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New video - JFK Assassination: Nothing but the truth

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When speaking of Lovelady on the front steps, are you aware of this thread on the forum:


Of particular interest is the GIF on post #37, AFTER Lovelady had left the front of the TSBD. No matter WHO is in Altgens #6, Lovelady is, by his own admission, long gone from the steps by the time Officer Baker charged toward and up the steps...and yet SOMEBODY is still in that corner.

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Mark, that man is PRAYER MAN not DOORMAN


His outline is present to the left of DOORMAN.

OSWALD had quickly left the steps to go to the lunchroom to either get a soft drink and or to await a prearranged meeting with his contact for instructions.

BAKERS intent was to either relay a message to OSWALD or to murder OSWALD, because of his haste and direct course he took to get to OSWALD I believe he intended to murder him, the fact that TRULY trailed him disrupted his plans, if his intention was to relay a message, why would it have mattered a few more minutes in time to ditch TRULY and then go to meet OSWALD. The only reason BAKER would have run into a lunchroom on the second floor would have been because he knew OSWALD would be waiting there for a meeting.

It is most logical that BAKER intended to murder OSWALD from the stand point that if OSWALD left the TSBD unknowns could come into play and disrupt or derail carefully laid plans.

Representative BOGGS -And he came up to you, did he say anything to you?
Mr. BAKER - Let me start over. I assumed that I was suspicious of everybody because I had my pistol out.
Representative BOGGS -Right.
Mr. BAKER - And as soon as I saw him, I caught a glimpse of him and I ran over there and opened that door and hollered at him.
Representative BOGGS -Right.
Mr. DULLES - He had not seen you up to that point probably?
Mr. BAKER - I don't know whether he had or not.
Representative BOGGS -He came up to you?
Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir; and when I hollered at him he turned around and walked back to me.
Representative BOGGS -Right close to you?
Mr. BAKER - And we were right here at this position 24, right here in this doorway.
Representative BOGGS -Right. What did you say to him?
Mr. BAKER - I didn't get anything out of him. Mr. Truly had come up to my side here, and I turned to Mr. Truly and I says, "Do you know this man, does he work here?" And he said yes, and I turned immediately and went on out up the stairs.

Mr. TRULY. I heard some voices, or a voice, coming from the area of the lunchroom, or the inside vestibule, the area of 24.

Mr. BELIN. All right.
Let me ask you this now. How far was the officer's gun from Lee Harvey Oswald when he asked the question?
Mr. TRULY. It would be hard for me to say, but it seemed to me like it was almost touching him.
Mr. BELIN. What portion of his body?
Mr. TRULY. Towards the middle portion of his body.

IS BAKER lying about a brief conversation with OSWALD?

Is it logical to demand a suspect turn and walk towards you even while holding a gun on him and not asking him any questions and then allow the suspect to stop just inches from the end of your gun?

Why would BAKER have allowed a suspect to get so close, why would BAKER have ordered a dangerous suspect to come towards him at all?

If you were confronted unexpectedly by an Officer pointing a gun at you, would you not say something...anything, the last thing I would do first would be to move towards a gun pointed directly at me.

Both BAKER and TRULY claimed that there was nothing odd about OSWALDS behavior nor was he winded, at such a time with a potential shooter on the loose, why would BAKER have wasted any time on this unperturbed person, why was OSWALD continued to be held a suspect by BAKER until TRULY unexpectedly joined them and was consulted to determine if OSWALD should be released from suspicion, specially during the initial crucial moments where reasonably a person could not be expected to be found on a second floor just seconds following shots believed to have been taken from the roof, 5 floors above which was BAKERS stated intended destination?

The fact that they wasted no time in murdering OSWALD shows their haste. It also becomes apparent that RUBY in the police station intended to murder OSWALD during the midnight press conference. Listen to the 90 second, held for no rational purpose other than to provide RUBY the opportunity to murder OSWALD press conference, there are multiple instances of someone purposely causing distraction by moving heavy furniture or chairs to make horrendous screeching noises. Then some yelling. Same type of noise distraction as beeping horn from backing up car, during the murder attempt on Sunday morning no reason to broadcast transfer of OSWALD watch him get murdered TV presentation.

The man FRAZIER's arrow can arguable be pointed at, the man with the short sleeved shirt is also apparently gone from the steps in animate Clip, this fact correlates exactly to LOVELADYs claim to have worn a short sleeved shirt and the character with the short sleeved shirt disappeared immediately from the steps is conclusive evidence proving that it was LOVEADY in the short sleeved shirt and absolutely once again LOVELADY could not have been DOORMAN.

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If this evidence is true, BAKER does not seem to be looking up toward the pigeons flying from the tops of the buildings at any time at least between Z-241 and Z-249, when does he look up ?

Mr. BELIN - All right. Did you see or hear or do anything else after you heard the first noise?
Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir. As I was looking up, all these pigeons began to fly up to the top of the buildings here and I saw those come up and start flying around.
Mr. BELIN - From what building, if you know, do you think those pigeons came from?
Mr. BAKER - I wasn't sure, but I am pretty sure they came from the building right on the northwest corner.
Mr. BELIN - Then what did you see or do?
Mr. BAKER - Well, I immediately revved that motorcycle up and was going up there to see if I could help anybody or see what was going on because I couldn't see around this bend.
Mr. BELIN - Well, between the time you revved up the motorcycle had you heard any more shots?
Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir; I heard--now before I revved up this motorcycle, I heard the, you know, the two extra shots, the three shots.

Lets review, Besides BAKERS difficulty in remembering how the story was supposed to be told, BAKER somehow knows to wait till three shots have been fired, why wait and why did BAKER not wait for a fourth shot he waited for three?

If BAKER immediately identified the sound of a high powered rifle and believed the sound came from one of two rooftops, why did he wait to react until sometime after Z-313?

Also depicted, a camera car, it contains journalist that swore they saw a rifle in the TSBD window and here they are looking to the side/rear of their vehicle, they apparently are not aware that supposedly two shots have already been fired from the 6th floor TSBD window, why do they appear to be unaware the first two shots, even though they claimed to hear all three, but also then supposedly see a rifle after the third shot, what was so different about the third shot that they then looked to the TSBD 6th floor window? Why would we believe them about hearing three shots and seeing a rifle in the window after the third shot?

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The remaining portion I watched of this video piece centered on OSWALD, don't you guys understand OSWALD is a distraction, the assassination is not about OSWALD - he was a 'patsy', OSWALD was on the steps just as he claimed to have been, |you| can see him depicted in ALTGENS #6, "we" have discussed OSWALD for 50 years, that is 50 years of wasted energy and efforts, 50 years of being distracted, 50 years we made OSWALD too shiny to ignore, forget OSWALD for awhile. OSWALD is not the key he is the key distraction, ding dong! ding dong! ding dong! ding dong!

To those that believe OSWALD IS innocent why would OSWALD have then lied about being on the steps during the assassination?

Why would some one as smart as OSWALD tell a blatant lie that could easily have been uncovered by questioning OSWALDS alibi SHELLEY?

Why didn't the investigation question SHELLEY about OSWALD being on the steps during the assassination, seems that OSWALD could have easily been caught in a lie...or maybe found to be innocent. Ding Dong!


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Brad, yes I have been to DP and the sixth floor museum, although I plan to go back again very soon now that I understand how the assassination occurred I would like to photograph where snipers were located as well as the limo during each shot...if possible.

I don't have the expertise to define why DP was chosen but it seems that it met a lot of criteria.

Warehouse overlooking motorcade route.

Controllable access to kill zone.

Ability to place snipers in close proximity to limo.

Cover for snipers.

Escape routes.

Motorcade would move slowly while turning onto Elm, which prohibited the limo from picking up speed until the remainder of motorcade cleared final turn.

All of the shots came from the right side of the limo, the side with the President.

The downward grade and curvature of the road would have been a distraction or problem not a positive.

No shots would have been envisioned from a building or from the middle of DP, killing KENNEDY was the goal, but a sniper getting caught could have been disastrous, they would not have placed a sniper in a position that was vulnerable to discovery or that did not have abundant egress for escape.

The evidence is available to determine where the shots came from, don't allow guesswork to continue to persuade you on where the shots might have come from, do your own analysis of the evidence.

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Reader of this thread, do not wait for a consensus in support of these posts, it will not come for a while. You can easily determine that "researchers" avoid posting responses critical or in support of posts elucidating evidence corroborating the 'four shot assassination model'. IMO - The truth is too foreign to currently held beliefs.

This trend of 'silence' has been the norm for members so far on this forum as well as with hundreds of posts on JKFASSASSINATIONFORUM.Com.

As I have attempted to bring to light on this thread, a video was posted, "JFK Assassination: Nothing but the truth" in it "information" was presented by 'trusted' JFK researchers Professor Fetzer and Jim Marrs, but when their dialog is analyzed it is easy to determine that "information" presented is not complete and possibly prevents us from unraveling the assassination. Please stop listening to 'experts', take the time to do your own analysis, if you really desire to understand the assassination. Stop believing that the assassination is such a great mystery it can't be solved, it can, it is real simple if you can alter you perspective to reflect the evidence, not dogmas created from myths and deceptions.

Also do not wait for the smoking gun to jump on board, or allow nay sayers to continue to convince you that only government approved evidence can be considered or that the WC or another government run committee must be the arbiters of truth. You know it was a conspiracy and is covered up, do not allow them to continue to control your mind, take your freedom back. Turn off the TV, be very selective on what you read and question what it is that is presented as 'facts'.

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Brad, thank you very much for the link, very interesting!

I can use all the support I can get, there are many areas of the 'assassination four shot model' that have not yet been explored or explored to conclusion. Although I have noticed testimony indicating the origins of shots I have not analyzed the data to see if how it can be correlated. It would be interesting to have others working on these areas, it would progress the knowledge much faster.

When do you think you might make the pilgrimage to DP?

Are you hoping to solve any questions while you are there or just going to see what DP looks like first hand?

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Those who believe in more to the story, and visit Dealey Plaza, are moved by its small dimensions and unique layout. It is an ambush configuration and not a random location... it had to be specially selected. Many have since analyzed its strategic advantages. Shooters had a relatively easy ingress and egress. Photos were available but altered, and witnesses were quickly managed and intimidated. I can just imagine what it was like to actually be there, and the first (raw) impressions on the Knoll and in the railroad yards. The picture and vision that remains today is a diorama... it is staged, not real. Exaggerated and embellished.


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Gene, I understand the films were altered as well as two photographs containing the dog man.

But are there other photographs that have been altered?

I understand that some films and photographs probably will never see the light of day, but of the photographs available which have been altered, how and why?

Gene your statement "and witnesses were quickly managed and intimidated" is the exact reasoning for the method used to analyze the assassination.

Affidavits were analyzed first, because of all testimony provided on the assassination the Affidavits where recorded first, along with earliest media interviews, this testimony provides the clearest image of the assassination, the most unblemished by the influence of authorities and media.

By the way have you seen WC testimony concerning KELLERMANS accidental disclosure of a black-n-white assassination film he viewed?

Mr. SPECTER. Have you seen any other films of the assassination?
Mr. KELLERMAN. Yes; I saw a black-and-white, but I didn't--I saw a black-and-white film. However, I didn't get enough out of it there to--

Your description of DP is intriguing.

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Brad, posted on 'Secret Service Response' thread is a list of media personnel and the vehicles the they rode in, of the four vehicles only one vehicle produced witnesses called to give testimony to the WC, this vehicle contained local media from Dallas, the other vehicles were mainly national media. 4 local media people from Dallas gave testimony, 16 from national media did not, drivers did not. Yet all four cars would have been near the TSBD and be at the most advantageous spots to have heard shots or spot a rifle... if any of the shots had come from the TSBD.

Remember, even ALTGENS was not initially requested to provide testimony, the WC was pressured into getting his testimony.

With the exception of DARNELL there are no FBI reports from any of the national news media that rode in the other vehicles.

The WC appeared to be as uninterested in these media people as was the FBI.

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To keep this as simple as possible, let me show approximately where one of the HPR shots originated from.

We will use the experience of WIEGMAN who was in a convertible traveling by the TSBD when the three shots from a HPR sounded.

We can see the camera jiggle as WIEGMAN struggles to get out of the vehicle so that he can run to the spot where he perceived a shot originated from.


Watch what WIEGMAN captures with his camera, he is filming what he felt in those moments following gunfire to be of the most significance.

This film shows WIEGMANS experience or impression of the assassination and the TSBD and the SN window were not included.

WIEGMAN who was below the TSBD SN window at the moment of the shots, is not at all interested in filming the TSBD. Looking back through film and photographs, no one was until much later when the authorities proclaimed the shots came from the TSBD, only then did the TSBD become of interest and news.

This evidence supports the fact that there were no shots heard by witnesses that originated from any location other than from within DP, specifically the knoll and monument areas.

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This officers attention is directly toward the location that WEIGMAN had run to, I don't remember off hand what his name was but he was stationed on one of the corners the corner at Houston and Elm, he also ignored the TSBD and ran toward the monument area in DP.

Is this officer serious or not about this location?


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