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Daniel Sheehan on Alternative Theories of the JFK Assassination

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I agree with Sheehan more or less. Fascinating details about the continuity of family dynasties from the 'robber barons' to the present day. His stories are interesting personal recollections but not verifiable in some cases. One key detail I would like to know more about is the relationship between Reinhardt Gehlen and Theodore Shackley.

I recently read Joan Mellen's book about DeMohrenschildt and Haiti, and somehow came away from it wondering if George H.W. Bush had a part in the Dallas operation. If the assassination was conceived at the highest levels of the national security state and carried out by what he calls the S force - operation Mongoose - as Sheehan suggests, the Bush family, like the Dulles family, would have been inside the loop. The famous FBI Bush memo written by Hoover is conspicuous in the fact that it mentions a CIA agent by name and affiliation, almost as if Hoover was letting the 'secret team' know that he had the goods on them. If that is the hidden truth as to Hoover's motive, his choice of Bush would be very revealing.

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