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Someone Would Have Talked: Updated

John Simkin

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Updated!!! Order the new appendixes and more updated information from Larry Hancock's book - Available now!

Someone Would Have Talked - 4 new Appendixes - 5 pages of photos .

Updates to almost every chapter!

48 pages, $15.00 US media mail

It is about 50 pages and several forum members have contributed to it: the following is a post Larry made on the Lancer forum:

"Hi all, I want to extend thanks to a host of researchers who have helped develop new information during this past year. Much of it you will find referenced page by page in the new errata sheets, however we have been able to add four appendices thanks to a great deal of help and insight from folks including Larry Haapanan, David Boylan, Pat Speer and Stuart Wexler -and of course James Richards who contributed the new photo pages. I would also like to thank William Dankbaar for sharing the documents relating to the Kirknewton incident, which is discussed at length in this update. I had hoped that the book would help kick off some brand new research, it has and I much appreciate Debra's support in offering it with this 2004 supplement."

For reference, the new appendices include:

"Another Rumor - Same Source" - on the Kirknewton intercept

"The Way of JMWAVE" with much new data on JMWAVE operations

and its relationship with Cuban exiles and exile groups

"The Barnes/Hunt Connection"

"Victor Espinosa Hernandez" - new findings and background based

on a newly available HSCA interview

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I have received this message from Debra Conway at JFk Lancer about the latest edition of 'Someone Would Have Talked':

"I know that a lot of your forum members are from overseas and both Larry & I appreciate your steadfast support of his work so we are offering this to your forum members: If they go to the Lancer website and click on the donation icon, they can donate $10 and I will send them the pdf file for the Update. This will save them shipping and the wait."

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