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Message from Norman Katz

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As an old timer it hurts me when people post things on a blog about me and have no idea who or what they are talking about. Innuendos such as he is a fake, never heard of him, conspirator, etc.

I am 76 years old and have quite a background. I was the Military Attaché to the US Secret Service during the JFK and Johnson Administrations. I NEVER said I was a Secret Service Agent! I NEVER said I was in Dallas at the time of the assassination. I have been in Public Service most of my life and when you are interviewed by the media what you say to them does not always appear correctly in print..I have learned over the years that they often write what they think they heard or what they wanted to hear.....they are journalists and reporters and so often it is reported incorrectly !! I have many Attorney friends who tell me...as long as they spell your name correctly let it go!...today's newspaper is tomorrow's fish wrapper......needless to say I am a very honest, open and moral individual. I have served my Country and Community for over 50 years....I have always been known to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...so help me God.

Please read my attachment (see below)and you will see more about me...I have spoken with Vince Palamara, John Backes and Bill Kelley....all very pleasant and meaningful conversations....so I cannot understand why all the negativity on myself still appears.

Norman Katz

Norman Katz, Graduate of Northeastern University, Boston MA 1961

College of Business Administration

Norm Katz became a Commissioned Officer in the US Army Signal Corps through Northeastern's ROTC Program, receiving orders to go to the Republic of Korea in 1961, after Graduation from Northeastern. These orders were rescinded by the Department of the Army and new orders were issued that were quite clandestine that reassigned him to the Military District of Washington DC...In short, he was assigned to The White House and attached to the US Secret Service as Military Attaché for the Continuity of the US Government program. Norm was Assigned to the "Special Projects" department a highly classified area in US Government (USAICA) and reported directly to James Rowley, the Director of the US Secret Service during the early 1960's. The US Secret Service was under the Treasury Department until 2002 when The Secret Service changed to the Department of Homeland Security. His tenure at The White House during the JFK Administration brought him into direct activity with Key Players in the Cuban Missile Crisis and the standoff between the United States and Russia over the Russian Installation of Intercontinental Nuclear Missiles in the Country of Cuba only 90 miles off the United States Coast. Also, the eventual disaster and trauma of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the ongoing events surrounding it i.e. the swearing in of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson as President, Funeral of JFK, the Transition in Office of The White House Principals for the continuity of the US Government and all other activities that are now a part of United States History. Norm was part of all the major actions and activities to make sure that the United States Government went on uninterrupted. The Federal Government in March of 2010 gave Norm clearance to tell his stories and relate his experiences during these traumatic times for the United States and the World. Not just History in the making, but classified history, accounts and reports that have never been heard before by someone who was physically present at the time.

Norm has appeared on NBC, Channel 7 News, WHDH-TV Boston, MA and FOX NEWS, Channel 25 in Boston MA with Host Gene Lavanchy and also appeared on NBC, Channel 7 WHDH Boston, MA on the Program "Urban Update" hosted by TV Anchor, Byron Barnett . He also has been a Featured Speaker at several Massachusetts High Schools, Colleges and Universities, Charitable Organizations along with making Presentations at Private Corporations, Senior Life Communities such as EPOCH, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce and Men's and Women's Clubs throughout Massachusetts...speaking on the Cuban Missile Crisis and The Assassination of the 35th President of The United States, John F. Kennedy. He recently appeared with Radio Talk Show Hosts, Jim Callahan on March 29, 2014, The Fireside Radio Show and with Dan Rea, WBZ Radio on March 31 , 2014, Night Side - and Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio on May 4, 2014, The Jordan Rich Show. He will be making many Speaking Presentations within the next several months throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Flo Jonic, a Nationally known Icon of Journalism, TV and Radio News Reporting wrote on March 24, 2014....."Norman Katz is a national treasure whose story must be told. He had a unique perspective on some of the most important events of the 20th century because he was there. And he was only 24 years old. "

Norm presently serves as Principal of Norman Katz Associates, a Professional Security Consulting Service and is also active and has been formerly active in other Business Enterprises and Banking where he served as Trustee and Corporator of Eastern Bank, Boston, MA. He has received numerous Awards and Honors over the years from both Civic and Private Organizations as well as from the Federal Government. He served as a Selectman and Police Commissioner for the Town of Sharon, MA for 32 years and was also considered for and offered the position of Undersecretary of Health and Human Services, Washington DC, under the term of Secretary and Congresswoman Margaret Heckler ( a Presidential Cabinet Position in the Reagan Administration).

Norm has a long history of being involved in many Charitable and Civic Organizations where he Chaired many of them. He has Hosted his own Cable TV Show and appeared as a guest speaker on many Cable TV Shows in the Greater Boston area. He was also a speaker and lecturer at Northeastern University and many other Colleges and Universities in the New England area. He appears numerous time on "Google" if you search, Norman Katz JFK or Norman Katz Secret Service. Norm's Web Site is www.normankatzassociates.com. He has also served as an Advisor to the Massachusetts State Police on the Criminal Justice Training Council.

Please note there are "blogs" which question Norm's existence, etc. As he was in a Highly Classified area of the United States Government his name will not appear unless you know exactly where to look in US History. However you can contact him at the information given above...and he has the Credentials to confirm and validate his past work in the United States Government. Norman Katz may be contacted at the Information provided on a need-to-know basis.

His avocation has always been in the field of Government, Public Safety and Homeland Security. Norm also holds Certification from the United States Department Of State Protocol School and has held Security Classified Positions and Clearances i.e. : Top Secret, NATO, Crypto, Q , White House and Cosmic among others. He has completed and passed several Security Polygraph Testing procedures.

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And about getting the name right, its Joe Backes, not John.

I think Mr. Katz is real. And it would be a shame if he decides to not open up and tell more of his story because he got angry about some comment on a forum.

He, like John Newman before him, should be welcomed for the possibility of us gaining a lot of information. John Newman was treated with disdain by some

people merely because he came from U.S. military intelligence. I think John Newman's contributions to the JFK researcher community has been tremendous.

I hate to think where we would be now if he never came forward and told us about JFK and Vietnam. John set a high bar of excellence in his work and his

many presentations.

I would like to see Mr. Katz give a presentation. I think there's a lot we could learn from him and vice versa with the documents we have.


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I don't think we need to compare and contrast Newman and Prouty, and think one is better than the other.

John Newman showed us a lot of documents. He got a lot of documents on Vietnam declassified prior to the

JFK Act.

Prouty was there and added valuable information and context. I'm glad we had them both. I wish we had more

guys like John Newman or Prouty.

What I find remarkable about John Newman is his evolution from someone who did not think there was an

institutional plot within the CIA to kill JFK to one who fingers James Jesus Angleton as being a key member

of such a plot. If you watch his presentations in a chronological order its very interesting. And there were

documents that he would show during a presentation where the public had the same access to them as Newman had.

I had many if not all of the documents he would show during a presentation. But he could read, for example,

and show us how to read the CIA's Record and Routing sheets. Documents that the HSCA asked for and the

CIA said no. It's fascinating to see all the initials and all the compartments within CIA that were reading reports on Oswald

when they told Mexico City in October of '63 that the latest info they had on him was a State Dept report from May 1962,

this was when Oswald was still in Russia. It was great to see the hard evidence, from the CIA's own files that they

were lying to their own subordinate station in Mexico City. If John's presentation was part of a movie or a play this

was a show stopping scene.

I hear gossip that he's still an active researcher and is working on a book "JFK and Cuba." I hope that's true.


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