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Did the ARRB have any members that resigned?

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No. No members of the Review Board resigned. The board was composed of John Tunheim, he was the chairman, then there was Dr. Anna K. Nelson, Dr. William Joyce, Dr. Kermit Hall, and Dr.Henry Graff.

Kermit Hall and Anna Nelson are now deceased. I'm still amazed that they're gone. Henry Graff was the oldest and most absent member. I think he's still alive. I haven't seen or heard anything about Dr. William Joyce, and I assume he's still alive too.

Now keep in mind that the Board members did not work full-time on this. They had and kept their original full-time gigs and only came in to D.C. once a month or so for a day or two. They may have an open meeting, or not, and vote on releasing records. Or they got a briefing from an intelligence agency about a document or an issue concerning something in that document. It's the staff that worked full-time, and most of them were young people fresh out of college or grad school.

At the staff level there were people coming and going, which is somewhat to be expected. It was only going to be a short time that you were to be employed. They had to get security clearances, I would think. The JFK Act had a sunset provision so no matter what they were gone by the summer of 1998.

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Thanks Joe,

There were people who were replaced on the other commissions,so I just wanted to know if anything happened on this one.

I noticed that you did not include Doug or Jeremy (only ones that I knew of) on your list.

Was this because they were only staff members?

And do you know if any staff members stepped down or had to be replaced because they might not have "played along to get along"

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