginning, many people said Maidan was a people’s movement against corruption and so on. But what was the political leadership of this movement? It was this bloc of neoliberals and fascists.

From the first day of the Maidan movement, Borotba’s prognosis was that its victory would bring this bloc to power. They are like two hands of monopoly capital, trying to save its political and economic control. This was the political and social basis of the Maidan movement.

Yanukovych was not very effective for the monopoly capitalists. Before, they had to make some deals with him, but after Maidan, they hold direct political power, like oligarchs [igor] Kolomoisky, who became governor of the Dnepretrovsk region, or [serhiy] Taruta, who became governor of Donetsk. Taruta, however, was expelled by the People’s Republic.

Some leftists called Maidan a people’s movement. But people are divided into classes. It’s not only a language question, that one part of the population speaks Russian and the other Ukrainian, but a class question. The middle class and so-called “creative class” — freelancers from big cities and so on — were the core of the Maidan movement. Even in the cities of the southeast, you can see a pro-Maidan position represented by these social strata.

In Russia, there was a so-called peace march in Moscow [on Sept. 21], not really for peace but to support the Kiev government. It was very much inspired by pro-Western propaganda and led by Russian liberals. Their social basis is also the “creative class.”

These strata are linked with Western capitalism. Some of them work in branches of the economy dominated by Western businesses. Some orient toward the West because of their way of life and consumption. They adopt this ideology and think that anyone who is against them or who is not so pro-Western is backward and primitive.

WW: What are the class forces at work in the resistance to the coup — the AntiMaidan movement and the Donbass People’s Republics?

VS: We see that people who are linked with so-called real production, the factories, mines and so on, are more involved in the AntiMaidan movement or share its sentiments.

We could not say it is a pure class division, that it is just the bourgeoisie on this side, and the proletariat on the other side, of course. It is more complicated.

The political agenda of Maidan does not speak with a clear class orientation. Rather, it talks about how the ruling class must make a so-called civilizational choice. They say Ukraine must make a civilizational choice for Europe, for the West, and against Russia and the East. Even left forces are guilty of this, or adopting this kind of political language.

When Borotba was at the head of the AntiMaidan movement in Kharkov, we always said that it was first of all an anti-oligarchy movement, even before anti-fascism, because it was the oligarchy that fed the fascists, raised them, supported them. And now we see that they even arm them and form battalions of them to send to Donbass. We always tried to advance the class point of view.

Sometimes, even without the influence of Borotba or other leftists, there is spontaneous development of class thinking.

Take Aleksey Mozgovoy, commander of the Ghost Battalion of the people’s army in Donbass. He is very leftist, anti-oligarchy and anti-bureaucratic. His ideal is self-government by the people, as we say, like the soviets [workers’ councils] in the early period of Soviet history.

It’s not because he read some books, but because he was inspired by this movement and made his own analysis. Now there is a good basis to work with him.

There is also a strong influence from the Russian Federation and its forces. In some senses it’s good, because without Russia’s support, the resistance in Donbass would have been violently destroyed.

At the beginning, the movement had no leaders, no structures, nothing. It’s a miracle that they survived and built an army that can win against the enemy. Without some support from Russia it could not be. That is just reality.

But Russia is not a socialist or even a democratic country. It tries to use this movement for its own goals. Also, Russia tries to impose ideological views on the movement that are harmless to capitalism, for example, Russian Orthodox religion and Russian nationalist ideas.

WW: How would you describe the Russian nationalism in Donbass?

VS: In the West, if you support the People’s Republics, you will always encounter the argument that they are just Russian nationalists, that the conflict in Ukraine is a war between two kinds of nationalism.

But if you speak with these people from Donetsk who say they are Russian nationalists, it is quite different.

If someone in Moscow says he is a Russian nationalist, there’s a 90-percent chance he is a fascist. If someone in Donetsk says that he is a Russian nationalist, 90 percent of the time, he is just for more rights for the Russian-speaking population, the right to education in the Russian-language, and so on. Or he is against [ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator Stepan] Bandera being here. In economic views, he is a socialist.

[Resistance leader and Donetsk “People’s Gov.”] Pavel Gubarev, for example, says he is a Russian nationalist, but at the same time he says he is an orthodox socialist. A lot of people have such mixed-up views.

The ideological struggle is only at its first step. Who will win and what clear ideologies will emerge is the problem of work, of struggle.

It’s a pity that Borotba always had a weak organization in Donetsk and Lugansk. That’s where the strongest movement was, so we have not had such a strong influence. But there are leftist trends in the political leadership, for example, the head of the Supreme Soviet of Donetsk, Boris Litvinov. He said, “We are building a republic with elements of socialism.” He is a former member of the Communist Party of Ukraine. [On October 8, Litvinov became the chairperson of the newly-formed Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic. — WW]

We know that a lot of fighters and commanders in the people’s army are leftists and communists, not only Mozgovoy, but also others who were members of the Communist Party or who call themselves communists. There is a battalion whose sign is the red star. A lot of squads fight under the red flag.

That’s the difference, when it comes down to it. If I have an argument with some leftist who says, “You have to support Maidan or not give support to either side,” I respond, “You cannot come with a red banner to a Maidan demonstration, but there are always red banners among the AntiMaidan.” And it’s not just because of nostalgia for the Soviet past. It’s about the political views of the people. The Maidan always wants to destroy the monuments to Lenin, and AntiMaidan protects them.

Even some people who call themselves “monarchists” come out to protect the Lenin monuments. As we say, it is a very complicated contradiction.

Next: Tasks of communists in Ukraine, Donbass and the West

Previous installments of Victor Shapinov interview:

Part 1: “Ukraine communists ‘face to face with 21st century fascism’”

Part 2: “The left in Ukraine and the origins of Borotba”

Part 3: “Ukraine’s fascist foot soldiers”

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Funding for strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine will be, including the expense of US long-term debt.

The agreement was reached as a result of talks held between August and October at a high level, according to TASS referring to the agency "Kryminform."

According to the agency, the Ukrainian authorities, in turn, in exchange for helping the US is ready to place several secret prisons in the country, which will contain the militants "Islamic state."

In addition, "Vesti", at the insistence of the Ukrainian side - namely ministers the power block, in such prisons will also be delivered to the person without Ukrainian citizenship, suspected of involvement in "terrorist groups" in the territory of Lugansk and Donbass.

Thus, the US plans to illegally detain and contain any Russian concentration camps, supporting Novorossia

Alexander Nikishin
Central News Agency Novorossia

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Soldiers of the Army Novorossia at work. Militia fire back at the enemy positions from heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. Gunmen help spotters.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia

Summary of Givi, airport, 07.11.2014, the

"Yesterday was a very difficult day for us at first, and then for them.

By City yesterday they struck two packages "Grad", very badly hit home store.

On our side, 1 - 300 minutes (injured).

The enemy was killed yesterday one tank regiment commander in the rank of colonel and 9 officers, destroyed 4 tanks, 2 "Castle", 2 artillery batteries, destroyed a column in the sand - 4 "Ural" with ammunition, 4 tanks and BMP 2.

In small armed clashes were destroyed detachment, in a military unit in Avdeyevka destroyed 2 radios, radar, which was engaged in radio intercepts, infantry - about 160-170 people.

In the evening there was an attempt break tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The shelling continued, at any time, we are ready to come to the defense and on the offensive, "- said Givi.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia


Donetsk airport. Army DNR: "destroy the Chechen rebels."

Militias have reported that army soldiers Donetsk People's Republic destroyed Wahid Bamatgireeva - known Chechen terrorist warlord, chairman of the Committee on Sharia law and the state parliament of the Chechen "Republic of Ichkeria" oversaw "Sharia court." Suspense is also considered a hero among the terrorists and was awarded the "national honor" "Republic of Ichkeria."

Gunman was killed along with his son. According to preliminary information, the group of Chechen terrorists acted with the 5th Battalion of the "right sector." Place of death - Airport Donetsk.

Based on materials from the media and prepared http://rusvesna.su/

Alexander Nikishin
Central News Agency Novorossia

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Activists of the "right sector" and soccer "ultras" on November 7 in Kharkiv attacked supporters of the Communist Party of Ukraine, who wanted to hold a march and rally on the anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917.

Accidents news channel on Youtube

The activists, most of whom were in Balaklava and uniform with signs "right quadrant," throwing firecrackers and bombs in packages of communists who tried to go to the Eternal Flame at the University Street. Video brawl leaked online channel Accidents news. As the correspondent. TASS from the event, members of the Communist Party planned to march with red flags from the office of the regional committee of the Communist Party of the Poltava Shlyakhov the Eternal Flame at the Sumy street. The organizers intend to lay flowers to the anniversary of the October Revolution.


However, already at the starting point of the march started persecuting the representatives of the "right sector", and on the approach to the area of ​​the proletarian communists surrounded by people in Balaclava with stripes and "right quadrant." First, there was a verbal altercation, then the sides started throwing stones at each other, smoke bombs and firecrackers.
During the hassle of people's deputy of the sixth convocation, the head of the regional organization of the Communist Party Alla Alexandrov poured green paint from a syringe. According to her, the attackers tried to take party flags, posters, and damage the microphone.


"They demand that we gave them our flags and that we have taken in hand the Ukrainian flag. I do not break the law of Ukraine. According to the Constitution and the laws we have filed a notice to hold our rally and we went to this rally," - commented Alexander this situation.
After clashes, police put a cordon around the Communists of approximately 350 employees. To cordon winged trolley in which representatives of the Communist Party and stopped. However, people with badges "right sector" did not give him a pass - demanded to give them the man who had wounded their companion stone. The vehicle was able to go back to the office of the Communist Party only after the communist suspected of causing bodily injury to one of the participants in the scuffle, arrested, loaded into a paddy wagon and taken away.


As the chief of department of public relations of the General Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv region Natalia Zakharova, law enforcement officers were warned about the rally.
"We understand, here working group experts will conduct an investigation to collect everything in a single material, and we'll investigate," - said Deputy Head of Kharkiv City Police Department Public Safety Oleg sailor.

Earlier, on September 28, in Kharkov was to shake off the pedestal country's largest statue of Lenin, the total height of which is more than 20 m. Ended Demolition riots, which, according to the OSCE supervised the battalion "Azov".

In June, in Kharkov, there were clashes between supporters of the authorities in Kiev and the police. As reported by "New Russia", a group of nationalists after taking part in a mass rally in the Plaza of the Constitution moved march toward Freedom Square, where a rally forces opposed to Ukrainian security forces raid in the east. Radicals managed to break through a police cordon, and then they tried to get to Liberty Square, where at that time the supporters of federalization was not. As a result of the scuffle, police detained several nationalists.

Based on materials from the Internet media
by Alexander Ross
Central News Agency Novorossia


I just returned from the Donbass. Now I can say about themselves: "We - Donetsk". I was there to watch the election. The astonishing spectacle. From the defeated homes among the cold wind, people cut down the shaft to the polls to queue for hours to get a ballot. I have never seen in Russia. Election commission members have told me that the turnout exceeds turnout referendum.

Polling stations were deployed in universities, schools, hotels, they were deployed at the forefront, to positions in the trenches.

It was an amazing phenomenon when people yearning for communion, yearning for that to suddenly appear together in a single case, unison, voted for peace, for victory, for work, for retirement, for wages, recovery of mines, recovery and repair of railways and bridges. They voted for the truth, for which so long suffered under these bombing and shelling. They chose their legitimate leaders, a legitimate parliament. This is another stage in the construction of the state.

State - is, above all, the people, the people who will build it, and that it represent. During my trip, I met with a huge number of people. But, above all, of course, the newly elected head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko. Amazing fate. All of these revolutionary uprisings and disturbances, an ordinary person, businessman, successful, smart, responsible person, with shrewdness, knows the price of effort and work. And suddenly this rebellion, war, these vortices, which was picked up and made his warrior, soldier, a brilliant organizer, the creator of this military organization "MBT".

These deadly operations, throws, attack, counterattack, responses to dismantle terrorist organizations and gangs crossing into the city. It broke his military genes, the genes of his ancestors, one of whom was awarded a silver ruble Suvorov for gallantry during an alpine hike. And another of his great-grandfather got his sword for the War of 1812. And his numerous relatives, who have distinguished themselves in World War II, was awarded the highest honors. That, apparently, all these genes broke it, when the actual shaking of the earth.

And now, when he became the acknowledged leader of the military - a new hypostasis, political, he became a political and spiritual leader of this has not yet been held, but tending to his establishment of the Republic in Donetsk.

Or a military man, the brigade commander "East" Khodakovsky. Legendary man, an intellectual who has a huge combat experience. That he and his then still "Vostok" battalion, rushed to release the airport itself, together with his subordinates was on the roof that's this huge tower on which the nail mines. He was not afraid of these lights, he did not sit in the headquarters, he was always at the forefront. I think that in the future the government he will lead a very large anti-terrorism office.

Or else Zaharchenko - Andrew Purgin. Amazing man, energetic, passionate, intelligent. Political scientist, conceptualist, a connoisseur of his people, an expert in their field, many political party and political science forums. It is the task - to create the ideology of the young state, to create a concept that would unite here in this fiery focus of all the people involved in the war and now the construction of the miners and businessmen, and Russian, Ukrainians, Muslims and Orthodox Christians, people of all classes and all classes and all ages.

That he tries to understand and explain what is today the Republic of Donetsk. What is this? Russian part of the world or is it the beginning of construction of the national out oligarchic state. Or is it a special messianic impulse of the people, who must unite in itself all Novorossia, and maybe all of Ukraine. It is here he produces this amazing concept of "we - Donetsk", which combines all of these here are my strata and generations. Because there are prevalent adage - "Donetsk - not the first city in the world, but not the second." "Donbass his will, wherever it lay." That's Donbass sense of community, and the depth of the Donbass fraternity unites now volunteers of all ages and all areas and warehouses.

These people, of whom I told you - it's amazing in its diversity, in its flowering and temperamentally characters. The characters here are the new state, which is itself no matter what it does not. But the most important asset - it certainly militias. It usually elderly people, people who came from the mines. They are tired, they have exotic beards on them amazing vestments, these camouflage, or on the head with a red top hats. They have very different weapons. Some were even mosinskimi with rifles equipped with scopes. These are people whose faces mysterious light. Here they are all very different, repeat, and retired officers of the Ukrainian army, and the people who came out of production, and such here visionaries, mysticism and romance, they are all different, but all of their faces is a mysterious light, mysterious glow. As if these faces peered heaven itself, because of these people, at one time our great writer Andrei Platonov said: "soulfully people." It inspired people. And the state, which they are building, inspired state. I felt happy because I was participations in world history.

Central News Agency Novorossia

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Volunteer Rinat, callsign "Kazakh", was born in Donetsk.

He was indifferent to the fate of the native Donbass, for the fate which he fought in the army of the People's Republic of Donetsk.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia

Militias arrange their lives and life on the front lines under Debaltseve, one of the largest railway junctions in Ukraine, which is under control of Ukrainian occupation troops.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia

"War in the Donbas did not stop for one minute!" - Tanai said Cholhanov


Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia


Photo by Sergey Vasilkovskaja

Kharkov - city of striking. Hence the genus and "Stronghold", many of whose members are now fighting on the side of the militia in the Donbass, and "Patriot of Ukraine", which in May became the backbone of the volunteer battalion "Azov". Kharkiv was the scene of the collision of radicals in the spring, but today it looks, in fact, a "unipolar": public actions performed only pro-Ukrainian organization. But Ukrainian authorities here are still enemies.

Pro-Russian organizations are prohibited t

The prosecutor's office of the city of Kharkiv sued lawsuits to ban the four pro-Russian public organizations. Among them - "MBT" associated with it, "the Ukrainian Federation of fighting without rules" MBT "," Great Russia "and" social movement "South-East", said at a session of the City Council on October 29 deputy prosecutor Alexander Bondarenko Kharkiv.

These steps have been taken, he explained, to prevent "extremism and separatism."

Strictly speaking, the movement of "South-East" was banned by the court in August, although the decision of the court of first instance and the appeal against social activists.

"Russian" movement in Kharkov today is in deep underground and, apparently, there is no unity. For example, Yuri Apukhtina ("Great Russia", "South-East"), some commentators accused that he had "leaked" the mood of protest that organizations associated with it, "ineffective." Oppose them "pillars" Eugene Zilina.

Apukhtin that at large is under house arrest, said the media that "South-East" continues "to coordinate the actions of the Kharkiv resistance" . His public organizations represent "civil sector", to use the terminology Euromaidan. The core of the military wing of the Kharkov Antimaydana was just "MBT".

This public organization and the sports club of the same name, have been actively involved in the confrontation Evromaydanu this winter. Kharkov protesters claim that representatives of "Hold" attacked them. They say that "oplotovtsy" went to "trip" and the Kiev Euromaidan.

In late winter, the head organization of the MIA of Ukraine Eugenia Zilina declared wanted, and he went to Russia. In April, there were reports that "oplotovtsy" fighting on the side of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.

The organization was the Donetsk branch, his head Alexander Zaharchenko division headed "MBT" army DNI. Then, in early August, he became Prime Minister of the Republic, and at the end of the month signed a decree on appointing Zilina senior advisor on economics "in order to improve economic performance Donetsk People's Republic." In August of the same photo appear chapter organization with a gun on a background of burnt Ukrainian tank, tank armor DNR with the emblem "MBT-Special Forces" ...

Are there any "oplotovtsy" in Kharkov?

Zhilin argues that, yes.

Diversions and cleaning of the underground

Kharkiv live like a calm, measured life. Nevertheless, the specter of the failed People's Republic of Kharkiv no-no, and will manifest itself in the region - in the form of graffiti "HNR", "Kharkiv - New Russia", "Hunte - x * k" on the walls, the disturbing news about the diversion.

"Stronghold" from Kharkiv did not leave, though many of our own and put in jail. We began with peaceful protests, but thanks to Igor Strelkov, our organization has become a powerful army units " - commented Evgeny Zhilin one online edition of the terrorist attacks in September.

However, the direct statement that "MBT" takes responsibility for these actions, Zhilin did. Sami "Kharkiv guerrillas" is also not the light of their coordinators.

"Our supporters, but the direct contact they do not go" - this is their comment to the rumors of ties to the leader of the movement "Russian East" Anton Gurianov and editor of the online publication "The verb" Konstantin Dolgov, Kharkovites who were forced to leave Ukraine.

Over the past few months in the Kharkiv region made several diversions of them anonymous underground worker tells the Moscow edition of "free press" (Chief Editor - notorious Zakhar Prilepin):

"You could see our video report: how to train station basis were blown tank with rocket fuel. Also was blown bearing socket. Shelled draft boards in the Frunze and Ordzhonikidze district of Kharkiv. More victims of the explosion of the city Lozovaja recruitment office. On the Day of Partisan Glory in the unit Street Derevjanko in Kharkov were bombed fuel tankers ... Servicemen's time to think about where this government is pushing them. In Kharkov office was destroyed by one of the supporters of the junta, which has assisted the National Guard and territorial battalions. Periodically destroyed ATMs "Privat" owned Kolomoiskiy . There was a rally in a fuel depot in Chuguev. "

In turn, the Security Service of Ukraine only for second half of October has eliminated some of the underground cells in Kharkov. October 16, was detained by the former commander of a separate special platoon of MIA of Ukraine, which was responsible for the recruitment and training of combat groups totaling about 200 people. Another two groups of 14-16 and detained on 23 October: the first planned undermining w / e ways, the second - Kharkov pyrotechnic explosion at the plant. Seized weapons, explosives, during the arrest was seriously wounded SBU. According to the statement, the two groups called themselves "Kharkov guerrillas." October 30, there was a message on the Elimination of underground press, which printed leaflets with separatist slogans.

Also, the report of the SBU is noted that the group operated under the guidance of Russian citizens.

In the Service of New Russia

One indicator of attitudes in society is considered obsuzhdaemo the social networks. In the community "Antimaydan Kharkov" on Facebook consist 754 people in the group of the same name - 636 participants in the group "Antimaydan." Southeast. "Kharkiv" - 240.

"OpenID" is the biggest of the Kharkov group orientation - "AntiMaydan - Kharkiv" in her 27,600 people. However, residents of Ukraine among them - 18 thousand (over 8000 - the Russians), and of Kharkiv - a little less than 11 thousand. The other group is far behind her - there 3-6 thousand participants, but the proportions are about the same.

A similar picture is observed in other major pro-Russian communities, Ukrainian. Say, in the community, "Antimaydan" 516,000 subscribers; indicated that they were from Ukraine, less than half - 233 thous., and 251.5 thousand - the Russians. In the group "Republic of New Russia. Antimaydan" - 130 800 participants from Ukraine (including Lugansk, Donetsk Oblast and Crimea) - 40,600 people, the Russians - almost 82 thousand. In the "New Russia" - 266 000 subscribers, 136 accounts and 115 thousand Ukrainian, Russian.

Many groups are collected donations for the rebels Donetsk and Lugansk republics - in the same way as the Ukrainian volunteers collect money for the National Guard soldiers and volunteer battalions.

"Report on the guys next purchase necessary! Zakupili10 Armor, 5 helmets, 20 discharges, 10 field kits, 10 radios, 10 sets of forms of ammunition on the little things. Thanks to everyone who supports us! Thank you - our faithful rear. Anyone want to help us in war against fascism to contact Ruslan (further - a reference to his profile in social networks) " - written in the "Partisans of the Southeast."

Trying to contact him and find out how to actively participate in this fundraising Kharkiv.

"There Kharkiv. But under any circumstances until the lights go out," - said Ruslan.

Youth movement "New people" specializes in humanitarian aid to civilians behind the front line - in the LC and the DNI. But they refused to talk.

"My guide said to the press - no contact. All that we want to talk about their work, you can see in our photo and video reports on the page movement" - cut Andrew phone which is listed as a contact.

In general, it seems that the pro-Russian forces in Kharkov now hiding. Protests against the central government in recent years to be seen. Yes, the election on October 26 Kharkiv became a triumph "opposition bloc", which is considered the successor of the Party of Regions (including on the part of sympathy for Russia). But this victory almost the leading role played by aggressive actions pro-Ukrainian forces, frightened many residents of the area. Reminder about one of them - a ruined monument to Lenin in Liberty Square.

Alexander Belokobylsky
Central News Agency Novorossia


Voenkor "Ridus" Andrew Krasnoshchekov visited militia positions in the village of Frunze. Here are dug trenches and soldiers blocking checkpoint number 31 on the highway Bahmutka.

Soldiers of the Army LC told about the operational environment of their enemies, and the nature of the fighting.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia
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During the Second World War, the issues of language and cultural policy in Ukraine and Russia engaged in multiple organizations - Ministry of Employment eastern territories (Reichsministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete), Ostland with officially controlled him Reichskommissariat Ukraine, and sometimes there is interfered and command of the troops, who had full power within two hundred kilometers from the front line. This led to constant bickering, bureaucratic delays, the struggle for power and influence, but all the differences of these organizations still did not extend beyond a single doctrine of linguistic and cultural policy in the occupied territories. The doctrine was created by Georg Schmidt-Rohr, worked in secret sociolinguistic branch of the SS and the missing in February 1945. The work of this office is still almost unknown, because All materials were destroyed, but there were some articles Schmidt-Rohr, who in 70 years unearthed in German archives. The main ideas are viewed quite clearly - the author suggests using atomization of society, the cultural gap Soviet republics of Russia, planting and russophobia nationalism as a weapon in the struggle with the Soviet people.

The essence of the doctrine is particularly well seen in the following quotation from his work "On the necessity of a secret language policy" :

"Who was in the Russian and well versed in Russian, knows that their incredible power of resistance is due not only to those causes which rightly describes the German propaganda. Russian is in the historical process of becoming a truly unique national consciousness. Many tens of millions of illiterate learn to read from sets oral dialects of different backgrounds there a single entity. The Russian people is about will go to ... all-Russian standard language, and thus become the European nations. If this internal community of the Russian people will continue to develop, it will lead to the fact that even the final the defeat of the Russian state will not destroy it coming from danger. Therefore, it is necessary to destroy the community. The Union of Soviet Republics ... must be decomposed into its natural components - to the tribes [sic!], where this is possible. Under the pretext of the rights of nations to self-determination must these tribes create their own national consciousness which would been in opposition to the Russian accentuated. [...] Ukrainians need to create a font ... your vocabulary deliberately alienates him from the Russian language. Of whether this goal is achieved, it may well depend on the fate of ages to come. "

The main theses of the Schmidt-Rohr:

- Management of language - is the management people. Artificial introduction of certain words and concepts it is possible to influence the speakers, make them think and act differently. Conscious creation of the Ukrainian language will match the language a new people.

- Expansion of the spread of a certain language and extends the power of the people carrier that language. This implies not only that which is necessary to extend the German worldwide as the language of international communication, but also, for example, can reduce the Russian sphere of influence, if you force the Ukrainians speak only Ukrainian.

- Know how to play on the language conflict in Ukraine will lead to "a reduction of the national energy" of the people.

- Organizations that language policy should not advertise their activities, so as not to cause resistance by the peoples whose language should be changed (Ukrainian, Polish, Czech), or disappear altogether (Baltic). Resistance leads to the formation of community, a sense of community of all social strata, and this in turn leads to increased resistance.

Others are responsible for language and cultural policies of the organization has formulated a few ideas that organically fit into the doctrine of Schmidt-Rohr.

Ultimately Planning for events in Ukraine and Russia were as follows:

- By all means restrict the development of intelligence from local residents. Manage blunt weight economically beneficial and politically safe as She believes in everything, will quickly become completely dependent on their owners and at all desire can not offer serious resistance.

A very important point - they should not immediately notice that they deliberately stupefying since it can cause the growth of the guerrilla movement. Therefore, it was necessary to make people like voluntarily abandon education: in the lean years of the war imposed to pay for new textbooks in schools is not stoked even when there was an opportunity for this. When the fascists have noticed that even the anti-Soviet intellectuals protest against closing of universities, had to go to the trick - some universities have opened, but only nominally - there is no special knowledge is not allowed. Usually they run a small course on animal husbandry, veterinary medicine (should be able to treat people only the Germans - it instantly creates dependence) and the mining industry, ie from universities were alone title. Use a variety of other ways to imitate the Germans care about Russian education - for example, the Germans announced that every Russian and Ukrainian has the right to study at a German university, but by the secret order of Reichskommissariat Ukraine everyone had to get a waiver or without reason, or because of some -That the missing reference. Exception allowed to do only the most "politically interesting", ie future leaders of the collaborators. The intellectual elite of the nation must be destroyed, and researchers, university teachers, experienced teachers in the first place. Therefore, the Germans were going to arrange a refresher course some teachers lower level (ie, from rural schools, etc.), and get rid of the rest by any means. In Ukraine, they are usually sent to work in Germany.

- Gradually reduce the training program and the number of institutions: first to announce the introduction of the seven-year, but quickly reduce the formation of up to four and then to three classes. The purpose of education - to learn to count to 500, write your name, profession train (work Slavs were 11 years of age), to inspire "a positive attitude to work" and the idea that God requires of every good believer unconditional obedience instrument of God's will on earth - German race. Reichskommissariat Ukraine generally believed that Ukrainians do not need to go to school, but his point was not able to defend.

- The weakening of the center due to the gain regions, support mestyachkovogo nationalism, various churches and sects to the atomization of the population, ie, Local shirts and trousers must not only allow, but even praise, but you can not make friends with the neighbors. If in a certain region, the people would be unreliable and prone to riots, he needs to instill the idea that sterilization and abortion - a modern, progressive and often unavoidable for medical reasons. And most importantly - no one these riots and dying does not help, because the enemies around who "own business".

- It is necessary to rewrite history to change the "historical consciousness of the people."

- For the same purpose, to change all place names (cities, streets), reminiscent of the Soviet regime or kinship / friendship with other nations.

- Generally planned fight with communist and collectivist ideas in all their manifestations.

- Language schools and official correspondence - Ukrainian. Russian should be gradually eliminated from the Russian-speaking regions, and even the German authorities had an obligation to teach Ukrainian that local did not use it as a secret language (in practice this is not the Germans on the right). By the Ukrainians to learn German was forbidden, that they did not consider themselves mentally more advanced than (monolingual) Germans. The introduction of the Latin alphabet in Ukraine scheduled for 1944.

- National minorities of German origin evacuate and make them full-fledged members of the "master race."

- The ultimate goal remains the same as that of Schmidt-Rohr - the ultimate weakening of the Soviet people, turning it into a mass of small, semi-wild, but very "freedom-loving" nations, where each district will be confident of his superiority over its neighbors, but never questioned the legality of domination "of the German race"
. Head Reichskommissariat Ukraine Meguniya explained it this way: "We Germans have come to this country, not in order to make her happy, and to pull out of it all that is possible." Now let's see what it looks like language and cultural policy in Ukraine after 1991. being reduced hours studying Russian language and literature, block access to Russian media, be it television, newspapers or radio; russophobia implanted aggressive nationalism, history warped so that the hair stand on end; official correspondence is conducted only in Ukrainian, Ukrainian language consciously moving away from Russian by introducing new words

: bike nogokrut à, à ginekololog pihvoglyadach, binoculars à dalnoglyad midwife puporizka à, à Efir Yeter, auction à avktsion condom gomotsyutsyurnik à, à Kashchei Immortal Chahlyk Nevmeruschy, Cheburashka à Dybylyatko; before even trying to remake Russian names, for example, Pushkin à Garmatnyk. Comes to such senility as duplication Russian films and the introduction of compulsory education in the Ukrainian regions, where almost everyone speaks Russian. In the new Ukrainian edition of "Taras Bulba" you do not find mention of the Russian - Ukrainian Cossacks, originally called themselves Russian, now in Ukrainian call themselves Ukrainians. The transition to the Latin alphabet is already planned and announced, but it is delayed. Many schools were left alone titles - if earlier teachers were taken by force, in the 90s. they left themselves after the appropriate campaign in democratic media (supposedly flew there, there are many delicious). That is a vocational school yesterday, suddenly become academies, I do not even speak. Regarding the renaming of geographical names Ukrainian authorities also did everything in accordance with the fascist plans: there are street Johar Dudayev (former Lermontov Street in Lviv), because enemies Russian - Ukrainians are best friends; Lviv in the same street there. John Lennon and the street. George Washington (former Pushkin str. And Suvorov Str.) Is there and street Bandera (friends of the Nazis - also best friends Ukrainians, because they are enemies of Russia). Banderovites Monuments and flaunt the Victims of Communism in Rivne and other cities of Ukraine and in the same fascist Lviv even has a monument to Vladimir Kubiyovichu - ideology and the main organizer of the notorious SS Division "Galicia".

In technology, we are increasingly dependent on Western countries. Permanent reduction in the number of classes in the school during the second world showed itself highly inefficient - people are worried and the mass exodus of the guerrillas, so now cut, not years curriculum. Recall of all these valeologii reinforced gymnastics, karate and other innovations of recent years. Especially to prove themselves on the field russophobia uncle Soros gives a grant to study somewhere in Germany or even - horrible to say! - In America (that America already on the 49th place in the world in terms of education, while nobody cares). The rest is usually still no money for such a trip. American Nazis in Ukraine today - of course, the most honorable fascists. In August 2002, David Duke - the head of the largest American fascist organization "Knights of the KKK" - received an honorary doctorate from the University of Kiev. Russian Germans after 1991 again started exporting in large quantities (this time voluntarily), so now they had accumulated in Germany for a few million to the dismay of the local population. And, most importantly, no one doubts the superiority of the Germans in particular and the West in general, not to mention the United States. Sterilization and abortion will tell you a lot of good in any Western-funded family planning center. Looks like something the West Ukrainians still not pleased, even samostiynost form. Sectarianism riotous color blooms. Of course, in the details of the program has changed the Nazis (other times, the situation is different), but the basic principles (highlighted in bold on top) remained the same. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that Western analysts had decades to reflect on the results of the German language and cultural policy, on its further development and improvement.

It remains to answer the question, who imposed the doctrine of our fraternal peoples. Consider the facts:

- 16 April 1946 in the United States was formed Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN), who led Jaroslav Stetsko - collaborator Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. Ya Stetsko expressive speech and anti-Russian in fact, were then picked up by Ukrainian nationalists of all stripes. Ya Stetsko proclaimed that "ABN denies any connection with Russia forced the peoples in the form of a federation or confederation, as the highest form of being a nation can only be a nation-state in the ethnographic borders of each nation. Therefore, the Western countries should allow the oppressed peoples "flunk Bolshevism and liquidate the Russian Empire." Gradually, the US government begins to create nationalist emigre centers. Since 1959, on the initiative of President Eisenhower held annually "week forced peoples." These nations have been ranked all the peoples of the Soviet Union and the socialist countries. In 1967, with the direct participation of ABN led by Jaroslaw Stetsko in Taipei (Taiwan) was established World League for Freedom and Democracy. "Your struggle - this is our struggle. Your victory - this is our victory. You - the hope of the world, "said US President Ronald Reagan in response to compliments Ya Stetsko about the 40th anniversary of the DEA in 1983.

- In addition, the United States had established a special "Committee for the Study of Nationalities in the USSR and Eastern Europe", which was charged with providing a link between the State Department and the Congress on the one hand and research centers, executing their orders on the other. Among established in the US research institutions can be distinguished Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, which to this day serves as the main institution in the United States in the field of so-called "Ukrainian Studies." And by the beginning of the restructuring of research on Ukrainian subjects were included in the program of 20 universities in the US.

So specialists in Ukraine in America abound, including the notorious Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose students now law of Ukraine (for example, the Minister of Justice Roman Zvarych). Son Ian Brzezinski is a special assistant to the Secretary of Defense for East Europe, its main task - to draw Ukraine into NATO, which, according to its daddy, will be the most reliable means against the return of Ukraine into the orbit of Russian politics. So he sits bezvylazno in Kiev, struggles with Russian imperialism. Thanks to him, by the way, Yushchenko became prime minister in 1999.

- Ukrainian nationalists who fought on the side of the Nazis against the Soviet Union in World War II and who could not then escape abroad for more than half a century, receive information and financial assistance to the United States. If in Soviet times it was done in secret, but now even the President Yushchenko declared them equal in rights and benefits Soviet veteranam.15 October 2005 it was possible to observe a remarkable symbol of the continuity of generations - during a march UPA Kiev together with Bandera in columns were members of the nationalist youth organization "Time", created by the Americans for the "Orange Revolution."

Now let's see why Americans enforcers Ukrainisation adhere fascist doctrine. It is not necessary to assume that its author disappeared Schmidt-Rohr was actually smuggled into America as many thousands of other professionals. Just we are talking about the general doctrine of Western colonization that Schmidt-Rohr adapted specifically for the USSR.

If you look in the history books of the colonial powers, you can unearth a lot of similar plans of turning people into working cattle without culture and national identity (for example, the English technique seasoning "habituation, adaptation," by which they break the will of the slaves, destroying their language, traditions, forcing them to speak pidgin, etc.). All these techniques are always reduced to one and the same principle - divide and conquer, ie to atomization, break traditional ties, the destruction of the foundations, the stimulation of antagonism and the various conflicts in the society, the creation of a new world view. The Germans, strictly speaking, did not say anything new. Even the suggestion of the idea that people-lord God's will, is the typical psychological treatment of the natives in British, American, and other Spanish colonies. Americans, for example, deliberately draw the Indians to Christianity, then to convince them that God wants them free of charge and without a fight gave their land white. Moreover, it was to Christianize the Indians were Americans fifth column in the destruction of their own brothers, mothers and sisters.

So now our countrymen, piously believing in freedom, democracy and the Dollar will sell anything and everything on the first hint from Washington or Brussels, as their view of the world have already formed the methods described above. And the only way to deal with these technologies - it does not listen to the West, do not listen to grant eaters, all purchased emigrants, emigrants and other vermin, and stick together.

1. Gerd Simon (Hrsg.), "Sprachwissenschaft und politisches Engagement" (Weinheim, 1979).
2. DA Gordeev "UPA and Novodvorskaja in the collapse of the Yalta-Potsdam system of international relations." "Left Russia", 4 (2003), http://www.left.ru/2003/4/gordeev80.html.
3. Dirk Scholten, "Sprachverbreitungspolitik des nationalsozialistischen Deutschlands" (Frankfurt am Main, 2000).

Eugene Zaretsky

Note: Revision IAN Novorus.info expresses sincere appreciation to our reader Sergei Leshchenko sent this, in our opinion, is extremely interesting and relevant stuff!
Central News Agency Novorossia

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© Mikhail Pochuyev/TASS

MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko said the authorities know names of all Ukrainian gunners who conducted shelling of Donetsk on the day, where a shell hit a school killing two children.

“We know names of all commanders of artillery and mortar batteries, even down to the commanders of gun crews. We know their names and last names… Now we shall find out names of soldiers,” he said on Sunday in an interview with LifeNews. “We shall identify everyone. They will be brought to responsibility.”

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Continued artillery strikes that cause fascists Human Settlements Donetsk Republic must have their consequences for the occupants. It seems as if the defenders Novorossia just dormant, however, it is not. Soldiers of the Army DNR conduct serious work, which will punish all those responsible for the deaths of civilians and violations of the peace accords.

Currently militias pose a "black list" of his opponents. It was declared "Motorola" and confirm Alexander Zaharchenko. In the documents of this kind is already more than four hundred names of participants of the conflict on the part of Ukraine that are related to the bombings in the republic. Become legendary militia commander declares that all fascists, whose names are on the list, will be punished according to the laws of the brutality of the military tribunal. Retribution will all even after the end of hostilities in the former south-east of Ukraine.

For information about those who just gives orders to the resumption of the fire, as well as those who clicks on the button, provide several sources. Actively working behind enemy reconnaissance groups defenders Donbass, constantly maintained radio intercepts negotiations fascists. Another great source are themselves Ukrainian military: a series APUs have adequate people who report militias data geek in their ranks.

"Motorola" states that the prosecution will be conducted militants and leadership MAT who are guilty in the deaths of civilians. Militias collect personal information not only Nazis, but also information about the scope of conducting attacks, and the number of occupants of the dislocation.

As to why the shells hit invaders peaceful area, the militias believe that lead to this unprofessional actions and punitive militants APU.

Sergei Lyzhin
Central News Agency Novorossia

Imagen activaMoscow, 9 Nov (Prensa Latina) Far-right forces are a serious threat to everybody in Ukraine says Austrian Contra Magazine.
According to the information of the Austrian edition several paramilitary battalions are in the Donbass region already, and they have given the President an ultimatum,that they are willing to overtrow him using the military might that they have right now.

This groups are Aidar and Donbass neo nazi batallations and represent a real menace to the national security of Ukraine and to the Poroshenko government.

The journal emphasizes that the ultra right nationalist party got in the parliamentary elections about 42 percent of the vote. Similar results are encouraging other right-wing forces.

" The coup against Poroshenko would give more room for manoeuvre to other Ukraine pliticians like Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko and Lyashko, supporters of a tougher course, " emphasizes the source.

Contra Magazine reminds us that Ukrainian oligarchs like Igor Kolomoiski, decided to finance the formation of ultra right volunteer battalions using as an excuse the need to ensure the" internal security " of the country.

But now, writes Contra Magazine, they have a new goal to fight with those who are in favour of federalization of Ukraine which will mean autonomy for the regions.

The neo nazis from these paramilitary formations are very erratic and unpredictable and also they are well armed and able to carry out a government take over according to the Attorney General of Kiev.

Modificado el ( domingo, 09 de noviembre de 2014 )

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Ukraine, which this spring was forced to cede Russian, regaining the Crimea, now has become even smaller. Supported Russian militia Southeast announced the formation of sovereign governments, after which they were held elections that took place in Donetsk and Luhansk November 2nd. Officials in Kiev say that diplomacy is already bearing fruit. In reality, held back only by militias territory by military force, but the Ukrainian army totally unprepared for this task. According senior NATO officials, the situation in eastern Ukraine is becoming one of the unresolved "frozen conflicts".

For volunteers the elections became an occasion for celebration. During the inauguration of Alexander Zaharchenko, a former electrician who after the beginning of hostilities was the commander of the battalion, as head of the Donetsk National Republic was a performance of folk ensemble, and the children recited poems to their new leader. While these tiny state recognized only by South Ossetia. However, these elections give Russia an excuse to insist that Kiev negotiated directly with Zaharchenko and his counterpart from Lugansk, Igor carpenter's official, the interstate level. They also give Moscow an opportunity to provide these countries with financial assistance and support in matters of security.
The set of the inhabitants of those cities who came to the polls, expressed enthusiasm for their new leaders and resentment by the former regime. The Ukrainian government has lost the support of the population east of the country this summer, when his troops were in these areas shelling. Since the entire region turned their clocks to Moscow time. In Donetsk, there was a Russian-language radio station, and owners of businesses now write "Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic" in the address bar, all official documents. While the internal border with the rest of Ukraine becoming increasingly impermeable border with Russia are rather loose.
Together with the official post comes responsibility. Ukrainian government stopped the payment of pensions within the LC and DNR controlled areas a few months ago. These republics will have to build a system of government from scratch, simultaneously restoring the areas affected by the fighting.
On the doors of the newly opened Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the DNI hang two signs that indicate the complexity of the situation: "The re-registration of business enterprises" and "surrender all weapons at the entrance." According to Svetlana Mikhaylishin, lawyer, controlling this process, the registration process has already passed 3,000 companies. Began collecting taxes in October, and public funds, according to some reports, are stored in the new Republican Central Bank. However, it is very difficult to create a new system of government, when nearby still hear the hum of skirmishes.
Militia leaders promise to completely release the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are currently under the control of Kiev. Part of the occupied areas of the APU is crucial for the survival of these republics, and include port city of Mariupol, and power plants located north of Lugansk. The question is not whether they will make the next step, and when they do it.

Just Vladimir
Central News Agency Novorossia

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OSCE observers, according vz.ru, answered that they allegedly spotted Saturday near Makeyevka Donetsk region convoy of 40 trucks and tanks, unmarked, while the organization acknowledged that they have no idea of ​​what was in the car.

"At 13.55 on the eastern outskirts of Makeyevka, 25 kilometers northeast of Donetsk on the territory controlled by the so-called DNR, Special Observation Mission (SNM) OSCE saw a convoy of more than 40 trucks and tanks moving west on Highway H 21 "- said in a special report SNM posted on the OSCE website late on Saturday, RIA" Novosti ".

According to the SNM, 19 machines were "large trucks KamAZ-type, closed, with no signs or license plates, each of which was pulling a 122 mm howitzer, with a contingent in dark green uniforms without insignia." Another 15, as stated in the report, were KrAZ and six - trucks with fuel tanks. Furthermore, the report of the OSCE mission stated that "SNM also saw BTR unmarked, headed the column, with a tarp on the gun."

"SNM was moving and could not check the contents of these (cars)," - said the OSCE.

"At 15.20 at the crossroads of Lenin street and street Kuprina (seven kilometers south-east of the center of Donetsk) SNM saw a convoy of nine tanks - four tanks T72 and T64 tanks, five, move west, also unmarked" - allegedly also the report of the OSCE.

The leadership of the DNI, according Mail.ru, confidently declares noticed OSCE column technique belongs militia

OSCE noticed near Donetsk convoy of military equipment owned by DNR, and its movement is due to the need for rotation parts militia, told RIA Novosti deputy commander of the militia breakaway Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin.

"This column belongs to the militia - and what else could it be? All we hear shooting (artillery - approx.) Of the city, in this connection, it is necessary to rotate part of the militia, to change position. The column moved tactical reasons, "- said Basurin.

According to him, reinforcements arrived to Donetsk from other areas of the DNI. "Front line we have a very large part of the scattered in different areas. Out of one of them came and column ", - assured Basurin.

"The column only looks long, but actually by the standards of the militia it is not that big, says the militia DNR." Each artillery column includes trucks that carry guns, people who serve her, guarded. So it seems like a large " - considers Basurin.

According Basurina, as a result of attacks by security forces, five civilians were injured. Also suffered a militiaman and two more were killed.

According to the militia, security forces firing on positions of the DNI by Sands towns and cities and experienced Avdiyivka. The siloviki used MLRS "Grad" and "Hurricane", mortars, howitzers, and incendiary projectiles. At least five houses in Kiev and the Kuibyshev district were destroyed. The militias are responsible to them from D-30 howitzers, installed in different areas of Donetsk. Artillery fire could be heard throughout the city.

Based on materials from the Internet media prepared
Tatiana Dobrodeeva.
Central News Agency Novorossia


In Donetsk became a huge column of infantry and armored militia. A little later in the Snow arrived, another convoy of trucks and artillery. Residents of the city are reporting arrival D-30 howitzers, armored vehicles, tanks and trucks. The town itself is the relocation of the military. Tanks militia DNI go on fighting positions along the street Kuprina in Donetsk. In different parts of the city are fortifications. Recall that in snowy based Slavic army brigade DNI.

APU shelled residential sector Donetsk incendiary shells. 5 injured civilians, destroyed several homes. Last night the Ukrainian security forces again shelled the airport and residential areas of Donetsk artillery. According militias than conventional shells APU used and incendiary. Fire Ukrainian army is made from all available at its disposal of heavy equipment - tanks, installations "Grad" and D-30 howitzers.

Army soldiers captured in battle Novorossia tracked armored combat vehicle Ukrainian occupation forces, which now bears the combat service in the militia. MTLB (multipurpose transporter (tractor) light armored) lost control, militias plunged his cock on the platform for the transport equipment and sent to the repair depot.

MAT increased the intensity of the shelling settlements LC. According to operational information, the Ukrainian army launched a massive bombardment of the city and the village of Kemerovo Frunze howitzers and rocket launchers "Hurricane". Informed sources said that the bill has already killed civilians goes on tens. Also clashes between units LC and Ukrainian punitive occur in the area of ​​human settlements Crimean and bold. On the track "Bahmutka" luganchane blocked about a hundred soldiers from the 24th Mechanized Brigade of Lviv. The enemy suffers losses in manpower and military equipment.

Chapter DNI Alexander Zaharchenko morning arrived at the airport in Donetsk with inspection defense aviation hub, but its protection group was forced to take the fight imposed punitive. Ukrainian military twice tried to destroy the leader of the Republic of massive fire from heavy artillery gunner from getting information about the arrival of the head of the DNI to the front. Also, at least three tanks attacked positions militia. According to intelligence reports, the two pieces of equipment were hit punishers.

Under enemy fire again today hit Kiev region of Donetsk, 5 civilians were seriously injured.

Most residents believe their city Nikolaev Russian. Junta tries to fully protect the population from their stories. After the coup Nikolaev disillusioned with politics. The city wants to be free from Bandera. There is a sincere belief that sooner or later the time comes.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia

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November 9th was a difficult day for the militia, which defended the airport Donetsk.

It all started with a morning attempt to break when the Nazis organized the attack on the part of the village Sands. A group of three tanks, two armored infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, UAZ and SuperMAZ attacked the army of fighters Donetsk HP retaining strategic object. As a result, the Germans lost almost all armored vehicles, managed to survive only two tanks, the third steaming retreat. Intelligence reported that the area already burned sand tank, the soldiers tried to put it out.

Incapacitate armored fighters managed to DNR, opened fire with artillery, moreover, were suppressed several mortar calculations and prevented the attempt to deploy artillery battery near the airport.

After this, the occupants opened fire with long-range artillery, from a distance of up to 37 kilometers. Givi - the commander of the militia, said that they themselves do not have such systems.

Though serious clashes took place, in their result, none of the Donetsk defender HP is lost, some were slightly injured, one - heavy.

In this adventure militias have not stopped, they visited the leader position DNR - Alexander Zaharchenko. His goal was to learn about the situation of the soldiers, however, security forces forced him APU protection to fight.

Beginning of Meeting with the defenders of Donbass was calm, but then followed the blow of rocket artillery. In addition, the start point to work with the heavy machine gun and rocket-propelled grenades, the militias and protecting the republic's leader tried to crush the invaders fire from machine guns. Zaharchenko able to take away, thus, one of the possible ways of retreat, the Germans hit by heavy artillery systems again.

Sergei Lyzhin
Central News Agency Novorossia


Soldiers of the militia in the combat zone in Donbas captured several modern Ukrainian tanks "Bulat".

In the video - captured tank, called "Swallow", with him undergoing renovations.

In the photo - "Bulat" militia-based repair and resupply.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia


By the side of our war against neo-fascism are not our old men. Where they can, try to share with the soldiers and guerrillas Novorossia own compelling experiences in dealing with the plague - whether brown, yellow-Blakytny ...

That, and the grandfather, about which the pages of "Voices of Sevastopol" said avttor with the nickname "The Wanderer":
"Recently had the opportunity to chat with one old man (name is not called, at his request, as a human family in the Ukraine). As it turned out, he - a veteran of World, the former guerrillas. After the war for some time served in the Western Ukraine and trimmed wood from Bandera. His story formed the basis of this article.

We met by chance: the grandfather was standing near a meat stall, picking out a trifle of lean purse, did not even need to look closely to the words of a person to understand that money - and the last of their bread is not enough. Without asking, the man bought a loaf of bread, sweet rolls. Giving: "This is for you, I see that very tight." Facial expression in response to - surprise, startled. Please take not like, do not believe the man that there were people ready to help just. Then a long time due to: "Thank you son!". Word for word - talk. It turned out that a pensioner living alone, buried his wife in August, could not resist an old lady heart when shooting close. The only son - somewhere in Kiev, the funeral did not come, the old man does not work, there is no communication with him for over a month, "I can not call itself, the phone has no money, but he does not call. All of the old man forgot how to live, then? "

In the course of conversation a person has learned the address, promised to help. The next day, gathered with friends grocery set, little money, bought popolnyashku on the phone, and do not forget chakushku. Came to the old man a visit. Facial expression - again surprised and frightened not wait, do not believe ... When got gifts, asked what help with the housework, thawed, invited guests. Here and we were a little surprised: despite the age of the host, which in the yard, in the house - even though the poor little, but perfect order. Is located on the front porch, talking. The conversation, as always, slid to the policy.

Asked how he relates to the situation in Ukraine, the answer from my grandfather got this: "I pressed these Bandar-pressed, not Dodavah seen, and yet you got. Dodavit they need, they will not bo zhity people. " He continued: "And hotit, boys, share their bits of yak?"

Here's the story of a veteran (written from memory, may have missed something, but has retained the essence, try to keep the original expression, removed only mate, whose words veteran against some were many)).

"I tell you, Bander is a being very cowardly, and for 70 years of its essence has not changed. shove can only crowd, and then, if the Germans or whoever else it will fit. Or, if you believe that they will not surrender, I mean against unarmed. Still loves, if it hurt, on someone weak to win. In the war often happened if pobesh somewhere Bander, expect that in a couple of days they are somewhere in the village slept.

Direct combat fear, preferring the bushes palnut and quick to fade . They are from the times of the Polish gentry, fear anything directly to do in the back - so with joy, and the eyes - good girl.

Still love to pull something that is bad. While pulling at all: in Russian, the Germans, the Poles, and in his - too. Devour them - almost no saint "Vilna Ukraine", could arrange a feast, even sitting on the corpses of freshly killed people.

By their attitude dead - like dirt, dead, well, to hell with it. By severely injured - the same: if you can not be more helpful - that we no longer need you, it is easier to finish.

Dirty deeds, from which even the avid Gauleiter German-gate, they are not afraid, and even do with some perverted pleasure. Greatly afraid only of their lords, and then - until Pan in his eyes, and when no one sees and not embedded, and the borscht nasrut. Yes, squealing and plums on the neighbor's fault - in their blood, even the identity of the gentry vaccinated.

Ukraine for many means nothing, it's loud slogans, just a way to grab yourself and more. As they got out of the slaves, serfs, and so remained. Pick up the "culture" of the Poles that the Jews, but did not come out of slavery. The Germans on their identity waved his hand, his business doing, and nature can not be undone. If no pans, they currently find them - the Austrians, Poles, Germans, Americans are now found. Or of their own will choose someone in their some criteria, and set over a Pan.

How to beat them? That is very simple. First, deprived of their leadership: without word from the top, they quickly turned to the crowd, and then they just need to scare, running like a herd. Tricked them too bad take. Was the case when we are one with the partisan view of the German language and similar nemchursky knowing dressed German officer, a soldier of the second machine we had a trophy. Order to draw a fake, saying, gather everyone and there and then move out. It was terrible, suddenly pochuyut that ... But no, come to our village, have guided a rustle, like real Germans, the order of their commander handed over and quickly left. However, as later learned, a little puncture did not come out, the order was in German, and they know the language was not. But it was all right, some of the villagers knew German and translated them. So they come to us in the amount of nearly Company, as pretty, ambushed pritopali.

Second, deprive them of supply , as well as the Germans, on an empty stomach, they do not know how to fight, think more where that snatch than about warfare. A couple of days of hunger strike, and then - to merge misinformation out there that somehow have something to make money. And occurs because of the food run like rats, forgetting everything.

Third, the bleed between them, for a good chunk, fight like dogs. Hold a grudge for a long time, even when the case rodycham revenge. So if they believe that they are hurt by his own, it is to our advantage. Undermines their confidence in their commanders, after the war, most of the Bandera surrendered just because they were thrown commanders. Do not trust the commanders - very quickly join the ranks of the deserters.

But still, the main weapon against them - the fear, and the fear they have - specific. They are not so much afraid of being killed, how many are afraid to stay in the cold. Fear that their someone will throw fear of captivity, they are afraid that their are not normally buried, feared to remain without food and clothing. And the most important of their fear - that someone is living better than they are.

You can beat them, it's us in the war and after the war proved. The prisoners have to check the well, including Bandera many people simply deluded, but there are ideological and have just svolochugi whom and ideas, and people do not care, fighting for some their purpose is not clear to anyone. Once captured, crying, saying that I'm here by accident, but by checking it turns out that even the wolf. So after the war, all thoroughly tested. Some just need to straighten the brain back on and went to work. Strong ideological sent to camps. Svolochug bandits mostly put to the wall, these can not be undone ...

Finally veteran wished "Oh, would quickly is all over and normal life has become."

Saying goodbye we went. A few days later another friend went to see my grandfather, along with volunteers and social worker, brought food, decided to issue pension promised not to forget. According to friends, the second trip resulted in the collection of local pensioners, with the result that is not helped one person.

Based on materials from the Internet media prepared
Tatiana Dobrodeea.
Central News Agency Novorossia


Continues active work organization "Cyber ​​Berkut", this time the boys managed to find and publish information on criminal cases that have been filed against militants APU.

Procure "berkutovtsy" original text of speeches Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yarema. According to information received, the Nazis committed 65 crimes involving weapons in the past two months, each of which was a criminal case. Information was found on the computer of the official, and then published on the website of the organization.

The text of the speech by the prosecutor have the data by military personnel who violate the law, as well as their deployment sites, including the transfer of military units, where criminals are serving. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, all the crimes committed during the period from the beginning of the signing of the armistice in September - October of this year.

Some examples that appear in the message text Yarema, perfectly illustrate the lowlands to which the Germans sunk Ukrainians.

Two invaders terbatalona 24 employees, and Helemendrik Bespalov, near 21.00 entered the house of a citizen Shevchenko, which is in the village of Sandy. Criminals have used weapons, which are connected by threatening man wearing a bag over his head, taken in one direction only they know. A man stabbed in the leg, doused with gasoline and then set on fire. As a result of bullying, Shevchenko got varying severity of injury and damage, as well as burns.

Often, moral monsters, serving in the ranks of the APU, commit crimes while intoxicated. So 22 and 18 October, there were two crimes. In the first case, two militants of the "Field Post V0095" killed two civilians after prolonged bullying, the Nazis were intoxicated. Fighter of the PP V2317, again, being drunk, shot from an AK-74 five colleagues, with four of them died.

Sergei Lyzhin
Central News Agency Novorossia

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With the mouthpiece of us corporate fascism delivering orders to the junta in kiev one can expect a worsening of the terror imposed on the citizens of Donbass.

Urgently for residents of New Russia: MAT scattered "Petals"

Message from the militia, "Information for the residents of New Russia. It was learned that the APU scattered "Petals" (anti-personnel mine push action PFM-1). The defeat of the man in the explosion of mines is applied due to the destruction of the lower leg. The explosion produced a moment of stepping foot on the target sensor. Because of the unusual shape of the plastic housing, children can perceive the mine as a toy.

If you see such things on earth, not even touch it and immediately inform the militia. "
Central News Agency Novorossia


Front-line news Novorossia today are: the night before, thanks to concerted action breakaway army Donetsk People's Republic, the militia managed to surround the town Avdiyivka, completely blocking the movement of the Ukrainian army. Artillery APU meets dense fire on peaceful quarters of Donetsk, local media reported.

Currently, the People's Army soldiers Donbass work to sweep Avdeyevka of Ukrainian soldiers.

It is reported that the Ukrainian army continues shelling Donetsk, especially the airport area and fifteenth grounds, incendiary ammunition. Yesterday afternoon APU from artillery fired mine "Olhovatsky" was a fire and heavy smoke. Two hours later, in the area of ​​mine "Olhovatsky began a shooting battle." Also suffered from the artudar mine "South" on Gorlovka. In Severodonetsk thundered four powerful break.

Over the past three days Kiev forces lost about six mouth personnel, about 30 people officers, at least a half tank companies, two self-propelled guns, howitzers, artillery battery, three warehouses of ammunition, three cars MLRS, at least a dozen machines provide, five armored vehicles, two BMP . In the Primorsky district of Mariupol was made several strong explosions.
Above Gorlovka intensified Ukrainian UAVs.

Based on materials from the Internet media prepared

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia

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Returned from Kiev. The trip was difficult, it was not possible to write something. Politics did background. Offscreen noise. Sometimes it was funny. Most - not funny. Shared his impressions:

1. For all the bravado Kiev looks very sleazy city. As one friend of mine, as if twenty years have not swept. The abundance of yellow and blue symbols in the most inappropriate places. Yellow very quickly becomes dirty, spat rain, splashes from the wheels, so every time a depressing spectacle. Especially surreal look "ukrozabory" surrounding the construction site of expensive supermarkets.
It is absurd to look and cars, whose owners patriotic paint in yellow and blue hoods, trunks and even extreme side windows. Across the machine with the number "PTN FSO."

How can you not remember "Heart of a Dog"! Kiev became the city Shvonder and ball. Professor Preobrazhensky instantly recorded would accomplices separatists.
2. In my favorite roadside cafe at the hem longer make delicious pancakes. Another host, other staff, all - "come in large numbers" zapadentsy. And now, instead of pancakes - a standard fast food. Probably think it's - very European. In general, the impression that after the Maidan in Kiev settled hundreds of thousands of visitors from Western Ukraine - "Lviv Guaro, Málaga" (Lviv speaking) can now be heard on every corner, in every shop shabby.

3. On the balcony The hang Ukrainian flags. My friend told me that the flats went "messengers" to the choice offered to hang a flag for the money. But do not rule out that some people decorate your balcony for free. And again - it does not mention the "Heart of a Dog." The book of all time, and at the Kiev timelessness too.

4. TV from morning to night broadcasts about "the fake elections" in the Donbass, the separatists, terrorists, terrorist Russian troops Ukrainian cyborgs from Donetsk airport (and quite adults repeat - yes, they say, cyborgs))). A special place in television occupies Bezler - filmed stories about him and the whole movie. Looks like Bes svidomye Patriots scare their children vyshivankovyh. Can not be any doubt that the devil sitting in Gorlovka, himself and fired her from "Grad", and along Makeyevka. Ukrainian forces ATO, according to Kyiv journalists, have never in anybody not shoot.

5. Despite the fact that the "freedom" ride on the elections and, it seems, will appoint the principal Nazis Kiev crowded fascist symbols Battalion "Azov": everywhere on billboards - stylized swastika. Hundreds, if not thousands, of advertising boards across the capital.

6. Kiev journalist, repeating the mantra of the one and indivisible Ukraine, have no idea how to actually referred to the cities and towns of the Donbass. ToshkOvka instead TOshkovki, SnIzhne (snow) instead SnizhnE (snow), instead HrUschuvate Hryaschuvate (cartilaginous) VorgUlevka instead VergulEvka ... Not to mention the fact that the reports can be heard instead Dombas Donbass, and that the Lugansk region - this is also the Donbass, in general, very few people know. Solid ballpoint. Are reporting "from the front line" somewhere in Kramatorsk while referencing not extracted facts, the press service of the Security Council or the ATO. In Fig, I ask, go to Kramators'k to retell the news from Kiev?

7. Kiev gave warmth. Although officials are outraged: they say, plus one - it's not a reason to heat the apartment. Promise to disable the cardinal cooling. Promise to lower the temperature of the coolant in the working days. Rates have increased. For Kiev, it is all nonsense - to pay for heating as all or nearly all.

8. Gasoline expensive. Roads in the capital did not state. But "PTN FSO."

9. spoken aloud the words "Donetsk" and "Lugansk" some cause mental reactions. Misc. Pharmacies denied medication for Donetsk, one of the firms denied medical equipment for Donetsk, in the transport of client heard that send parcels in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, stamped his feet, shouted something, cursed, threw fill paper and ran away, promising to bring the carrier as accomplices of terrorists))).

10. Politics in Kiev reason from a given that Ukraine - subjecting state. Reais (some givens) do not accept. Many of its reality, and in this reality Ukraine - an independent state, which means something and something decides. In all internal troubles to blame Putin. Putin is written off everything. Understand and accept that their own "negarazdah" to blame themselves, few people can. Not only all ™.

11. At each step - fundraisers. Young people of college age sadly wandering the roadway in the hope that motorists fork out a punitive operation "ATO" and its consequences - the disabled, who now need dentures hands, feet, eyes ... in a box a little money. A crippled warriors (now former) tell the TV that prostheses purchased at public expense, to break in two weeks. And you want to live life to the full, transfer the new fighters battle experience ... do not even think what kind of experience? As a young boy from becoming a disabled person?

12. fighting ignorance - from Commander, who is fighting "for myr" from the minister, who knows the secret direction "north-south" to the layman with Embroideries on the hood. They are not interested in the grief of parents who lost their children to school yesterday stadium in Donetsk. They have no idea what it means - to live under fire. They do not sympathize.

13. Of course, there are other people of Kiev. Completely different. But their voice is not heard. It is not heard. Too many Shvonder. Too many Sharikovs.

Eva Merkureva.

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia

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International terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite declared wanted by Interpol, fought as part of one of the Ukrainian penal battalions, but was eliminated by a sniper volunteers from Russia.

According to data obtained from LC, Samantha Lewthwaite Englishwoman fought against militias composed of punitive Volunteer Battalion "Aydar" as a sniper. Interpol she was also known as Samantha White Widow Lyutueyt. The nickname was given to Samantha after she lost her husband, too, who converted to Islam suicide bomber. By the way, it was the husband of Samantha Jermaine Lindsay blew himself up in the London Underground in 2005.

Later, after becoming a widow, Samantha went to Somalia, where she became a member of the radical Somali terrorist group "Al-Shabab" and organized an attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi (Kenya), which killed many civilians, including women and children. US intelligence agencies have announced a reward of 5 million dollars for aid in the apprehension of the White Widow.

As it turns out now, Samantha White Widow arrived at the South-East of Ukraine to fight on the side of the volunteer battalions as a sniper. However, it caught a bullet from another sniper - from the Donbass militias.

By the way, the life of the Russian sniper who killed a terrorist, Ukrainian security services also evaluated in a large sum - about a million dollars.


In Serbia, there are a large number of volunteers willing to go to the Ukraine after the Chetniks, almost since the beginning of the conflict in the east of Ukraine providing armed support to the Army of the Donbass.

On this, as reported by "PolitNavigator", said at the conference Serbian political analyst Vladimir Krshlyanin during the November 2 election was present as an observer in the LC.

"As for our volunteers, Chetniks and other, the interest here in Serbia, far exceeds that there appeared ( as a volunteer at the Donbass - Ed. ). While not everyone finds a way "- he said.

The political scientist said that in Serbia there are many veterans of the war in Bosnia and fight against NATO forces, who were laid off after the defeat of Yugoslavia. He said that they would join the ranks of the rebels in the Donbas.

"Army of New Russia, if not armed, morally superior forces of the Kiev junta" - among other things said the analyst.

Source: antifashist.com

Based on materials from the Internet media prepared
Tatiana Dobrodeeva.
Central News Agency Novorossia


1st separate battalion tactical group "Somalia" (commander - Givi), separate battalion "Sparta" (commander - Motorola), a division of the Don Cossacks (commander - Uri) - these fighters participated in the operation to sweep the airport in mid-October and currently held by the object.

Ukrainian army is trying to take revenge on a daily basis - shelled militia positions of artillery, and to attempt a breakthrough technology and sabotage and reconnaissance and assault groups.

Commander of the battalion tactical group "Somalia" Givi was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Once again he gave an interview to combat positions in the airport.

Public figures arrived at the airport and gave the soldiers the army of Marshal Biryuzova DNI book "When the cannon."

Anton Karamazov
Central News Agency Novorossia
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