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Another chemtrail fail

Evan Burton

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I saw this article which claims a Facebook page was taken down because they posted images which proved a "chemtrail coverup".


Okay, so now here are the facts: it's the inside of the Being 787 Dreamliner test aircraft. The tanks are water tanks which allow you to change the centre of gravity for the aircraft in flight. For example, what would happen if the aircraft was only half full, they were heavy customers with maximum carry-on and they all sat at the front of the aircraft? By transferring water around the aircraft, it allows you simulate these kind of conditions.

It's not a "chemtrail cover-up" as these brainless bozos would have you believe. After all, if they were trying to keep it a secret why would it be freely accessible via the Boeing website (and from 2010, three years before the person claims their Facebook was taken down)?


Why would they allow the public inside the aircraft during an airshow (again, a couple of years before the claim was made)?


The same system is used aboard the Boeing 747-8:


Bottom line: chemtrail claims are nonsense.

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