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New Book: Lee Harvey Oswald in His Own Words* by Mark Valenti

Kathy Beckett

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Mark Valenti has recently written a book on Oswald. It includes conversations as well as his letters and writings.


Mark explains further:

"Despite my own opinions, this book remains neutral as to Oswald's guilt or lack
thereof. There are hundreds of books that explore those issues. What I've tried
to do is capture every reference from witnesses regarding conversations they
claim to have had with him. I transformed those passages into readable dialogue,
while taking as little license as possible, and only to carry a thought forward
or to establish narrative flow. Other books have covered his writings, and I've
included those too, in chronological order alongside the dialogues. I hope the
book provides readers with context - Oswald's personal life versus his public
actions and pronouncements.

Here is the link for a free download, which I will leave up until Nov. 22.



Amazon link:


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I'm wondering about the provenance, accuracy, and presentation style of the items within.

I would prefer to read witness accounts of Oswald's speech in the witnesses' own words and in the context of their accounts, rather than as script-style statements and responses.

What is the source for the DPD interrogation questions and responses if no tapes were made, or kept?

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This from Mark:

"Would you mind adding a post with my request for Amazon reviews, if anyone is so

inclined? For those who took the time to read it, positive or negative, I'd

welcome hearing all opinions.


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Good Day Mark,

I look forward to adding your work to the library, + reading it with great interest!
My best wishes for its successful $ale$!
Best Regards in Research,

+ ++Don

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