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Mainstream Journalist outed as CIA collaborator

Andric Perez

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In 2004, Ken Dilanian (Who today works for the AP and previously worked for the LA Times) praised Gerald Posner's "Case Closed" book:

, "In 1999, for the premier of the now-defunct Talk magazine, editor Tina Brown sent Gerald Posner, who wrote a well-regarded book debunking conspiracies in the Kennedy case, to look into Diana's death. The hope, Posner says, was a story raising the question of a murder plot. But, "I had to come back to Tina and say . . . the bad news is, it's just a car wreck."

Still, Posner found serious flaws in the handling of evidence that he correctly predicted would bolster conspiracists for years to come. For example, Paul's blood was left unrefrigerated for a time, which could have allowed fermentation to raise the alcohol count. And it was recently revealed that no DNA tests were performed.


Today, news outlets are reporting that Dilanian has been outed for being a CIA collaborator: The Huffington Post says that Dilanian "entered into discussions about how the CIA could bend public opinion of drone strikes their way.

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Interesting. At the same time, since Posner's CC was immediately perceived by the CT community as a xxxxx, anyone who supported it could qualify as one of the usual suspects. :-0

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