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Zapruder Film Exposed

Chris Davidson

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Just to follow up,

21.96ft per second = 14.94mph

Z133-Z166 = 33 frames

33 frames@24frames per sec @30.2ft =21.96ft per sec=14.94mph matching the initial entry speed for CE884 final frames Z168-186 @18.3frames per sec.

I hope you noticed the span I listed only went from Z133-166 not to Z168, keep this in mind as I move along.


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Moving onward,

132frames@18.3fps = 7.21sec

7.21sec x 24fps = 173.04 frames

173.04-132= 41.04 frames. Rounded to the next whole frame = 42 frames

If I cut out 132 frames from this 174 frame scenario, I have 42 frames moving forward.

Z133-168=35 frames. No data supplied on CE884 for this span

Another 7 frames = the 42 total frames @24fps.

On CE884, a change was made which moved the Elm St physical position of Z161 to Z168 =7 frames

Since the speed of the limo according to CE884 from frames 168-186= 18 frames@21.6ft traveled, this converts to 21.96ft per sec.

In terms of ft/per frame= 21.96/18.3 =1.2ft per frame.

7frames pulled x 1.2 ft per sec = 8.4ft

The distance traveled between the preliminary CE884 Z161-166 = .9ft

Z161later changed to Z168 at the same .9ft

Result, 7 frames traveled (Z161-168) a total distance of .9ft

Difference of 8.4ft - .9ft = 7.5ft

Added to the original 15.5ft pulled back from the snipers nest to StationC equals a total of 23ft pulled back.

7.2ft more to go until we hit that 30.2ft mark.


Limo speed from Z168-186(14.94mph)

Continue on from Z186-Z207, same speed @14.94mph

14.94mph = 1.2ft per frame @18.3fps

6frames x 1.2ft = 7.2ft.

23ft pulled back + 7.2ft =30.2ft pulled back


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Do you understand the distance from extant Z313-Z351(last frame in my original SS/Z comparison) = 30.2ft?

Frame 351physical location is where the SS determined the last shot occurred.

If I had to convince you that the last shot was at Z313, tied to the snipers nest, and not Z351, how would I go about this(knowing the limo slowed down at some point to 3.74mph) in terms of film, data entry (CE884) and angles back to the 6th floor TSBD?

What other instantaneous events transpired during the assassination? What was expanded, what was compressed?

Within the "average" scenario lies the "instantaneous" scenario.

I didn't create the speed traveled on CE884 from Z161-166 and Z168-171 as 3.74mph.

But I can put it into the context of how it was created and for what reason.

The belief that this equation: 30.2ft/5.5seconds=5.49ft per sec = 3.74mph is somehow coincidental and does not apply is mind boggling. imo

Once again, the odds are better at winning multiple lotteries. imo


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What ratios were important?

166frames/100ft = 5/3 ratio See attached

Look at CE884 and what is the ratio for frames in accordance with Z161-166 (5frames) to Z168-171 (3frames) which directly relate to 3.74mph.

In my SS/Z film comparison, If I reduce total 218 frames traveled by a 18.3/24 ratio (.7625), I end up with 166.2frames.

196.5ft-30.2ft(distance from Z313-Z351)=166.3ft.

Added on edit: What did I remove from above: approx 30ft and 50frames a 3/5 ratio 5/3 ratio


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What does that leave me with: 166.2frames @ 166.3ft or 1ft/1frame ratio

What span do I have that is similar:

Z168-Z255 87frames@87.2ft traveled 1ft/1frame ratio

Another 79.2ft backwards from Z168 = (check CE884) from Station# 3+29.2-79.2ft puts me street parallel with the snipers nest = Elm St location Station# 2+50

So, from Station# 2+50 to Z255 = 166.4ft


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Let me tie this back up the street a little.

The WC came up with a little measurement scheme to accommmodate their necessary changes.

A position created as Position A was used as one of the measuring spots on Elm St.

Using the distance differences between the included WC material, and referencing the CE884 comp. data charts supplied earlier, where the location change from Z161 to Z168 was implemented on the final May 1964 WC plat, one can come up with a distance between:

Position A and Z168 of 50.7ft.

That 50.7ft + approx the distance traveled in my "car deceleration" document 9.8ft = 60.5ft.

The distance from the Z272lamp-post to Z351 Altgens position = 60.4ft

The elevation of the 6th floor window ledge determined by the WC was 60.7ft.

Does any one see the connection/commonality here?


Mr. SPECTER. I ask you to state what that album depicts.

Mr. SHANEYFELT. This is an album that I prepared of black and white photographs made of the majority of the frames in the Zapruder film----

Mr. SPECTER. Starting with what frame number?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Starting with frame 171, going through frame 334.

Mr. SPECTER. And why did you start with frame 171?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. This is the frame that the slides start from. This was an arbitrary frame number that was decided on as being far enough back to include the area that we wanted to study.

Mr. SPECTER. Is that a frame where President Kennedy comes into full view after the motorcade turns left off of Houston onto Elm Street?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes, yes.

Mr. SPECTER. And how was the ending point of that frame sequence, being No. 334, fixed?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. It was fixed as several frames past the shot that hit the President in the head. Frame 313 is the frame showing the shot to the President's head, and it ends at 334.

I think Shaneyfelt needs a little help with his testimony. Let me translate.

Frame 171 was the last frame used having the limo travel at 3.74mph (CE884- Z168-171entry), starting from Position A.

Now that makes sense.


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