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New interview on Tippit case with Joseph McBride, by Bob Wilson (w. review)

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Joseph - I posted on the Tippit thread recently that I find it likely that Tippit lied about his location at 12:45 pm, and that if he did lie it made it more likely that he also lied about his location at 12:17 pm. You covered this ground well in this interview and in your recent book. If both locations (on the same street) were lies it follows that Dealey Plaza might have been where he actually was at 12:30 pm. One has to do a lot of twisting to imagine someone other than Oswald killing Tippit if all he was doing was looking for Oswald. But of course if he was an assassin that day killing him would be easy to understand. His actions during the 40 minutes or so between the assassination seem more like a man trying to avoid danger than a man looking for a suspect. And he did in fact get murdered.

I know its all conjecture on my part.

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