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As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time studying, in some detail, the wounding of John Connally, I can assure you that John Connally's right cuff link was not shot off at anytime during his wounding process.


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I would guess you have watched Professor Fetzer's symposium concerning the altering of the Zapruder film, Dr. Costella presents a case that the image of the limo was extracted from the original Zapruder film and reframed to retime and eliminate frames.

It would not surprise me to learn there was extensive changes throughout the film or that the only changes occurred after Z-313 to remove the momentary halting or extreme slowing of the limo, as pointed out the movement of the CONNALLYs can not be accounted for unless frames were removed. Based on abundant testimony the real timing of the rifle shots is close to 3 to 3-1/2 seconds so we know KENNEDY is seen to be hit at Z-313 then CONNALLY must be struck about 3 seconds later, there is no other way to explain the CONNALLYS movement anomaly and supporting testimonies unless frames were removed.

As far as altering the film prior to Z-313, I don't believe the film was altered unless it was to remove frames to help even out the flow of the limo to better match the film after Z-313.

They obviously cut the film prior to Z-133 because Z-133 is not a start frame and ZAPRUDER himself claimed to start filming as the motorcade came in and did not stop filming until the limo disappeared.

I think expectations that the film had been altered also stems from the fact that most to all researchers misunderstood the timing of the assassination and could not reconcile what they were observing in the film with preconceived notions of what should have been occurring so the obvious answer albeit incorrect was that the film had been altered.

I believe they removed frames to Z-133 for two purposes;

1) Early on 'they' thought they had to cover up the throat wound entrance that was to the front, they proposed KENNEDY had turned around to wave behind him, this action would not have been depicted in the film, easiest solution, cut the film.

2) They needed to sign the film so the start frame became 1(33) and the frame KENNEDY was killed was (3)(13) this is a stretch but this idea should not be discarded without serious consideration, power groups need to convey to others in the know what has been sanctioned, they do this through numbers and symbols, they can't publicly announce we did this, they can convey a message publicly using numbers and symbols which can be universally recognized by those who know what signs to look for.


Have not watched Prof. Fetzer's symposium. Yes, I am familiar with Dr. Costella's work.

I've gone about my research in a different manner.

Most credit belongs to Tom Purvis. And, even though he thought the three shots scenario was correct, and the film was altered, with the last shot down near Altgen's, I was not interested in shot scenario's, but frames and distances in relationship to the Altgen's placement and its relationship to the beginning of the film. On that point, I have progressed fairly well.

So, when I ask questions about film alteration, I'm interested in how the answers align with the work that I have done.

I don't want to take any more attention away from your topic, so unless you want more questions along these lines, I will soon start another topic on the work I am doing.

I will leave you with this question though.

Do you think the 5.5 second duration (official story) between 1st and last shots holds true for your three shot scenario starting at extant313?


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Chris, I look forward to your thread, I would like to understand more about how film can be altered and specifically how the Zapruder Film was altered, good luck with the tread.

Chris I have not attempted to judge the time between first silent shot, which evidence strongly indicates having occurred at ~Z-190 and fatal head shot ~Z-313, but calculated that is at least 6.8 seconds, could have been longer, then 3 seconds later another rifle shot and then the last rifle shot. 10.3+ seconds or more for all four shots to have occurred.

I will leave it to you to expose other possibilities with what is known about film alteration.

All I can see is that changes where made in the film as was pointed out, my understanding is too incomplete to form a tangible theory how they did this other then removed frames but it could have been a lot more complex than just removing some frames. Let me leave it to experts such as yourself to fill in the blanks about how the film was altered.

Good luck and best wishes.

Thanks for reading the thread and your posts.

Bob Mady

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Gary, my guess is NELLIE should have checked with the dry cleaners where CONNALLYS cloths were shipped off to before being entered into evidence.

Have you ever wondered if his clothing was altered after it lost chain of custody?

Or why his shirt when photographed by the FBI is askew and bunched up on the right side effectively raising or moving the appearance of where the bullet hole was? Maybe moving the hole more toward the left.

Strange that they would have obscured this evidence unless they were hiding something.


Are you sure you know everything about the wounding of CONNALLY?

Could they have altered his x-rays?

There is a valid reason to have altered x-ray, ever consider that they did do this?

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Hello Robert:

Actually, Nellie was the individual who sent her husband's suit components to the dry cleaners - the jacket and accompanying dress pants. The shirt, on the other hand, she merely admitted to dipping in cold water, as I recall. Do I "wonder" if the Connally clothing was altered before its return to the Governor's office? A concept that I have considered but I do not believe that was the case. As far as the position of the shirt as photographed by the FBI; as I have explained elsewhere on this forum, the shirt was actually pinned to a cork bulletin board by FBI lab personnel and then photographed, front and back, as it "hung." Though I can proffer no "proof", I do not believe the clothing was thus photographed in an effort to alter one's perspective of the positioning of the rear aperture on the back of the shirt, which is not that easy to see. As one who has been fortunate enough to actually handle all of the Governor's clothing, I can only echo comments made by those lab personnel who did examine and measure all of the clothing "holes"; the shirt, in particular, seemed to be susceptible to tearing, without a great deal of effort. And as I also pointed out in an answer elsewhere, there are buttons missing from the front of the shirt, but I believe that it is quite possible these were inadvertently/accidentally removed in the hurried effort to get the Governor's shirt off to initially examine and contain, in particular, the large wound of exit on the anterior chest.

In closing, I don't believe I have ever offered the opinion that I know "everything" about the wounding of John Connally, but I do feel comfortable in contending that I have probably spent more time studying this particular aspect of the events of November 22, 1963, than other researchers, FWIW. And finally, do I feel the X-rays were altered? The short answer is no, and in return, I will ask you a question; do you know how many X-rays were actually taken of the Governor's wounds, not only at Parkland but during the months of December, 1963 and January and February of 1964, as the Governor recovered? And what did these X-rays show?


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I have noticed some discussions about the website I mentioned, although the website is a reality, work has not yet begun on populating it with information and the online book will depend on my daughter editing it for me, she actually is a brilliant writer (I hope she will actually do the writing)

To those who wonder who I really am, my picture is on every post, that is me. That is my real name as posted.

Someone proposed that I might even be David Lifton, I am not, although I am honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Mr. Lifton, as I have stated I believe Mr. Lifton was ground breaking with the revelation that JFK's body was altered, this information was vital to understanding the depths of the deception and I most certainly owe Mr. Lifton a great deal for helping to shake me awake.

If you read this post Mr. Lifton I would love to converse with you on the Assassination Four Shot Model, with complete certainty it corroborates all shots coming from the right side and no shots coming from behind. I would dearly love to know your evolution of thoughts on this matter.

If my style imitates others it is by coincidence, if my conclusion parallels others then that is because somehow we came to the same conclusions. The ideas about the Assassination Four Shot Model are mine and mine alone, if someone before me came up with the exact same ideas it is because they realized the same thing that I realized. I do not intend to presume that I am the only person who realized the truth, but I am the only person I know of that is now posting it and attempting to make others aware of the inherent problems with all the other current theories and offering a viable solution.

Do I have all the answers, NO, and please don't put me in that box, no one will have all the answers.

Also as stated I am concentrating on the mechanics of the assassination, leave it to the true academics to determine the politics and power groups who manipulated the system to their wills and to the curious to determine who stood and fired weapons at our President. All of this is important.

I anticipate the website will present a more readable version of information from posts made on this website and another. (there are 14 threads on other website that provides additional details on various aspects of the Assassination Four Shot Model, including a technique on how testimonies can easily and effectively be analyzed to establish trends, need more check it out, posted under Bob Mady)

I am not holding anything back, whatever I uncovered I have shared on posts, this is why the information comes in bursts, this is why I need to know what you guys are thinking because I should have the answers to your questions if what I know is true is in deed true.

So please post your questions, comments, and serious critiques of this information, if the reasoning is flawed we should all be aware of it, we can all learn from good questions.

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Gary, how many were taken and are they readily available to be examined?

Gary, I will bow to your expertise in the matter, but reserve my skepticism, in that the person at the FBI would have had to be another incompetent dolt of an agent to display vital evidence in such a haphazard manner. I just don't believe this askew shirt is anything but a deception. There must be more. IMO

You previously posted that info to me when I brought up the askew shirt.

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I just consulted with my daughter and she is going to collaborate with me to produce an online book, she will do the writing, which will be great for anyone that will care to read it.

A question to readers, I need to find a format for an online book that has the capacity to display photographs and play animated gifs and video and audio formats. I envision this book to contain all of the evidence available so that the reader can decide for themselves what is true or not true by having the evidence available in one place to decipher.

Anyone know of good software or internet service that can handle these functions to produce an online book?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

(Elvis - very funny Brad --> PS thanks for the heads up you gave me)

Edited by Robert Mady
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To Gary (a few posts up):

Assuming Nellie Connally was being truthful about the 'shot off cuff-link' to Larry King when he interviewed her on TV & in her book, 'From Love Field', that Nellie told King she wrote for her grandchildren, then it must have been kept by someone at Parkland (possibly as a souvenir). If you are 100% certain it wasn't shot off the wrist of John Connally there's no need to explore the possibilities of damage it may have caused if it also became a flying missile. Thanks for the info. Very interesting.

I'm saddened by the info you gave about yourself, Robert. Someone told me you were really Elvis (joke). Just kidding



In the final volume of my trilogy on the Connally wounding, I spend 180 pages in the next to last chapter examining the attempts of both John and Nellie Connally to control the history of the Governor's wounding. I devote almost 50 pages to a dismantling of the Nellie Connally - Mickey Herskowitz offering, "From Love Field", a compendium that I feel is a nothing more than a haphazard collision of tenuous inventions - at best. And yes, Nellie did repeat her story about the cuff link that was "shot off" to Larry King during her November 22, 1963 appearance with Larry King on his show - her precise words being that the wounding bullet "crushed" her husbands wrist [an untruth] "...and, you know, shot the cuff link off." It is interesting, however, to trace this fantasy, as I do in my writing. In brief, the first mention of the cuff link occurred during the April 21, 1964 testimony session of Nellie Connally before the Warren Commission, at which time she indicated that while waiting outside of Trauma Room # 2 while Parkland personnel first worked on John Connally, "Somebody rushed out, I thought it was a nurse, and handed me one cufflink. I later read that it was a lady doctor."[4H148]. Commission Counsel, Arlen Specter, of course pursed this issue no further even though Nellie had given him a clue/starting point. Where did she read about the "lady doctor?" In an article published in the January 1964 issue of the Texas State Journal of Medicine, an article that was repeated in this same journal on the 40th anniversary of the assassination event. In the article, anesthesiologist, Dr. A. H. Giesecke, Jr., indicated that as he was being briefed by his assistant, Dr. Jackie Hunt, on the Governor's condition [Ms. Hunt had gotten to Connally before Giesecke] she indicated to him that "She recalled having passed a cuff link to Mrs. Connally while the Governor was having a chest tube placed." And it would be 25 years before the matter of the cuff link was to appear, once again, in print.

In 1989 James Reston, Jr. published "The Lone Star - The Life of John Connally." In this writing Reston indicated the following, during his description of the events at Parkland Hospital and Nellie Connally: "After what seemed an eternity, someone rushed out and handed her one of her husband's gold cuff links."[Reston, p. 278] Four years later, in 1993, the same Mickey Herskowitz who aided Nellie Connally with her 2003 writing [From Love Field] helped John Connally construct his memoirs, a work titled, "In History's Shadow," in which one finds the following statement, again surrounding events at Parkland: "A nurse spotted Nellie and handed her one of my gold cuff links. We never found the other one."[p.18] Note that in these three instances, Nellie before the WC, Restons narrative based upon his interviews with the Connally's, and the Herskowitz - John Connally offering of 1993, that there is no mention of a cuff link being "shot off" the Governor's shirt. That bizarre wrinkle came from Nellie Connally. And in truth, John Connally knew that it was not a nurse that handed Nellie the lone surviving cuff link. Why, you might ask? Because as I discovered, and again examine in detail in my writing, the Connally's were allowed to proof read the January, 1964, Texas State Journal of Medicine article before it was published and allowed to make any changes they may have seen fit to any aspects of this same article that referred to the Governor's wounding. Nellie eventually had the surviving cuff link incorporated into a "gold cuff" bracelet, which she claimed she always wore as a reminder of the events of that day in Dallas. However, in 1999 she donated this same bracelet with the cuff link in it to the newly constructed 7700 square foot Houston Visitors Center where it was on display as part of a "rotating...100 Years of History Exhibit."

And finally, why am I so sure that a cuff link was not "shot off" the Governor's shirt? The only shirt cuff struck by a missile was the right sleeve shirt cuff. Unfortunately for Nellie, the point of impact for the missile that struck the cuff occurred some 5 inches away from the cuff link hole.

Gary Murr

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Thanks, Larry - as though there wasn't enough pressure after the release of Shadow Warfare and the mention therein of Forgotten! [Large grin!!] Actually I do have a strategy mapped out for this and my other major project and had hoped to get at it near the end of the month. However, some unfortunate medical situation has arisen which may find me going under the knife, as it were; won't know for sure until I see the specialist on Monday.

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Best wishes Gary....and here's a thought - print out a draft manuscript and set up a hourly fee based reading room. Might be a real opportunity. We both know how big your manuscripts are, by the time anybody is even half way through you would certainly be fully recovered!

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