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RFK, Jr. on threat of coup from Dulles Crowd against JFK

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RFK Jr. Details the Threat of a Coup From the Dulles Crowd Against His Uncle, President Kennedy



That's a really excellent article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Thanks for posting it!

--Tommy :sun

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It is an excellent article, but it is missing the major ingredient from Nut Country--->FreeMasons.

Masons were persons like Guy Banister in New Orleans, Hoover in DC, Allan Dulles in the CIA, Clint Murchison in Texas, Lyman Lemnitzer on the JCS and Gladio at NATO, Curtis LeMay of JCS, Gerald Ford, Arlen Specter. And the list goes on.. Texas is a Mason stronghold state since its inception as a Reupublic and ever President of Texas Republic was a Mason. These Masons commanded the Joe McCarthy Red Scare via Murchison in Texas. The collective run a gladio type operation in the US to go against Communism in just the like fashion that Gladio was designed in Europe and run by Lemnitzer.

Masons are tied to killing Lincoln, tied to poisoning FDR, definitely tied to killing JFK, definitely tied to killing MLK, and RFK because he was getting far too close to the Masonic Texas Nut Country.

Jim Garrision got extremely close to the Masons when he got into Jack Martin's story with Guy Banister, who was a 33rd Mason connected with Dulles and Texas Nut Country. Texas nut country ran the CIA training Camp Stanley that plotted the BOP invasion.

Garrision ended up with Clay Shaw, who was part of PERMINDEX efforts to gain Vatican connections in Rome, and PERMINDEX was part of the Gladio system that ended up in the US via Ferenc Nagy and in Dallas, Texas's extreme Nut Country. PERMINDEX was run by Mason George Mandel.

In many US national security operations that Masons formed a secret Intelligence like group that spied on everyone.

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Very important. Can't believe I missed the Rolling a stone article, but I am aware that RFK jr has been speaking out. Its just that no one is listening, even this community. What a shame.

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I always thought Dulles was a snake in the grass but Kennedy was a little naïve for thinking he could " fire " him.

This brings to mind the film , where, after being appointed to the Warren Commission, Dulles is filmed " at the scene of the crime" looking up at the window where Oswald didn't fired any shots, and mumbling something about how they are going to look into the matter.

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