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Digital Video for ALL teachers of ALL subjects

Ron Belshaw

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150 modules in the National Curriculum allow for Digital Video creation

we provide training to cover them all.

oxdv Demonstrate Digital Video IN Schools

Here we offer a 2 hour 'Broad Moving Image' talk

Digital Video as a

Language, Art, Media, suitable for use across the curriculum

We start with 'Sick Rose' by William Blake [38 seconds]

Part 1 Theory of Moving Image

A set of easily repeatable demonstrations on

Pixels are just 3 colours,

DV frame size is 720x576

UK TV is PAL 25 fps

Part 2 demo video of the making of 'The Sick Rose'

with Movie Maker v2 FREE on your XP laptop

Part 3 opportunities with DV across the curriculum plus PHSE


Courses: INSET [for ALL] &

Weekend [for Media Studies]

Books: Teachers Guide [64 demonstrations]

Pupil Book [30 things to do with Digital Video]

Digital Video in Media Studies

CD: Supporting the Book and INSET course

DVD: More DV quality wild life/background footage etc

This 2 hour general session is ideal for all schools

Is there any topic you want help with????????????

For FREE advise Contact

Ron Belshaw at Oxford Digital Video 01 844 217 055


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