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The Warren Commission--A Brilliant Deception

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This is an audio recording of a conversation that took place between Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover just days after the assassination in Dallas. Johnson runs his idea of appointing a “Blue Ribbon” Commission to investigate the crime and evaluate the FBI’s report by Hoover. LBJ then sets out to clear those he wants to appoint to the commission with the Director of the FBI...yet it is the FBI’s Report that the commission is supposed to analyze and critique!

Clearing the candidates for the commission with Hoover would be like asking Colonel Sanders to babysit your chickens!

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Below are several post-assassination phone calls with new President Lyndon Johnson. Many conspiracy theorists think LBJ was up to no good in these phone conversations. But I wonder what kind of conspirator would deliberately record his own calls while he engages in shady activity? Particularly his 9/18/64 call with Senator Richard Russell, wherein LBJ says he doesn't believe the SBT is true, which is a very strange thing for LBJ to say if he was, as many conspiracists insist, an integral part of either a plot to actually murder JFK or a major force in covering up the true facts of Kennedy's murder.


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Why not? Maybe he liked Hoover's "three shots, three hits" scenario better. Just because he created the WC, does not mean he could rule it with an iron fist.

Just like Pandora's Box, once you open the lid, you might no longer have control over the demons within.

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By Sunday evening the 24th the FBI had taken ALL the evidence from Dallas and had been working with it most the weekend...

Items that never existed in Dallas, that were never initialed by the DPD personnel, came back to Dallas while items that were taken to the FBI Labs, like the Minox camera, never returned.

The case against Oswald had already, by the 24th, been created and finalized... The FBI report that is delivered on Dec 9th is a travesty of investigation and flew in the face of what Hoover voices on the 12th in a memo to his staff...

that we, the FBI, not say that Oswald was alone... this stems from his CIA created time in Mexico City... and that even by Dec 9th, leads had not yet been run out...

Yet on Dec 9th, the FBI's report concludes just that... Oswald alone did it... and there is no evidence of a connection between him and Jack Ruby...

WE also know that Redlich wrote a memo to Rankin in April 1964 which had the following paragraph.... it is completely obvious that the Warren Commission was the means, via Dulles and Ford, to watch over the process and rubber stamp the work of the FBI and Secret Service... yet:

I should add that the facts which we now have in our

possession, submitted to us in separate reports from the FBI and

Secret Service, are totally incorrect and, if left uncorrected, will

present a completely misleading picture.

Needless to say... the reports not only were not corrected, but they became the WCR almost to the letter....


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