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Even more proof that the Apollo landings were real (as if we didn't know it already)

Evan Burton

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Meticulous Visual Recreation Of Moon Landing Shows It Wasn't A Hoax

By using its new dynamic lighting technology, GPU manufacturer NVIDIA has graphically recreated the Apollo 11 moon landing site — and the results are crushing a number of wild claims made by conspiracy theorists.

Yes, it's a clever bit of self-promotion, but what NVIDIA Corporation's developers have done is actually quite interesting. To show off the power of its new Maxwell graphics processing unit (GPU), Nvidia's game demo team sought to digitally reconstruct one of Apollo 11's most iconic photographs — Neil Armstrong's shot of Buzz Aldrin as he climbs down the lunar module's ladder.

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The idiots Marcus Allen, David Percy(et al), Bart Sibrel make money by positioning against the landings and in my belief won't ever admit the landings occurred, nor get the science pertaining to the images including NVIDIA's current work.

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