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After a terror Act, first ask if it is a False Flag

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Douglas, it is not just major situations that are engineered to influence public opinion, it is every day news and entertainment.

A case in point for everyone to analyze at this very moment is the terror attack on the French newspaper "CHARLIE".

Critically analyze what the news media is claiming, analyze the videos and images.

I am not saying that this terror attack did not happen, but the news about it is not convincing.

Images of victims, any blood any sign of trauma? How many victims are depicted?

Activity of the responders.

Are the ambulances wedged in the street along with police vehicles, any available paths to evacuate victims?

Do responder have the appearance of being involved with an emergency showing signs of expediency or haste?

News coverage, photographs and video. Reuse of images to define the story.

Watch the clips of Cronkite proclaiming to us with all certainty the weapon used to murder KENNEDY was a 7.65 Argentine Mauser, the next day Cronkite declared the weapon used was a Italian Carcano rifle, no explanation for the viewer was warranted, because that's the way it is.

Another terror attack.


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Robert Mady,

I despaired the day the Soviet Union died. It had been the Enemy my entire life. What, I despaired, would the U.S. do without an Enemy? The energy and economy of the U.S. derived in large part from having this Enemy. I feared an onslaught of boredom.

Little did I anticipate the U.S. would create a new Enemy to fill the void.

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Can anyone believe that one of the suspects in the Charlie magazine massacre was identified because he left his ID card in the getaway car?

I'm not saying it was false flag, but give me a break. This is the like the hijacker's intact wallet with ID that was miraculously found on the sidewalk at the WTC after the 9/11 attacks. Oh the convenience!

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The sensible thing to do is to determine if the terror act is genuine, if it is part of a pattern, and develop partnerships and plans to punish those responsible, and to find ways to make sure it does not happen again.

The non-sensible thing to do is to overanalyze and blame parties who don't deserve the blame.

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What you report about the ID being found in the getaway car is amazing. Is there proof of what you report?


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Dead men tell no tales.

The two brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo massacre were killed on Friday during a police raid on a factory where they were believed to be holding a hostage, according to multiple reports. Their hostage has been freed, according to reports.


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