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In this interview Gerry Patrick Hemming describes some of the dynamics within the anti-Castro operations conducted out of JM/WAVE.

He reports that there was a large contingency of Cubans on the CIA payroll for the purpose of shutting down operations that Shackley

did not control and “snitching” on those who participated in any such operations. Such counter-productive infighting caused Angleton to

suspect that Shackley and his whole crew may have been moles. Hemming also identifies the “bag man” for the bribes being paid out

to Senators by Trujillo.


Gerry Patrick Hemming on JM/WAVE, Ted Shackley & Moles

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Thanks Greg. Much appreciated.

To reach any kind of understanding of the assassinations in the 1960s one must study Robert Emmett Johnson. He is a very important character indeed.


Yes. I was not aware that he was actually Raoul at the time of this conversation (circa late 1998). Quite enlightening. My understanding changed significantly

as a result.

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Hi Greg,

Did Gerry ever mention Reinaldo Pico Ramon while discussing the MLK case or Johnson?



Hi Zach,

I can't say off the top of my head if he mentioned him in relation to MLK. I'll have to check my notes and recordings, which will take time. Eventually I or an associate will get to it.

However, he did lump Pico in with "the losers" in a general way because of his likely association with Perdomo, Sturgis, Hunt and Barker. Gerry had a very low opinion of anyone

connected to the Agency that was operating domestically, especially in criminal activities, with such poor trade-craft as to get caught in the act. I'll let you know if/when I find more

on Pico from Gerry.

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Robert Johnson was a very interesting character with very interesting connections including Herminio Diaz Garcia. His brother Bill was tight with Alex Rorke and Frank Sturgis.

Robert Johnson would accompany GPH's wife, Patti, when she visited her husband in prison.

Johnson below.


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