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Anne Boleyn as a Poisoner?

Kathy Beckett

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A Chronicle of England During the Reigns of the Tudors, From A.D. 1485 to 1559, I Wriothesley's Chronicle, Volume I, Introduction, there is a most interesting story: (pages 39 to 48)

Anne was believed by Henry to have poisoned Katharine of Aragon. When Katharine died, Henry dispatched his physician to determine the cause. He reported to the King that Katharine had a "black" heart, and through what he thought, may have been poisoned. It was around this time that Henry Fitzroy (illegitimate son with Elizabeth Blount) was in declining health.

The young Henry had paid a visit to his father, and Henry expressed through tears that he was grateful that both Fitzroy and Mary had escaped "that accursed and venomous harlot who intended to poison them."

Henry Viii had begun to experience ulceration in his leg, (although this was not well known at the time), and may have thought he was being poisoned as well. This may have been (in his mind and the mind of the court) that Anne would see the King dead.

It is all extremely interesting, and if the King believed she was the cause,may be an additional reason as to why Henry wanted her gone.


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