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'Rush to Judgment' by LANE
At 1:03:14 LANE talks about a Polaroid photograph that MOORMAN took, confiscated by a Federal Officer.
LANE appears to be reading directly out of a Warren Commission Volume, but does not quote who testimony or Report came from, here is what LANE reads:
Federal Agent: "...MRS MOORMAN had taken a picture of the lead motorcycle officer, in the background of this picture was a picture of the Book Depository Building and the window where the gunman sat when doing the shooting."

Anyone know who provided this testimony to the WC?
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'Rush to Judgement'
LANE: Mr. BOWERS how many shots did you hear?
BOWERS: There were three shots and these were spaced one shot and a pause, then two shots in very close order, such as perhaps ( KNOCKS ON TABLE THREE TIMES) almost on top of each other while there was some pause between the first and second shots.


WFAA interview of MARY MOORMAN 11/22/1963
MOORMAN: "...There were three or four shots real close together, must have been the first one that shot him cause that was the time I took the picture...."

Amazing isn't it, both BOWERS and MOORMAN say the same thing, all of the shots they heard happened almost simultaneously.
Note: MOORMAN tells us that the first shot is the one that caused the fatal head wound referenced by the Polaroid she took at the moment of the first shot.
MOORMAN goes on to describe taking the Polaroid at (Z-313) the moment she heard the 'first' shot - other shots then followed.
WFAA interview of MARY MOORMAN 11/22/1963
MOORMAN: "...After I took the picture, and the shots were still being fired, I decided I better get on the ground...."

As Researchers - how do you decide which piece of evidence is relevant and significant?

If it fits 'your' personal view of the assassination or not?

Well it is obvious MARY MOORMAN and LEE BOWERS must be mistaken, right, this is correct right?

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How is it MOORMAN insistence that the first shot she hears is at the moment she took the Polaroid of the fatal head shot and other witnesses nearest the limo agree.





Or that CLINT HILL moved to the limo before the second shot was heard.





Are these witnesses mistaken and must be wrong because they don't convey 'your' conception of the assassination or some 'pundit's proposed solution, so these witnesses claims may justifiably be ignored?

As a researcher are you looking for pieces of evidence to fill the gaps in your personal theory of the assassination or are you allowing evidence to build a theory?

Or like professors that spent their lives proving the world is flat going to defend a problematic perspective till death.

Have you allowed government and news media propaganda to dictate the foundation of the assassination and this is the structure your trying to build a theory upon. Why would you allow their three shot non-sense to dictate 'your' personal scenario, when it's clear it is non functional for the WC/R theory and all conspiracy theories?

The research community can't come to a consensus on when the first shot occurs or the second, when JC is injured or TAGUE. Have You bound yourself to the three shots fired at the speed of a Carcano rifle, are you just mentally stuck with fiction produced by a deceptive system that has lied to us from the first moment of news broadcast?

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It appears that researchers are the only ones that believes a shot from a 'high powered rifle' has occurred, with absolute certainty there is not a witnesses in Dealey Plaza that can be seen to react until after the fatal head wound at Z-313.

The belief that there were 'high powered rifle' shots before Z-313 is delusional, this belief is absolutely unsupported by photographic evidence, I hope this can be understood.

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There is an ongoing argument whether or not 10 Secret Service Agents stood down as the gunfire was sounding.

There is another possibility - the first shot made a noise, Secret Service Agents LANDIS, READY, HICKEY and HILL heard this noise and reacted by looking to the grassy knoll, the source of the 'firecracker' like sound. They could not determine that the noise was a threat.

The next sound they heard was at Z-313, when a volley of shots were fired.

They reacted then, but it was too late.

Your understanding of the assassination maybe the problem, it may not have been a stand down of 10 SS Agents and 2 officials from the White House riding in the follow-up car.

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It is incorrect to say that no one in Dealey Plaza reacted to the sound of a high powered rifle prior to z313. Proof of this can be seen in the Altgens 6 photo. While none of the bystanders can be seen reacting, the two SS agents standing on the starboard side of the follow up car are clearly reacting to something, as is the motorcycle cop on the starboard side of the limo.

What are they reacting to, and why is no one else reacting? The answer is quite simple. A rifle equipped with a suppressor, located either atop the laundry van at the corner of Elm and Houston or on a lower floor of the Dal-Tex Building, has just fired a frangible bullet into the top of JFK's right lung, where it disintegrated and stayed.

As is typical of a suppressed high powered rifle shooting supersonic rounds (in excess of 1100 fps), the muzzle blast is completely silenced, masking the source of the shot, but the bullet makes a sharp but localized "crack" as it breaks the sound barrier.

The bullet likely just missed the heads of the two SS agents, and startled them, while those further away might have heard the crack but would not show the typical startle reaction to a bullet.

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Robert, you claim ALTGENS #6 is proof that READY, LANDIS and HICKEY can be seen to react to the sound of a shot or two shots by looking to the rear of their vehicle, these actions are occurring at Z-255.


In this animated gif you can see PO CHANEY, MARTIN and HARGIS, SSA LANDIS, READY, HICKEY and HILL also of note is MCINTYRE.PO CHANEY, MARTIN and HARGIS and SSA MCINRYRE apparently never react to shot being fired.

SSA LANDIS, READY, HICKEY and HILL can be seen to react after Z-190 by simultaneously looking toward the grassy knoll.

No one looks to the rear, at least until sometime after Z-210

SSA LANDIS, READY and HICKEY most likely are seen looking toward the rear in ALTGENS #6 because they are surveying the crowd because they could not identity the source of the noise they heard at Z-190.

DO not forget in ALTGENS #6 SSA LANDIS, READY and HICKEY are not looking up they do not appear to be looking at the same location, they are surveying the crowd, just as they claimed they did.

The animated gif posted previously should show the result of a second shot from a high powered rifle, there is no reaction discernible.

This evidence must also be disregarded, correct?

2 witnesses over two blocks away from DP claimed to hear three shots

19 sheriff deputies outside of DP claimed to hear three shots from a high powered rifle.

You are holding onto and promoting an illusion.

Edited by Robert Mady
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Here is Agent Hill seen until ~Z-255

Why has he not reacted to the second shot from a high powered rifle that supposedly occurred around Z-220 or Z-230 ?

HILL can be seen apparently consulting with ROBERTS, do you believe the SSA are standing down while gunfire is sounding in DP?

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Or is HILL and ROBERTS trying to figure out what was occurring in the limo?

HILL moves to the limo as a reaction to seeing CONNALLY lay back on top of NELLIE, this is the cause for HILL taking action.

CONNALLY lays back on top of NELLIE just a moment before the shot that caused the fatal head wound is fired and HILL is on the move to the limo as the shot that caused the fatal head wound occurs.

HILL claimed to move to the limo prior to the 'second' shot having been fired.

This claim was echoed by




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Is there photographic evidence to back up MOORMAN, J HILL, HUDSON and SUMMERS that the high powered rifle shots started at Z-313:

FRAME Z-313 - impact to President KENNEDY

FRAME Z-325 - impact to CONNALLY

FRAMES showing witnesses continuing to have a reactions long after Z-313 even until Z-415

Is there evidence of a shot at around Z-190 - hard to tell when KENNEDY is struck, but we can see the reaction of SSA looking toward the knoll immediately after frame Z-190.

We also know based on claims by W NEWMAN, G NEWMAN and J NEWMAN that a noise was first heard as the limo approached their location, none of these witnesses recognized the noise as anything other than maybe a 'firecracker' none of these witnesses comprehended that KENNEDY had been wounded by it.

MRS KENNEDY did not hear the noise nor understand her husband had been shot in the throat as a result. KENNEDY turned because CONNALLY started "yelling".

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"A Mrs. Mary Moorman was in the office with a picture of the President getting shot. I asked her if she had any more pictures and she said she did. I got all these pictures and looked at them and in one picture Mrs. Moorman had taken a picture of - the lead motorcycle officer, in the background of this picture was a picture of the Sexton Building and the window where the gunman sat when doing the shooting. I took this picture to Chief Criminal Deputy Sheriff, Allan Sweatt, who later turned it over to Secret Service Officer Patterson."
(Report of Deputy-Sheriff John Wiseman,
Nov. 23, 1963; Decker Exh. 5323, XIX, 487.)

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Video capture is from 'Rush to Judgement'

BREHM showing how the hair moved forward, notice where he places his hand...


BREHM recognized the crack from high powered rifle immediately!

BREHM claimed the limo moved only "10-12 feet" during the "three shots". (mirroring BOWERS and MOORMAN in rapidity of the shots)

BREHM thought that maybe it was the second shot that knocked KENNEDY down in his seat, we know it was MRS KENNEDY escaping from the gunfire continuing to pummel the occupants of the limo, when MRS KENNEDY released her husband, he toppled over onto her side of the seat.

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As a researcher - you have been hoodwinked into believing that the term 'slumped' generally applied to how KENNEDY was described following the 'firecracker' like sound.

The truth is that generally witnesses are describing KENNEDY after the shot at Z-313.

This is how 'they' changed the timing of the assassination.

Witnesses, including SSA and even MRS KENNEDY did not comprehend that the President had been wounded prior to Z-313 or the fatal head shot occurring.

After Z-313 the President then 'slumped' then moments later was seen to fall to his left into the seat after the shot at Z-325 when MRS KENNEDY realized gunfire was continuing, bolted from her seat.

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