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Gerry Patrick Hemming interviewed on the Bay of Pigs

Greg Burnham

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Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein, who as a young man was a sailor onboard the ship Essex in the Bay of Pigs, has sent me an email stating: “I listened to the tape, he was right. His story definitely sounds like a guy who knew what he was doing. His style of working the system was done in much the same way I worked.”


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And the correct answer would be that when one has a "rabid" dog that in fact has no teeth, one gets rid of the dog anyway.

P.S. "Rip" Robertson worked for the CIA during the Korean War, in which he was assigned ALL responsibility for landing of

boatloads of Korean "guerilla" fighters into North Korea.

He. Robertson, had held a similar position in the South China sea, prior to his transfer to "JACK" Command in South Korea.

South/North Korea has one of the highest rising tides of any place in the world. In order to land seacraft, one must know all about the beach gradient as well as to whether one may have to bog through several feet of mud.

As the holder of his position, Robertson would have fully known the "beach gradient" at the Bay of Pigs, long prior to any attempted amphibious landing.

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Has anyone noticed this voice (Gerry Hemming) sounds incredibly like LBJ? Greg, I wish that we could have gotten more from Gerry Hemming, but your interview was a treat. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Terry,

There is a lot more to come from Hemming! Stay tuned...

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