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Magic Bullet (CE399) Photo Provides Proof Rifle was not Accurate

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I believe I have absolute proof that the rifle allegedly used to shoot JFK was nowhere near accurate enough to have been capable of accomplishing the feats attributed to it on 22-11-63. Believe it or not, the proof has been sitting right out in the open all these years, in the form of WC evidence photos of CE 399 and the WC testimony of FBI firearms expert SA Robert A. Frazier.

However, as I am still unable to copy and paste anything to this forum, I am unable to post two things that would greatly help me explain what I have found.

Would someone be so kind as to volunteer to post this material for me, if I were to PM the material to them? Hopefully, I am able to c/p to a PM on this site. If not, it may be necessary to email the material.

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Here you are, Bob,



"Mr. EISENBERG - Yes; for the record, these cartridges were found on the sixth. floor of the School Book Depository Building. They were found near the south east corner window--that is, the easternmost window on the southern face of the sixth floor of that building.
Mr. Frazier, are these cartridge cases which have just been admitted into evidence the same type of cartridge-- from the same type of cartridge as you just examined, Commission Exhibit No. 141?
Mr. FRAZIER - Yes; they are.
Mr. EISENBERG - That is, 6.5 mm. Mannlicher-Carcano, manufactured by the Western Cartridge Co.?
Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, sir.
Mr. EISENBERG - You gave the weight of the bullet which is found in this type of cartridge. Could you give us a description of the contour of the bullet, and its length?
Mr. FRAZIER - The bullet has parallel sides, with a round nose, is fully jacketed with a copper-alloy coating or metal jacket on the outside of a lead core. Its diameter is 6.65 millimeters. The length--possibly it would be better to put it in inches rather than millimeters The diameter is .267 inches, and a length of 1.185, or approximately 1.2 inches. "

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Bob... still trying to understand how we would know by sight, what the exact size of CE399 was before it was fired...

And if there are tolerances of 1/1000th of a inch .....

Well, you've known my point all along...

That rifle was not Oswald's, it was planted after firing those cartridges found on the 6th floor

CE399 was never in Dallas

Oswald was not at the window

That rifle was probably not even fired that day...

So how do the measurements of these items relate to each other... other than to continue to suggest what we have already proven ....?

With information/measurements we can never be completely sure about...

WE ALL know that the C2766 was a POS, thescope was off, it was supposedly assembled 5 minutes before it was shot, no alignment shots were fired, three men 10 feet from the muzzle can hear the working of the bolt and the drop of the shells, 3 times! - and it's a stretch to believe C2766 nor CE399 were not involved in any way... ??

I'm with you... though... Frazier and the FBI were playing a shell game...


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Thank you for posting that material. I'll be elaborating on it later today after I finish up a job I am working on.


It is not just necessary to merely prove the WC and its present supporters wrong on a few points, it is necessary to thoroughly denounce their lies on EVERY point, and to keep denouncing them, over and over, until such time as the magnitude of their fraud is apparent to everyone.

All of the points you mention about the rifle can be countered by Lone Nut theorists, and there is no absolute proof behind our arguments unless we were allowed to handle C2766 immediately after the assassination.

However, in the case of CE 399, we not only have a photo of CE 399 with a scale in centimetres in the photo, we have the FBI's firearms "expert" SA Robert Frazier's own testimony to back up our argument.

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