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Do any of you Texans recognize the uniform this guy is wearing?

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I am trying to find out what company this guy was working for. This is taken from a film of LHO's exhumation. When he noticed he was being filmed he backed out of frame so quickly I thought I was watching a keystone cops movie. Does he look familiar to anyone?


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He looks like most people I knew in the early seventies.

He may have been with a private security agency, if the author was paying for the exhumation.

He may not have wanted to be filmed because of the bad hair day.

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My guess is that the uniform is from Absolute Security Company, a DMN article dated October 5, 1981, mentions the company was responsible for the event. There were also individuals

from Southwest Seminary present.


Dallas Morning News;

Second burial lacks eulogy, solemn rites;

10-05-1981 - Page: 4;

Edited by Robert Howard
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