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  • Dulles loyalist James Jesus Angleton seems to be connected to creating (if needed) a Communist Agent Dallas patsy inside of French Intelligence (Jean Souetre-Michael Mertz) . This is foreknowledge. SEE viewpost-right.png
    We all know about the CIA ducument saying that Jean Souetre was in Fort Worth on the morning of Nov.22 1963 and in Dallas the afternoon of the same day.

    There is a dispute a to wether the man in question was Jean Souetre or Michel Victor Mertz.

    1. Jean Souetre

    Member of the French OAS, assassination attempts against DeGaulle. The OAS hated JFK for supporting the Algeria independence.

    Souetre was in conduct with Banister and E.H.Hunt, perhaps for operations against Fidel Castro, not necessarily to murder JFK, but it could be possible tha he was.

    Eugene Dinkin a US army code breaker (the man who knew too much) discovered a messsage that JFK was to be assassinated in November.

    Dinkin was staged in Metz France and one of his duties was to decipher cable trafficking originating with the OAS.

    Souetre gave an interview later and claimed that he was in Spain and not in Dallas and that he could prove it.

    He said that a man named Michel Victor Mertz, a narcotics smuggler and SDECE agent was impersonating him in order

    to leave a trail that could lead not back to Mertz but to his enemy Souetre. Of course it could have been the other way round and it was Souetre

    who was impersonating Mertz.

    2. Michel Victor Mertz was an agent of SDECE. James Jesus Angleton was in contact with SDECE and especially a man

    named Phillipe de Vosjoli that many believe that he was spying against his country for Angeton. Now most of us accept that Angleton

    was one of the main facilitators of the plot specially in framing Oswald. If he was also the facilitator that organized the shooters he

    might have asked Vosjoli's help to recruit shooters from the French underworld connected to either the OAS or the SDECE.

    3. A third alternative is that neither Mertz or Souetre were involved in the assassination and this dual confussion of two men using its other's

    name was deliberately designed to confuse researchers and again create a cognitive dissonance were everything is possible but nothing is certain.

    Similar to two Z films, two autopsies two everything.

    It is more likely that the shooters came from the ranks of CIA special ops soldiers staged in Laos or Vietnam with no loose ends and connections that can be

    traced back to their origins, like French terrorists, heroin smugglers or French agents could be traced.

    Was Dinkin a "code breaker" or a "crypto operator"? Isn't a crypto operator someone who just looks after the computers and changes the codes on a regular basis? I've read in several places that Dinkin was a "crypto operator"... Just curious.


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