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HE DIED ON JFK's birthday, 5/29/76

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JFK's chief embalmer- died before the HSCA convened. "Stroble mentioned that the President had been shot at the very top of the cranium and approximately the 7th vertebrae. He also mentioned that Kennedy's face was "not that marred."

Stroble died at the age of 55, 4 months before the HSCA convened and just a few weeks after a friend had written a letter to Harvard about Stroble. The friend noticed that Harvard was conducting a course on the assassination and so this friend wrote Harvard and offered to contact the chief embalmer who could lay to rest once and for all how many bullet wounds JFK had suffered and where they were located.

The friend offered no names and heard nothing back. But just a few weeks later, Stroble was dead.


HE DIED ON JFK's birthday, 5/29/76 !!!

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Again, sadly, we're dealing with an inexact description. Does "very top of cranium" mean the "crown" of the head or skullcap, or does it mean the wound photographed high on the right temple? It's maddening when even the Parkland and Bethesda doctors, much less the nurses, orderlies, and embalmers, didn't use compatible terminology.

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