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RIP: Tree Frog

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Ed Sherry, [aka: Tree Frog or just "Frog"] had been very ill for quite some time now. I first learned of this many months ago, but was asked to keep it private. He seemed a bit frail when I spoke with him in Dallas last year, but not exceedingly so. Since then he has been in and out of the hospital. I have been notified by those closest to him that he passed away this morning. I cannot adequately express how much of a loss to the research community his passing signifies. Nor can I express my own personal grief.

May you find peace, my friend.

As always,




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I was deeply saddened when Ed Tatro sent me this news a few days ago. I never met Frog, but he never failed to send me any information that came his way that I thought might be of interest and he never failed to answer any correspondence I sent his way over many, many, years.

He will be missed...

Gary Murr

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