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Bob Lamoreaux

Bob Lamoreaux

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Synopsis of interest: I am a retired lawyer and a researcher/writer. I am co-author of "Johnson's Rifles and Machine Guns: The Story of . Melvin M. Johnson,Jr. and His Guns" (Andrew Mowbray Publisher)
I am writing a book focusing on the private arms trafficker,primarily in the U.S., active between about 1930 and 1941. The focus of the book is on Alfred J. Miranda, Jr., Ignacio J. Miranda, and their company: American Armament Corporation. (Their trading company was Miranda Brothers, Inc., subsequently Miranda Brothers Co.) I note that their names were mentioned on the JFK forum and I would like to set the record straight on these men. Actually they were victims of a government "conspiracy" -- although that is too strong a word, with a member of the House of Representatives out to besmirch them.

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