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Believed by members/followers of (JBS) The John Birch Society (a society within society} Excerpts from the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAIL

JBS from December 1958 onward...From Eisenhower to Kennedy.

...finally, and probably most important of all

courses of action, we would put our weight

into the political scales in this country just

as far and fast and far as we could.

...unless we can have enough of an awakening

in this country, and enough of a rebellion against

the appeasement policies of our government outside,

and it's communizing policies inside America, the

Communists are going to succeed.

...in the course of the awakening America...there was

a rapidly rising identification of the policies of the

Kennedy administration with the plans of the Communists.

...for unless we can eventually ,and in time, reverse by

political action, the gradual surrender of the United States

to communism , the ultimate alternative of reversal by

military uprising is fearful to contemplate.

...we are opposing a conspiracy...our determination to

overthrow an entrenched tyranny is the very stuff of

which revolutions are made.

...The result of our failure in this fight most positively will be

concentration camps, or worse, and soon...we must all stick

together or we will surely hang separately...

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(this JBS notice)

"People think of us as wholly or primarily an anti-communist organization. This

causes many misunderstandings.

The truth is that our fight with the communists is purely incidental to our

long-range objectives".

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CROSSTRAILS 1990 ms/book excerpt,

re; JBS The John Birch Society

leader Robert Welch, report to

members/followers upon removal

of President Kennedy.

" we can take tremendous encouragement from the one huge

victory we have won over the Communists, we have become

very much a part of the cast, therefore, in the final

act of this gory performance. And I mean that last

statement very literally".

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