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Rojava : the first socialist revolution of the 21'st century. ?

John Dolva

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The Kurdish people have been struggling for centuries. Under the leadership of the PKK they have developed what seems like a new concept of nation hood. They are also at the frontline in the fight against ISIS and other forces bred by imperialist meddling in the sovereignty of central asian nations, as they have done throughout the world, either as direct colonialists to imposing their cultural and economic hegemoy to direct interventions like throughout 'our america' in south america, libya, in africa, ukraine and so on. At first glance it appears confusing but the more one looks at how the PKK has formulated its program and how it implements it there can be no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with.

It is how washington and its corporate fascist global structure will seek to subvert the aspirations of the thousands, and in the future, millions, flocking to the just cause of the kurds while maintaining a lethal grip over these regions that needs scrutiny.

ROJAVA : SYRIA'S SECRET REVOLUTION Rojava's Revolution--A beginner's guide for Amercans


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