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Anthony Summers on the roles of Trafficante and Marcello

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"[sam Giancana] had been found in 1975, lying face-up in a puddle of blood, just as the Senate Intelligence Committee was preparing to question him about the Castro plots. He had been shot once in the back of the head and six times—in a neatly stitched circle—around the mouth. It was the Mob’s way, one source said, of warning others not to talk."

The "mouth stitched shut" description of Giancana's corpse is a journalistic canard that has long needed to be quashed and banished. Crime scene photos - viewable online and in documentaries - fully support the factual circumstances described in less sensationalistic and better reported accounts.

Giancana was shot once in the back of the head. After he fell to the floor, his killer tucked the gun muzzle under Giancana's chin, and fired several shots through the underside of the jaw and into Giancana's brain.

You know - like an assassin would upon delivering a coup de grace to make sure the victim would not survive. Not as would some flashy cool jerk do, upon being seized with the pointless need to deliver several, possibly non-fatal, "message wounds."

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