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Warren Claude de Brueys (1920 - 2013)

B. A. Copeland

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I had no idea he passed recently (reading DiEugenio's great book and am in a chapter where he is introduced at length for the first time).....boy....what he and Regis Kennedy knew and I can only imagine that this obituary is simply rife with "official" historical events and not what is being told at the very least by DiEugenio, etc

Also, apologies to any mods if this should've been posted in another thread, etc., feel free to move/edit/delete if necessary.). I'm also not sure why this topic has been seemingly posted by me 4 or so times lol. I am using an iPhone at the moment so maybe that has something to do with it.

Warren Claude de Brueys

December 26, 1920 - December 21, 2013

Warren Claude de Brueys, age 92, passed away on Saturday, December 21, 2013 in Mandeville, LA. He was born in New Orleans to William Emile and Nettie Gordon de Brueys and was a resident of Covington for over 20 years.

The beloved husband of the late Mary Louise Henderson de Brueys, he is survived by one son - James Warren de Brueys and his wife Mary T Heffron de Brueys; one daughter - Denise de Brueys; four grandchildren - Michelle de Brueys Mc Crary & husband Patrick, Andre' de Brueys Cardinale & husband John, Steven de Brueys, Simone de Brueys and three great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents; two brothers - Gordon and Arthur de Brueys; one sister - Orient de Brueys Penton and one grandson - James C. de Brueys.

Warren served undercover with the FBI (Special Intelligence Service- SIS) during WWII in Mexico City covering Latin America where he met his wife, Mary. They were married in New Orleans. He enlisted in the US Navy & served in the Pacific with the Radio Intelligence Unit deciphering Japanese codes. After the war he attended Tulane Law School graduating with B.A. & Juris Doctor degrees in 1950. He re-entered the FBI as a Special Agent of training at Quantico, VA & FBI headquarters in D.C. He worked in Newark, N.J. & the New Orleans offices. He had special assignments in Miami, Dallas (where he was assigned to the Kennedy assassination investigation directing the analysis, composition and assembly of the first report requested by President Johnson) & the Dominican Republic. He worked in D.C. Headquarters in the General Criminal, Domestic Security, Training Divisions and Inspection Division. He was an assistant Legal Attaché at the American Embassies in Mexico City, Mexico & Buenos Aries, Argentina, Legal Attaché in American Embassies in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, Brazil & SAC in San Juan, Puerto Rico & El Paso, TX. He retired in New Orleans in 1977. He joined the Metropolitan Crime Commission as the Managing Director (1979-89). He also served as a member of the Governor's Commission on Criminal Justice, Governor's Task Force on Drug Enforcement, the New Orleans Mayor's Citizens' Commission Against Crime, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Police, Courts and Corrections and as a member of the Juvenile Courts Subcommittee of the Judicial Planning Committee & MCC's Board & Executive Committee as Chairman, Legislative Liaison Committee. Warren loved Jesus, his Church, family, friends, food, travel and life and had compassion for others. He would host get-togethers so family & friends would have time to enjoy each others company. In his advanced years he would look forward to a good meal, exercise and visits with family & friends. We will all miss his love & presence in our lives.

Our family wishes to thank Heritage Manor of Mandeville for their support & kindness to our father and family during his stay. A special thank you to Melissa and Tameeka from The Natural Touch for making our father comfortable every day and to St. Catherine's Hospice for their care given during his last days.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral services at 11:00 AM on Monday, December 30, 2013 at New Covenant Presbyterian Church, 4375 Highway 22, Mandeville, LA 70471. The family would like to invite the congregation to join them in the church fellowship hall for food and fellowship prior to services at the cemetery.

Visiting hours at the church Monday will begin at 9:00 AM.

Interment with military honors will take place at 2:00 PM at Pinecrest Memorial Gardens in Covington, LA.

(Source: http://www.meaningfulfunerals.net/mobile/obituaries-details.cfm?o_id=2358262&fh_id=12065#obituaries)

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On 10/28/2017 at 3:30 PM, Bruce Johnson said:

This looks like a new document re Orest Pena and De Brueys. I'm new to this but it looks interesting to me.


This document is interesting, Orest Pena states that FBI agent Warren de Brueys knew Oswald very well.  Mr. Pena was a bar owner at the time in N.O. and an FBI informant.  Mr. Pena also states that Mr. de Brueys followed Oswald to Dallas.

Mr. de Brueys denies that he ever laid eyes on Oswald and that he never followed Oswald or went to Dallas before the assassination of JFK.  He states that he was assigned to Dallas after the assassination to help.  He does state that he had heard of him because of his arrest in N.O.

But Oops! After the document release, there is a document that states FBI agent Warren de Brueys was sent to Dallas on a special assignment on October 25, 1963.  FYI - Oswald moved to Dallas on October 3, 1963.


If Mr. de Brueys was alive today, he would be the talk of the town in Mandeville, LA and he would have some explaining to do.

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On 9/26/2018 at 11:08 AM, Keyvan Shahrdar said:

If Mr. de Brueys was alive today, he would be the talk of the town in Mandeville, LA and he would have some explaining to do.

Well....lucky for these guys and so many others, they never have to worry about talking, they don't talk, they don't have to testify, they are protected, hidden perhaps, and, sadly, answerable to no one. I mean as far as I am aware, Bernardo De Torres is still alive today....can you imagine??

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Just read De Brueys entire testimony to the HSCA accessed by the lower link below.

De Brueys' Church Committee testimony:


His HSCA testimony:


Amazingly intriguing and eye opening. A must read. 

That special assignment of De Brueys to Dallas in October, 1963 was never once mentioned in this interview.

If true, this would be a mind blowing revelation.

When the HSCA questioned De Brueys regards whether he personally threatened Orest Pena, De Brueys all but admitted this.

He admitted he was hot to confront Pena and saw him 5 or more times in this heated effort and how Pena would refuse to answer De Brueys questions in the way De Brueys wanted him to or at all. De Brueys said that he was aggressive like this because this was about the assassination of our president.

De Brueys also stated that if he ever talked to Oswald, it could have happened if Oswald called him under an assumed name or identity other than his real one. Not a flat out denial that he ever did.

De Brueys explanation as to why he was not called to testify to the WC as well as Oswald's main case handler in  New Orleans " Milton Kaack" was also weak. Even De Brueys says he was "surprised" he wasn't called to the WC.

De Brueys clearly downplayed the extent of his knowledge of and interactions with Guy Bannister.

A fellow long time FBI career man who did his stealthy things out of his office...right across the street from De Brueys...for years! ? I believe DeBrueys knew that Oswald worked for Guy Banister in some covert activity way.

The agent Quigley jail interview of Oswald after Oswald's leaflet confrontation with Carlos Bringuier and arrest of Oswald was as unexplained as ever via De Brueys answers to questions of his knowledge and memories of this.

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2 hours ago, Joe Bauer said:

That special assignment of De Brueys to Dallas in October, 1963 was never once mentioned in this interview.

If true, this would be a mind blowing revelation.



If you're referring to the memo cited above, it's dated 12/31/63 and refers back to a Report deBrueys wrote on October 25th.

The Report by deBrueys shown below indicates that deBrueys was still in New Orleans as of October 28th.



Steve Thomas


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Raphael Cruz Sr. ( father of Senator "Ted" Cruz ) lived in New Orleans during the summer of 1963.  He moved there from Texas.

Cruz Sr. was very politically active in the Cuban community in Texas, giving talks to many groups about his time in Cuba fighting Batista and then Castro.

Cruz Sr, apparently never has allowed anyone to question him about his time in New Orleans. No confirmed dates or activity recollection. 

If politically active Cruz Sr. was in N.O. that summer,  it is hard to believe he did not know of the Cuban groups in N.O. and their leaders during the time he lived there and which was a hot bed of anti-Castro activity.

Wonder if De Brueys knew of Cruz Sr.

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21 minutes ago, Matt Allison said:

Remember, Carlos Bringuier said he learned that Oswald had permanently left New Orleans from... Warren de Brueys.

Garrison subpoenaed both de Brueys and Regis Kennedy. But only the latter was allowed to testify.

Regis Kennedy's testimony is, btw, a fascinating read:


"I have to reserve the privilege on that", "I have to reserve the exception on that".

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32 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

"I have to reserve the privilege on that", "I have to reserve the exception on that".

Yep. Total snake.

And Garrison's questions make it clear he was onto De Brueys as well.

We finally found out in the 90s that Regis Kennedy did indeed question Ferrie a couple weeks after the assassination:



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