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I really didn't expert more from you, THOMAS, so I am not really surprised by your non-response non-sense.

We all expect and look forward to a lot more of your excellent work, Bob.

Nellie was signalling to the snipers with her yellow roses!


--Tommy :sun

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So, let me see if I have this straight. At z190, the SS agents are all looking at the Grassy Knoll because a shot was fired from there, but in Altgens 6 (z255), two SS agents are turned around looking behind the follow up car because they are just "scanning the crowd".

And you know this because, that is what the two SS agents said in their report?

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Robert, no, you don't have it straight.

Many, many reasons, but to start with; because this is the scenario claimed by witnesses closest to the limo at the time of the assassination that were not connected with government or media.





all claimed the first shot they heard was the cause of the fatal head wound, reinforced by MARY MOORMAN and the Polaroid taken at that moment and the FACT that no witness in DP is seen to react to the sound of gunfire until after Z-313, witness are seen continuing to applaud the President until Z-313. The reason they continued applauding is that they had not yet heard the crack of a high powered rifle.


Reports of a more silent shot occurring prior to the high powered rifle shot at Z-313, termed noise or 'firecracker' like sound, only some witnesses reported hearing this sound. IS the logical reason why no one in DP reacted including SSA and even MRS KENNEDY.


ALTGENS #6 an ultimate proof that the first shot was silent AND the second shot comes at Z-313, look at the witnesses, is anyone distracted by gunfire? Why has HILL not reacted yet? What is MCINTYRE doing is he even paying attention?


None of the testimony concerning reaction around the VP is discernable and can not be corroborated in ALTGENS #6, since activity was claimed to have begun immediately after shot 1.

What is it that you know that negates the claims of MOORMAN, J HILL, SUMMERS and HUDSON?

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Why did MRS KENNEDY have no reaction even after supposedly the second shot nails CONNALLY?

If you LOOK at the ZAPRUDER film you might be surprised.

Watch JACKIE from frame Z-253 to Z-285 her attention is on CONNALLY NOT her husband. Her attention goes to CONNALLY as he is in the process of turning around and only breaks from him as he is laying back on top on NELLIE.

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It's quite simple, and I already pointed it out to you. A rifle shooting a bullet at supersonic speeds (in excess of 1125 fps or 767 mph) can be suppressed, but not completely silenced. In other words, you can silence the muzzle blast of the rifle, and hide the location of the shooter, but the bullet is breaking the sound barrier on its way to the target and creating a mini-sonic boom. Just like the crack of a bull whip, it can be quite startling if right next to you but, 40 feet away, just a curious sound.

If the shooter was, as I hypothesized, either on a lower floor of the Dal-Tex Building or hidden in a pile of laundry bags atop the laundry van parked at the corner of Houston and Elm, the trajectory of a shot from him to the limo would have been well away from onlookers on either side of Elm. They may have heard a "firecracker" noise, but it would not likely have startled them.

However, chances are the two SS agents standing on the starboard side of the Queen Mary had the distinct privilege of having this shot just miss them on its way to JFK, and were startled enough to be looking around behind them with a "WTF?" look on their faces. Just because they were good little agents and said later they were merely scanning the crowd does not make it true. It is no coincidence they are both looking to the same location.

Why did Moorman and the other witnesses around the Grassy Knoll area not hear this shot? Simple. The bullet stopped in the upper part of JFK's right lung, and did not make a mini-sonic boom past the location of the limo at the time of the first shot.

Speaking of James Altgens, he testified to the Warren Commission that the first shot he heard was at the exact moment he took the photo at z255, and he was even further down Elm St. than Moorman was. How does that fit in?

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Was there only three shots fired?

When did the silent shot occur?

When did the second shot occur?

When did the third shot occur?

Or were all three silent?

If three shots were fired, why would the conspirators use a silent weapon for one of the shots if they were going to claim the Carcano rifle was the weapon used then throw three shells on the floor?

Which shot hit KENNEDY in the throat?

Which shot caused the fatal head wound?

Which shot injured CONNALLY?

Which shot injured TAGUE?

Why did the majority of witnesses claim to hear three shots without any differentiation of sound.

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Mary Moorman was closer to the Grassy Knoll than the SS agents at the time of the first shot. Did she hear the shot they heard? Did James Altgens hear a shot at this time? How about Hudson? Explain that one to me.

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MOORMAN, HUDSON, J HILL and SUMMERS did not hear the first shot that made the 'noise' or 'firecracker' type sound, even though the shot came from the grassy knoll.

The significant aspects of their testimonies are;

1) The first shot they are aware of is the fatal head wound.

2) Additional shots are heard after the shot at Z-313

3) The shots come rapidly.

4) They were unaware that KENNEDY had been wounded prior to the fatal head wound.

Robert, it is helpful in understanding the assassination if the witness testimonies are divided into two groups

1) Civilians

2) Government & media

You may discover that one of these groups generally supports the WC/R theory the other does not. The question that needs to be addressed is why is this so?

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Here is a graphic, if accurate (not my graphic), please note


Third camera car, a Chevrolet convertible: driver from the Texas
Department of Public Safety; photographer Robert H. Jackson, The Dallas
Times Herald; photographer Tom Dillard, Dallas Morning News; Jimmy
Darnell, WBAP-TV, Fort Worth; Mal Couch, WFAA-TV/ABC [3]; James R.
Underwood, KRLD-TV.[112]

These reporters claimed to hear three shots and see the rifle in the window of the TSBD

What they are doing, by Z-241 - Z-249, 2 shots have supposedly already been fired, the occupants of the car are looking behind them away from the TSBD at an activity on the sidewalk, completely unaware that shots have supposedly already been fired.

This photograph proves that first 'firecracker' like shot was not detected by them, it also proves that the first 'high powered rifle' shot has not yet occurred.

Even more significant, like all of the photographic evidence, there is not a witness that appears to be aware of gunfire prior to moment of Z-313.

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Also these witnesses went to the ground after hearing shots.

Even BREHM and his son can be seen in photographs sitting on the ground. (looking toward the gk)

Is there a reasonable explanation why no witness can be seen in photographic evidence reacting before Z-313?

Then after Z-313, reactions by many witnesses is unmistakable.

How is it even conceivable that all these witnesses got it wrong and then all of them concocted the same story on how the assassination occurred?

How is it possible that MARY MOORMAN and JEAN HILL both claimed that MOORMAN took the Polaroid at the moment of the first shot? How is it possible they got this wrong?

That MARY MOORMAN claimed she went to the ground after taking the Polaroid because the gunfire continued.

That each witness made the same claim, that they went to the ground after hearing shots.

As a comparison...

Go read the SSA reports, there is no consensus among the SSA as to what happened during the assassination.

SSA did not claim shots came from the SN or even the TSBD.

MCINTYRE, READY, BENNET, ROBERT and KINNEY claimed to have no idea where three shots from a high powered rifle came from although SORRELS and LANDIS thought they came from the GK

If the first shot was a 'high powered rifle' or 'firecracker' or 'backfire'

No definite time or location when the first shot occurred or the second shot or the third shot.

The timing of the shots, rapid or even spaced

Number of shots

Injuries caused by each shot

No comments as to why they failed to react based on the WC/R theories timing.

Then compare to CONNALLYS

First shot recognized as a high powered rifle shot

CONNALLY immediately recognized the threat as an assassination attempt

JOHN CONNALLY and MRS CONNALLY claimed they observed the President was injured after the first shot, 'slumping'.

JOHN CONNALLY emphatically claimed he did not see the President after the first shot.

JC - rapid fire - speculated multiple gunman involved.

JC shots came from the rear

NELLIE shots came from her right...

Mrs. CONNALLY. Well, I had no thought of whether they were high or low or where. They just came from the right; sounded like they were to my right.

Wait a minute...that's not right is it? Better ask again SPECTER that is not the answer she was supposed to provide.

Mr. SPECTER. With respect to the source, you say you thought it was to the right---did you have any reaction as to whether they were from the front, rear or side?
Mrs. CONNALLY. I thought it was from back of us.
Mr. SPECTER. To the rear?
Mrs. CONNALLY. To the right; that is right.

Typical WC non-sense, would need more than SPECTER to figure out what CONNALLY really means.

50 years of deceptions, propaganda and non-sense is long enough, it is time that it is revealed how the assassination took place.

It is time for researchers to admit the WC/R theory does not work and is not a reasonable or acceptable explanation for the events that day.

It is also time for researchers to admit that Conspiracy theories do not work and that no amount of finagling with bits of evidence will help.

The fundamental understanding of the assassination has been wrong since 11/22/1963, since the moment news media proclaimed 'three shots rang out', virtually the first words out of CRONKITES mouth.

It is time to analyze the assassination with a new perspective starting again with the basic information untainted by deceptions from those that endeavored to lead us astray or those pundits who lead us astray unintentionally.

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No please don't put words in my mouth W NEWMAN, J NEWMAN and G NEWMAN were standing between the gk and the oncoming limo.

They heard the 'firecracker' like noise, and also noticed that JFK jumped at the sound, like he had been surprised. They did not comprehend it had been a shot or that JFK had been injured by it.

Also WORRELL, SKELTON and HOLLAND are worth noting because they not only claimed to hear the 'firecracker' like noise they claimed to hear three shots from a 'high powered rifle'

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That is the point is it not, that these witnesses did hear the 'firecracker' like sound while other witnesses did not.

I don't know why they could hear it other than it is apparent that their location relative to the gk and the direction of the shot appears relevant.

What ever type of weapon used for the first shot it was not conventional, it was not a silenced high powered rifle.

IMO it was a silenced gas powered rifle designed for assassination and stealth.

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