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JFK Uploads: Message from Administrators

John Simkin

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A message from Andy Walker, administrator of the Educational Forum (the JFK Forum is only a part of this educational project).

The cookie refresh thing will happen once when they first log on. If it is happening more than this then their security settings are up too high.

Incidentally I got this message from Invision today


Your account is running out of disk space. Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota. You have currently used 89.39% of your disk space.

Disk space is most effected by uploads - pictures files etc. We will need to encourage members to delete such uploads once they have passed their usefulness in discussion or we will quickly run out of space. I note the History Forum does not allow members to upload files at all.

Members also should be encouraged to zip files up before uploading them to the forum. This is why I am against increasing file size limits like the JFK’s have repeatedly asked for - it just makes them lazy and takes the responsibility for managing file size away from them - advice please as I don't want to go through deleting old stuff which might be essential research or debate material.

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