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Wife of CIA William King Harvey hating on JFK and Jackie Kennedy

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

She calls them "scum" and especially because of JFK's sexual habits. Note her disgust at her husband having to assign men to provide two prostitutes at a time for President John Kennedy when he came to visit Rome. She also (accurately) considers Bill Clinton to be scum.


Am I correct that JFK researcher Bill Simpich thinks that over time that CIA operative William King Harvey will be proven to have been behind the JFK assassination?

Question for diligent moderator Kathy Beckett: Is the wife of William King Harvey spewing disgust about her husband being required to provide two prostitutes at a time for JFK when he visited Rome - is that an Ed Forum TOFU violation? Or does it gives us key insight into who JFK was and more importantly what the people who murdered him thought of him.

Question for Kathy: is the mere posting of this informative web link a TOFU violation? After all it has a key CIA wife talking about JFK's promiscuous adultery, aka sex habits... some would say sex addiction or sex dysfunction. And that is one of the first things Mrs. Harvey mentions in reference to JFK.

Then at the end Mrs. Harvey, in quite a Freudian slip: “[Rosselli] had been recruited for assassination purposes on Kennedy — on Castro.” Some would call that significant!

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Postmortem character assassination is a favorite ploy of the CIA. It reduces the quality of the investigation because the victim was of such poor character, morally depraved, a traitor, etc., as to be simply "not worth it" due to the magnitude of their flaws.

It was sad that Old Yeller had to die. Hey, but he DID have rabies! Oh well...

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Guest Robert Morrow

In the case of JFK, it was character suicide. And it was used by his enemies (CIA, military intelligence, LBJ) against him. And I am specifically referring to JFK's unhinged sexual promiscuity. Even Curtis LeMay in his oral history with the LBJ Library had nasty things to say about the morals of the Kennedys.

I suggest you go to the 21 minute mark of Lawrence Wright’s speech about the atmosphere of Dallas in 1963. Lawrence Wright’s father was a banker in Ponca City, Oklahoma in the year 1950 when Sen. Kennedy came to visit. The advance people for JFK said that he required the services of a prostitute for his trip to Oklahoma.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB_J0j2RYdg JFK would often require prostitutes to be provided to him whenever and wherever he traveled. This was true for pretty much his entire political life. Mrs. Harvey is telling us the 100% truth about JFK demanding two hookers on his trip to Rome. Standard operating procedure for JFK.

As for LeMay - who I think was involved in the JFK assassination - check out his oral history with the LBJ Library and his reference to the "moral standards" or lack thereof in regard to the Kennedys. He also calls them "cockroaches" who were "vindictive" and "ruthless" and with low "moral standards."

In the cover letter, LeMay tells the LBJ Library he does not want his oral history interview released until after he is dead.


LeMay : And I believe all of this hard feeling grew up around the flight from Fort
Worth back was brought on by these people who had really been vulgar in
my opinion and snubbing the Vice President who expected to be stepped on
like the cockroaches they were, and he didn't do it
. As a matter of fact
quite the contrary . From all I got the President was extremely polite to
Mrs . Kennedy and the family and bent over backwards to do everything he
could to soften the blow if that is possible . It isn't, but he certainly
was a Southern gentleman in every respect during this period . And I think
this rather surprised these people because they expected the same kind of
treatment that they had given him and he didn't give it to him . Why, I don't
know : I really don't know because well I can understand in having to face
an election and I can understand him being a smart enough politician to
know if he threw out all of the Kennedy crowd and put his in, this might
split the Democratic party at the time in the next election and so forth .
So I can understand him keeping these people around until the election was
over, but then he won the election--he won it with the greatest majority
that any President has ever had, but he still kept these people around .
The same people that had treated him so miserably during this period just
before President Kennedy's assassination .

Frantz : This is curious .

LeMay : Yes . I could never understand, never could figure it out yet . The only
answer I could come up with is that knowing the vindictiveness of these
people, knowing the moral standards of these people, how ruthless that
they were, they must have had some threat over the President that he
knew that they would carry out .

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That LeMay quote is hilarious, Robert, and proof of how little he understood about anything. I mean, geez, why would LBJ keep some of Kennedy's people around? Hmmm...let me see here. Kennedy was killed in Johnson's home state on what otherwise may very well have been the last day of Johnson's career in which he could be considered a viable candidate for the presidency in 1964. And now--out of the blue--his career is rescued.

If he were to turn around and throw out Kennedy's people, who, much like Johnson himself, were popular with the public as a consequence of their living in Kennedy's shadow, it would have been a political disaster for Johnson...a disaster beyond belief. It could very well have killed Johnson's domestic agenda, or, even worse, as far as Johnson was concerned, led to Bobby's being propped up as a candidate for president.

P.S. That bit about Johnson being so nice to Jackie, etc, on the flight from Ft. Worth (?) is more crapola, and proof LeMay had fallen for the nonsense pushed by Johnson's people to counter Manchester's fairly accurate account in The Death of a President. Johnson took AF1, even though he didn't need to, and forced Jackie to fly home on the plane he now claimed for himself, even though he didn't need to, and not only that, was half-dressed in her bedroom with his secretary when she arrived on the plane. He then harassed her into witnessing his swearing-in, etc, and tried to make her walk off the plane with him arm in arm, only to have this plan thwarted by Bobby, who thought Johnson's manipulative use of the "widder" repulsive.

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Remember that Mrs. Harvey was in serious competition with Mr. Harvey in the out-of-control lush arena, and at least once cost him career points by her behavior toward higher-ups. One incident was at a dinner party, though I have forgotten the circumstances.

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Guest Robert Morrow

I would describe both Curtis LeMay and the CIA Harvey couple as "Lyndon Johnson people" and Kennedy family haters. LeMay sure is sympathetic to LBJ in his oral history and Mrs. Harvey has nice things to say about Lady Bird while she hates on the Kennedys.

Key point - LeMay was fully aware in real time in the fall of 1963 that the Kennedys had the knife out for LBJ. This was not publicly known but it was definitely known by Washington DC insiders. LBJ himself, according to his long time aide George Reedy, was obsessed with RFK's efforts to destroy him using the media (and a Senate Rules Committee investigation).

The public in fall 1963 was unaware of these machinations. But insiders like LeMay knew just as Evelyn Lincoln, JFK's secretary, knew. I think LBJ and his Dallas, TX oil men went to their friends in military intelligence and the CIA and said could you do us a small favor and blow off JFK's head when he comes to Dallas. And I believe LBJ was fully coordinating with those folks.

Here is LeMay who knew exactly how the Kennedys were disposing of LBJ in fall 1963:

Frantz: Was there any great difference between working on the Joint Chiefs under
Johnson than it had been with Kennedy or did the fact that you had the same
Secretary of Defense insure the continuity?

LeMay : No, I didn't understand exactly what was going on . For several months
before the President was assassinated they were rumors, and then they
got to be a little more than rumors, Vice President Johnson was going to
be dropped for the coming election . And all the Kennedy team was finally
got to openly to giving to the Vice President to the back of their hands,
and it was rather embarrassing for the country around Washington because
it was so apparent . Then bang, all at once he is President .

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