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John Judge: Conspiracy Theorists vs Coincidence Theorists

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Here's Part I of my tribute to John, my closest friend and associate in the research community.

I will add some more soon, probably on Tuesday after a date and place for memorial service are determined.

JFKcountercoup: John Judge RIP - Dec. 14 1947 - April 15 2014

I was surprised that the Post was so generous and sentimental towards someone they previously ignored or attacked.

Here's a link to a biting satire of COPA and John Judge's reasoned response:

JFKCountercoup2: CARP vs. COPA

Here's a more in depth article:

JFKCountercoup2: John Judge: Stirring the Plot

Two articles we co-authored together:

JFKCountercoup2: Bottlefed by Oswald's NANA

JFKCountercoup2: Hinkley & Co.

If anyone can find it on line and archived, John Judge did a NPR radio program with Fletcher Prouty on Diane Rehm - sometime 1992-3? - that would be interesting to hear today.

John Judge also did a show with Ali G., the Jewish commedian and film maker if anyone can find that clip.

- BK

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